Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Nut House

A new business had opened just a few blocks off from the state university campus. There was a bit of public furor and some outrage but eventually the business received a license and opened up. Quite a few liberated young women applied for positions. The jobs were very well paid and sounded interesting. The women were paid to kick and beat men's nuts. The girls were to be fully dressed and the customers naked. The women would definitely be in control of the sessions.
Perky young Sandy Court had found the ideal job - no commute, she could pick her own hours and great pay. The sessions were to be a half hour or shorter if the customer wanted. The first fellow had a vile mouth and smelled. Sandy kicked him as hard as she could in the nuts. He collapsed and that was the end of her first session. The next guy was very respectful and Sandy smacked and squeezed his nuts for the full half hour. He groaned in agony all the time so Sandy was pretty sure he had enjoyed his session. The third customer blew her mind, it was one of her university professors. Sandy walked into the room where he was naked and waiting. He looked at Sandy in shock and started to back up. Sandy saw a quivering erection, a pair of balls and a sure course pass. She walked up to him and said "Hi, Dr Tate" and she reached out, grabbed his nuts and squeezed them. The sessions are supposed to last half an hour but for a full hour Sandy squeezed, massaged and pummelled the good doctor's nuts. At the end of the session he was on his knees, kissing her feet and pledging eternal servitude. He managed to stand up and bent over and holding his nuts he got dressed and shuffled out of the room. After that whenever he saw Sandy his balls did a dance and he got a hard-on. Sandy enjoyed the effect she had on him and whenever she got the chance she would deliver a swift knee to his nuts.
Sandy was amazed at how many men wanted to be beaten and made to feel inferior to the girls working there. Sandy thought that if that is what they wanted and would pay good money she would enjoy smacking their nuts. After a couple of days she had a client that surprised her almost as much as the doctor. It was Mr Burton, her landlord. Like all her clients he was standing naked in the room as she walked in. He recognized her and started to back up. Sandy saw a quivering erection, a pair of balls and reduced rent. She walked up to him, smiled brightly and said "Hi Mr Burton" as she swiftly kneed him in the nuts. She grabbed him around the waist to hold him up and pin his arms to his side as she drove her knee repeatedly up into his nuts. Her landlord was wailing in agony. Sandy gently laid him on the floor, got comfortable between his legs and rolled his nuts around between her finger tips, pinching them. She gave him a session he would never forget. Once a week he would come by her apartment and tell her the rent was free. She would thank him by slipping her hand down his pants, grabbing his nuts and giving them a vicious squeeze. Mr Burton adored Sandy.
Sandy was learning a lot at university, mainly learning that with a good grip on a guy's nuts she could make him do anything she wanted.