Thursday, July 24, 2008

Balconey Seats

The girls were having their usual morning coffee break bitch session. The four had recently been hired by Jim Price who had a brilliant electronics idea and had began a start-up company by hiring the four. They were bright and well paid with interesting jobs but they really disliked Jim. He talked down to them and acted superior and they had started referring to him as Lord Jim in a derogatory way.

Kim said "Well, Lord Jim is in his office again with the door locked. He says he is dreaming up new electronic inventions but I think he is just in there watching porno sites and jerking off. What he needs is a few swift kicks in the nuts." The other three burst out laughing but they finally agreed that they had been having the same suspicion. Brandy said "Have you noticed how we all are alike, short but with lots up top and nice legs. I don't think that is by chance, I think Jim was looking for that when he hired us."
"That's sort of creepy but you are right, we are all the same sort and all in our early twenties." put in Dixie. "but the pays good and apart from Lord Jim I like working here. Unless we can change things we'll just have to put up with him."
"The first thing we should do is find out if he is really in there, watching porno and jerking off" said Kim. "I have an idea, the parking garage has a flat roof and is right opposite Lord Jim's office window. There is a ladder on the back to get on the roof and it should look down into his lordship's office. I'll check it out right now and call you on my cell if there is anything to see."
A couple of minutes later Kim called and said she was on the roof. She said she was walking across the roof to take a look.
"I'm near the edge and I don't want to fall off but...Oh my God, there he is, laying on the floor with his eyes closed and no pants on, jerking off" Kim managed to gasp between fits of laughter. "You've got to see this. Naked from the waist down with a big boner, slowly stroking it. He's almost close enough to touch. All three of you come right over, up the ladder and across the roof."

Within a few minutes the four girls were on the roof looking down into Lord Jim's office, watching him jerking off. The initial reaction of the girls was uncontrolled laughter but Brandy quickly hushed them saying they didn't want him to hear them. Jim heard the laughter, a stab of panic ran through him but he kept up the slow stroking of his hard-on. Cautiously he opened his eyes very slightly and out of the corner of his eyes he could see the girls standing on the roof next door. Both buildings were one story and close together, the girls were very close and looking down at him. Jim was the most exited he had ever been. He began swiftly pumping himself and came in a swift, heavy climax, spewing semen all over his stomach. The girls were howling with laughter and Jim just laid there, his excitement replaced by terrible shame.

Thankfully the girls left the roof. A minute later he could hear them in the building, laughing loudly and chattering amongst themselves. Eventually he cleaned himself up and put on his pants which he had taken right off. He unlocked his office door and went into the general office area and used the photocopier. The girls looked at him with smug, superior smiles and Dixie was giggling.

Jim went back into his office. He couldn't get what had happened off his mind. He kept replaying it in his head and soon had a throbbing erection. Shortly before the girls afternoon coffee break Jim locked his door and waited. Jim was terribly exited, his heart was beating quickly and he could hardly catch his breath. He waited and hoped that the girls would go onto the roof again. He couldn't help it - he wanted to lay before them, naked and jerking off with them laughing at him. He sat at his desk and then, out of the corner of his eye he could see the girls appear on the garage roof, looking down at him. They had their coffee cups with them but they looked into his office with an air of disappointment that changed when Jim got up from behind his desk and stood in the middle of his office, directly in front of the window and took of his pants. His erection was throbbing and standing up and out. He could hear the girls laughing. He laid down on the floor and jerked off before them. Just before climaxing he slowed it right down, drawing out the excitement and then coming in a rush. As before, the girls were laughing.
Later, in the office "I don't know, it looks like he is peeking at us through his eyelashes" "I don't care, it is a hilarious show" "He just looks so funny laying there with no pants, jerking off but I agree, I think he knows we are there watching." "What I would like to do is sneak into his office while he is hard at it and grab him by his nuts, that would be a real hoot!" Pretty soon the girls were discussing actually sneaking into Jim's office while he was putting on a show, grabbing his nuts and giving them a good squeeze, showing him who was in charge.

The next morning shortly before the morning coffee break Jim glanced out his office window and got a shock. On the garage roof there were four deck chairs in a row, facing his office window. At coffee break time the girls went over to the garage, up on the roof and settled down in the chairs, awaiting the show. They were sipping their coffee and looking across at Jim. One of the chairs was empty, Brandy wasn't there. Jim got up from behind his desk, walked to the middle of the room, took off his pants, laid down and started to jerk off. This just got a mild chuckle from the girls, it had lost it's shock value since they has seen this before.

Dixie was the admin manager and had a master key which she loaned to Brandy. Brandy quietly entered Jim's office, walked over and looked down at Jim. She looked across at the girls, smiled and waved, bent over Jim and grabbed a nut in each hand. Jim opened his eyes in shock. Brandy laughed and said "Surprise" and squeezed his nuts. The agony was unbearable. Jim just laid there with his legs spread, unable to move or defend himself. Brandy got comfortable between his legs holding a nut in each hand and began rolling them around between her finger tips. Both Brandy and her three girl audience were laughing. Jim was moaning in agony. After about fifteen minutes the girls went back to work, leaving Jim half naked on his office floor.

After a while the girls didn't bother with the garage roof, they just bought the deck chairs down to Jim's office and set them in a row against one wall, just before a nice space of office carpet. They filed into Jim's office twice a day for coffee and a show. The girls took turns being in the show with Jim. Jim no longer acted superior and the four girls and Jim got along real well, just like family. If anything the four girls were superior and twice a day they made sure Jim remembered his place. They no longer referred to him as Lord Jim, instead it was Jerkoff Jim.