Thursday, December 6, 2007

The House - Part 2

It is recommended that you read part The House posted July 25, 2007. In it we meet Ed and his neighbours, the Watsons and Mrs Blunt from down the street. Ed had offended the Watsons and Mrs Watson and her two daughters, Sally and Susie had spent the afternoon punishing and training Ed. Mrs Blunt had met them between the two houses while walking her dog. Mrs Watson had agreed to loan Ed to Mrs Blunt for her evening neighborhood women church group. The girls had brought Ed across the street, removed the towel from his waist and Mrs Blunt had led Ed into her house by his nuts. Ed had on a white tee shirt and a stiff erection. The church group members stared at Ed and his erection with looks of indignation, anger, amusement and amazement.

The women had gathered to talk about violent men and the degradation of women. They had decided to do something about it. The meeting had been underway, talking about the best way to punish Ed. It had been agreed that electric shock to his testicles was the easiest, cleanest and simplest method. They had taken an electrical extension cord and stripped the insulation off the ends. Mrs Blunt led Ed into the family room and had him lay on their large play table on his back. She tied him spread eagle to the four table legs. There was a lot of discussion amongst the women as to whether the punishment would be effective. Mrs Blunt plugged the extension cord in and asked who would like to try first. Ms Sitter,the youngest member of the church group said she would like to try. She knelt on the table, between Ed's legs and pushed one wire against his right nut and brought the other wire towards his left nut. Before it touched there was a spark as the current jumped to his testicle. Ms Sitter and the other women watched in amazement as the current sparked in an bright arch between the wire and Ed's left nut. Ed writhed in agony on the table. He still had the tape over his mouth but he was making a wailing noise. There was the crackle of the electric arch and then a pop as the breaker blew. Mrs Blunt flipped the breaker switch. The women laughed excitedly. The electric punishment seemed to work. One of the women stood by the breaker to quickly flip the breaker switch. The other women crowded around the play table to watch Ed getting it in the nuts repeatedly. Ms Sitter seemed to really enjoy punishing Ed. She was laughing and said she would love to get her husband on the table and make him see the error of his ways.

Eventually they stopped shocking Ed's nuts. They removed the tape and asked him if he committed the sin of masturbation. Ed denied it but Ms Sitter moved the wire towards Ed's nuts and he then readily admitted that he did it. Mrs Blunt pointed out that Ed was the property of Mrs Watson but she would see if they could have access to Ed to teach him how to lead a better life. Amidst a lot of laughter and chatting the women then all took turns whacking Ed's nuts. One of the women got the towel and wrapped it around Ed and led him back across the street to Mrs Watson.

Mrs Watson led Ed into her family room and had him curl up on the couch opposite the TV. He curled up on one side of her and Mr Watson curled up on the other side. Both men were naked from the waist down. Mrs Watson sat in the middle with a contented smile and a firm grip on each pair of nuts. Sally, Susie and a couple of their girl friends sat on the other couch laughing at Ed and Mr Watson getting their nuts squeezed.

Whenever the girls were bored they would go next door and tell Ed to strip and spread them. They delighted in hearing him howl in agony as they squeezed his nuts. Sometimes they would invite some friends over and make an evening of it. The truth be told - Ed was staring to enjoy being punished and humiliated by his neighbours. He especially liked it when Mrs Blunt and her church group came by to teach him the error of his ways. Ed made sure he had plenty to offer then to eat and drink. Even though he was getting his nuts squeezed he wanted to be considered a generous host.