Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Gang of Ballbreakers

All Ed could think about was getting a good kick in the balls. He really needed it. It couldn't be bought, it had to be from an angry woman, a woman angry enough to kick him in the balls.

He headed for a big box store. He had recently had some severe testicle punishment in the parking lot. This time he would try the entrance doors. He had noticed that he could make an excellent imitation of getting hit in the nuts by the edge of one of the doors. It was a mid week evening after dark with very few shoppers. He stood outside the store until he saw two women walking towards the entrance. He walked behind them and just before the door he pushed passed them, almost knocking one of them over. They shouted at him but Ed pretended to ignore them. He pulled the door open and stepped to the side so that the edge would catch him in the crotch. Just before it hit it was stopped by his foot but Ed made like he had been hit in the nuts. He spun about, clutching his nuts and sank to his knees before the two women. They stopped and looked down at him with mean smiles and Ed took his hands away from his nuts. He was on his knees with his legs spread - a perfect target. They laughed and told him he got what he deserved as they stepped around him and into the store.

Ed felt cheated, thinking "Damn, what did it take to get kicked in the nuts around here?" He tried it again a few minutes later, almost knocking over a professional looking woman in her mid thirties. He had found that they were the most likely to deliver a well placed kick in the nuts but she just looked down at him, called him a jerk and told him she hoped his nuts would ache for a week. She then went into the store.

Then Ed spotted a small group of girls in their late teens coming towards the store. They seemed to think something was extremely funny. They were laughing and milling about as they slowly came closer. It seemed to take them forever. As they got closer Ed could see that they had a guy with them. It took Ed's breath away. He groaned with desire and got an instant erection. The guy seemed to have his wrists tied behind his back and in the dark Ed could just make out that they had a cord coming out from his fly to one of the girls leading him along. From the comments they were making and the way the guy was walking it was obvious they had one end of the cord tied around his nuts. Ed had often dreamed of being led around by his nuts but he had never been so lucky. The girls were constantly jerking on the cord, pulling him from one side to the other, pulling it straight up so he stood on his toes, slipping it between his legs to a girl behind him who would pull him backwards. The guy was in apparent agony and Ed stood watching them with his mouth hanging open and his hard-on throbbing as he though "What a lucky bastard.".

A couple of the girls went into the store while the others stayed outside with their captive. They had moved around to the side of the store where there was no direct light and they were in the dark. Ed moved closer so he could see. One of the girls put the cord under her shoe, between the heel and the sole and pulled on it. The guy immediately fell to the ground with his crotch pressed up against the side of her foot. They found this hilarious and it took them a few moments before they noticed Ed. Ed couldn't help himself, he was slowly rubbing his erection . The girls whispered amongst themselves and one of them called to Ed "Get over here jerkoff". Ed ran over to them. "Are you one of those weirdos who like to get hit in the nuts?" Ed was so exited he couldn't talk. His mouth was completely dry. He nodded "Yes". They all burst out laughing. One of them bent over and undid the cord from the nuts of the guy on the ground. They helped him up and told him to stagger on home and they would see him in the morning. It turned out that they all worked at the same place and he was their boss.

One of them turned to Ed and told him to pull down his pants. Ed did as he was told. She grabbed his nuts and pulled down on them. Ed gasped from the pain. She then twisted the cord around his scrotum with his nuts at the bottom and the cord between his nuts and his body. She tied a tight knot and they now had Ed. They pulled up his pants and tied his wrists behind his back. After a few minutes the girls who had gone into the store came out and they all had a good laugh as they told how they had sent Freddy, their boss home and now they had Jerkoff , this new guy. One of them went through his pants pockets, found his wallet, cash and car keys. Just one yank on his nuts and Ed led them to his car. A couple of the girls got in up front and the rest piled into the back along with Ed. They told Ed they just wanted to drive around and as long as he behaved himself they would leave him with his car and cash. They said they would hold onto his wallet since they wanted to see him on a regular basis. One of the girls reached out with both hands and squeezed Ed's nuts. She didn't let go and Ed was wailing in agony as she flattened his nuts between her thumbs and palms. Ed had never been happier.