Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Trail Ride

Every summer vacation Robin and some buddies rented a beach house and just hung out, drank beer and tried to pick up women. This summer Rob wanted something different. His buddies just wanted to do the same old thing so Rob looked around for something else. He heard about an outfit that ran week long trail rides into the mountains. Rob thought it sounded great. riding a horse, fresh air, sleeping in tents, trail food. He checked a few places on the Internet and realized he had left it pretty late - most places were all booked up. He finally came across a ranch that would offer him what he wanted, a 5 day ride, a fairly easy trail since Rob was no great horseman and they had one vacancy since a group that booked the trip had one of them back out. He felt a bit uneasy since the rest of the group would know each other and he would be the odd guy out. However Rob figured he was fairly friendly and after a day or so should fit in with the other guys.

His plane was late getting in to the small airport but a grizzled hand from the ranch met him. The hand introduced himself as Luke, looked Rob up and down and cackled a laugh and told Rob the rest of the Keats group had got in earlier in the day but he was sure to have an interesting week. What with chewing tobacco, dribbling the juice and spitting out the window Luke didn't have much to say on the trip to the ranch other than he was sure Rob would have an unforgettable week.

It was quite late when they got to the ranch. The night manager seemed a bit surprised on meeting Rob and confirmed that he there to join the Keats group. He then grinned and also said that Rob should find his week interesting as he showed Rob to his room and told him the group would have an early breakfast at 6:00 and set out right after that. What he didn't tell Rob was that last year the Keats group had been taken out by a male guide and had caught him playing with himself and had almost castrated him. They caught him with his pants down and gave his balls such a beating that he couldn't ride a horse for months.

The next morning Rob entered the rustic dining room and looked around. There were a few couples, a family and a group of young women at a table but no group of guys. Rob asked the staff where the Keats group was and the server pointed to the table of women. Rob was surprised and so were the group of young women. They had been expecting a woman and Rob had been expecting a group of guys. They got it sorted out but Rob was definitely the odd guy out. Even the trail guide was a girl. He was relegated to the back of the group. He had to admit the view was excellent, six gorgeous backsides in tight jeans bobbing up and down and swaying back and forth before him. By the time they stopped for their first break Rob had a throbbing erection. As he got down from his horse he realized he had made a mistake. He should have stayed mounted. In his new tight jeans his hard-on was very plainly visible and had caught in a fold in the jeans and was sticking out like a telephone pole. He tried to cover it with his hands which only made in more obvious. A couple of the girls immediately spotted it and went, giggling. to point it out to Sue Keats, the group leader.

They had stopped in the middle of a large open area and there was nowhere for Robin to hide behind or stand against. He turned his back to the giggling girls. Sue Keats came up to him and stepped around to face him. She looked down at his erection, called him a pervert and kicked him in the balls. Robin clamped his hand over his balls, brought his knees together and with a stunned look on his face sank to his knees before Sue, groaning in agony. The girls all burst out laughing and Sue told them that was how to punish a male, go for his nuts. They then had a brief discussion about what to do with Rob. They agreed that maybe Sue had been a bit too severe with Rob, just getting a hard-on didn't prove for certain that he was a pervert. They decided to go on with the trail ride but they had to keep a close eye on Rob. They mounted up and the trail ride resumed, Rob still at the back. Eventually the ache in his nuts subsided but he couldn't take his eyes off those beautiful backsides bobbing up and down. His hard-on was back, as big as before. About noon Sue called for a stop for lunch. Rob knew that if he dismounted the girls would spot his erection. He said he wasn't hungry and would wait for them , sitting on his horse. Sue ordered him to get off the horse, the horse needed a rest and he was relegated to cooks helper. Sue told him that if he didn't get down they would pull him off the horse. Rob backed his horse, turned and trotted off, sayng he was just going for a short ride and would be back before they had finished lunch. He trotted off into the pines for a few minutes, stopped and got off. He knew he had to get rid of his hard-on. It was quiet and warm. He tied the horse and laid down in the deep grass, pulled down his jeans and began to jerk off, thinking off Sue and the other girls. He slowed down his stroking and was right on the verge of a climax when Mary's face appeared above him with a big grin. She called the other girls over and they stood around him, laughing at him laying in the grass with no pants, unable to stop jerking off. Sue squatted down between his legs and grabbed a ball loosley in each hand and told Rob to slow down and not to come. He just laid there. Mary suggested that they take away his pants and that way they could see whenever he got a hard-on and the girl watching him could easily smack his balls. This caused the girls to howl with laughter but eventually they decided that was a good approach. The girls grabbed Robin and pulled him to his feet and undid and took off his pants and thrust him back down onto his knees

Mary, the youngest of the group, had on a pair of skin tight jeans which clearly outlined her pussy, and she stood right before a kneeling Robin and thrust her pussy into his face and asked him if he was going to be a good boy. Sue squatted before Robin and took hold of his balls and rolled them around in her hand and told him that she was going to give his balls a good squeeze if she caught him with a hard-on. All the girls laughed at the kneeling Robin and his throbbing hard-on. Sue said she would allow him this one erection. She stood up and, still holding his nuts, led him to his horse and told him to get on. Now Robin rode up near the front. He made a comical sight with no pants and one hand on the reins and the other hand holding his nuts with his swaying erection sticking out.