Monday, November 26, 2007

Nut Squeezing Video

Fern got a video camera for her birthday. At first she just ran around taking videos of everything she saw - her friends, the dog on the corner, co-workers, her family, the postman. She did some videos with her younger sister acting stupid but that started to get boring. She got on the Internet and looked at what people were posting on some video clip sites. She saw one where a girl walked up to a guy and booted him in the nuts. It was hilarious. She showed it to her sister and they were both laughing. The stunned look on his face and the way he clutched his nuts and sank to his knees before the girl had them in stitches.

Fern suggested to Betty that they could do some videos like that. She said there were some guys they both knew who needed to be bought down a peg and a good kick in the nuts was a great way to do it. Betty was a bit dubious but Fern said that she would get in position in front of the guy and be a bit away and not too obvious but with the zoom feature she could get a good closeup. Then Betty would walk up behind the guy and kick him between the legs from behind. He would never know what hit him. The next day at school it took a bit of convincing but finally Betty said OK. On the way home they walked past a guy waiting for a bus. He was just standing there. They got in position and Betty gave him a good kick in the nuts from behind. Fern captured it on tape and that evening they watched it over and over, laughing all the while. Fern said that she was using the zoom too much, the video clip would have been much better if it showed all of Betty as she actually delivering the kick, not just her leg. Betty liked that. She said that she would wave and laugh at the camera just before the kick. She also said that she would wear one of her short skirts so as to get a sexy leg shot and a shot of her panties. Fern said that there was an edit feature where they could obscure Betty's face so no one could identify the kicker.

The next day they walked around and finally saw a great set-up. Wally Hatch was standing outside, behind the school in a corner, reading a poster on the wall. Both girls recognized him. He was an arrogant stuck up bullying jerk-off. It was an out of the way spot and there was no-one else around. Fern got in front and a bit to one side and nodded at Betty. Betty hesitated a moment but then walked up behind Wally and kicked him between the legs as hard as she could. It was perfect. The stunned look, his books went flying as he reached for his kicked nuts, he sank to his knees, his head came forward and leaned against the wall. Luckily Fern still had the video rolling as Betty waved and smiled at the camera and then stepped up behind Wally, now on his knees with a nice spread between his knees and kicked him again. It was a perfect kick, square on his nuts. Fern's camera mike picked up the loud "Thwap" as Betty's foot connected between his legs and then his wail of agony. The mike also picked up Betty's laughter. Fern was also laughing as she called Betty over to take over the recoding. Betty recorded jerk-off laying on the ground clutching his nuts. Fern went up to Wally who was now curled up and on his side. She squatted down and asked him if he was OK. It was obvious he was in great pain as he wailed about his balls, saying "Oh my balls, my balls, it hurts" Fern made some smoothing sounds and said "Oh you poor boy" as she patted his head. She was sitting down on her heels, very close to him as she spread her legs giving him a perfect view of her inner thighs and her white panties. His face was between her knees. Fern stayed down beside him, making smoothing motherly sounds and gently patting him. Betty kept videoing and moved around so she could get the great shot up Fern's short skirt and hear Fern saying "Oh your poor nuts, how much they hurt - your poor aching nuts - oh you poor boy" Fern had moved a bit so now her panties were pressed up against the guy's face.

Fern was pretty outrageous by then saying "Oh you poor baby, they must hurt so much. I can hold them and protect them for you. I'll do that for you." Fern undid his zipper, opened his pants and reached in. She pulled out his nuts in one hand and a stiff erection in the other. She shook it indignantly and in a voice of outrage asked him what this thing was, as she shook it. She yelled "You bastard! No-one was near you when you fell down shouting about your nuts. And to think I believed you. Pretending your nuts hurt. Well, you won't have to pretend this time. I've got you by the nuts and this time it will hurt" Fern squeezed his nuts with the one hand and her other hand first pulled down his pants and then was swiftly jerking him off. The guy was writhing around on his back with a stunned look on his face like he was loosing his mind - which he probably was. Both girls were howling with laughter and Betty kept recording.

Just then a girl who was walking behind the school had heard the laughter and followed it around the corner. She was Opal, one of the smart nerd kids, thick glasses and dumb clothes. She had never seen anything like it, Fern squeezing Wally's nuts and him jerking off with his pants down around his ankles. Opal started to snicker and then was laughing out loud. He had made fun of her and had called her an ugly geek - now he was getting it. Fern waved Opal over and without saying a word handed Opal his nuts and his erection. Opal smiled and asked Fern to take Wally's pants right off. Then Opal took Wally's right hand and put it on his erection and Wally was then jerking himself off. Opal told Wally he could play with himself but if he climaxed she would rip his nuts right off. She pulled on his nuts and got him to his feet and then led him around to the front of the school and in the main door to the dean's office. Opal and Wally caused a sensation. Opal had Wally standing before the dean's secretary. Wally was wailing in agony for Opal was still squeezing his nuts and he was vigorously jerking off, without any pants. Opal was shouting that she had to see the dean right away. The dean, Ms Strickland, heard the commotion and opened her office door. The scene was so outrageous and ludicrous that her first reaction was to burst out laughing, which Betty caught on her still running video camera. Ms Strickland then managed to control herself and asked Opal what was going on. Opal said that she came across Wally playing with himself behind the school and she felt it was her duty to apprehend him and bring him to the dean for punishment.
Ms Strickland then asked Wally what he had to say. Wally could barely stand up. He was wailing from his squeezed nuts and was slowly jerking off. He was on the verge of a climax. Ms Strickland told Opal to let Wally's nuts go. Ms Strickland again asked Wally what he had to say. He just stood there, swaying from side to side, no pants and now vigorously jerking off. Then he came in a shuddering, large ejaculation; caught on video by Betty. His semen splattered over Ms Strickland. She was outraged and booted Wally right on his already damaged, tender nuts. Wally let out a scream, collapsed and passed out.

Betty, Fern and Opal skipped out of the campus building and went to Fern's place where they edited and posted the video onto the internet. It was broken into three parts, the first showing Betty kicking Wally from behind and then Fern comforting and then chastising him, then Opal delivering severe testicle punishment. The third part was choice, Betty caught Wally standing before the dean with no pants and a stiff erection and he then climaxed and Ms Strickland then kicked him in the nuts.

Betty and Fern obscured their faces but Opal said she wanted to be shown squeezing Wally's nuts. She knew what she was doing since she was showered with attention and about half the guy's on campus were begging her for a date. She had a special sweatshirt made with a woman's hand cradling a pair of nuts and below it says "Opals gotcha". The college regents had a special meeting and instead of chastising Ms Strickland they issued a commendation, praising her for instilling a sense of discipline. The Women's Feminist League also praised her and suggested that once a month they pick an unworthy male student and have him brought before Ms Strickland with no pants and an erection and have Ms Strickland boot him in the nuts. Outlandish as it sounded it gained a lot of support and was instituted. Admission to the nut booting is $5.00 and it has turned out to be a handy fund raiser. Pretty well the entire female student body turns out as well as a lot of off campus visitors. It has to be held in the football stadium. There are so many unworthy male students to choose from there is talk of making it a weekly event and even going to a double nut kicking, two guys each week.

Ms Strickland has become an internet celebrity and has brought out her own fashion line. Her top seller is her thigh high nut kicking boots.