Friday, October 10, 2008

The Web Cam

It was quiet in the office building. Tim Hatch was the only one in the building, the staff wouldn't show up for at least another hour. He walked down the hall to Linda Bate's office. Linda worked for Tim and yesterday afternoon he had been in her office talking with her. He couldn't help but notice her gym bag, open beside her desk. Linda usually worked out over lunch in a nearby gym and plainly visible in her gym bag was a pair of Linda's underpanties.
Using his master key he entered her office, turned on the light, all the while wishing her panties were still there. He looked down and felt a jolt of lust. There were her panties, which had recently been rubbing against her pussy. He picked them up for a smell and instantly got a hard-on. He went over to make sure the door was locked then dropped his pants and jerked of with her panties wrapped around his hard-on. Tim closed his eyes and imagined he was thrusting his erection into Linda, not just her panties. He finally came in a shuddering, furious climax. He cleaned up her panties and dropped them back into her gym bag. He turned off her office light and left her office, locking it behind her.
Over the next few mornings he did the same thing, usually rewarded with a different pair of Linda's panties, well used and smelling of Linda's pussy.
Late one afternoon, just about at quitting time Linda phoned Tim, told him to come to her office and then abruptly hanged up on him. Tim was furious - wonderful smelling pussy or not, no one working for him was going to talk to him like that. He stormed down to her office, flung open her door and asked her who the hell she thought she was. Linda calmly smiled and told Tim to relax and sit down, she had something to show him. Linda got up and went over to a laptop computer sitting on a credenza. Tim got a hard-on just watching her walk around her office. She had on an ultra short skirt that almost but not quite covered the crotch of her panties.
She told Tim that a few days ago she left her laptop on and the web cam was set up to turn on when any movement was in the office. She turned it on and there was Ted, sneaking into her office, grabbing her panties, dropping his pants and jerking off. Each early morning was recorded, there was even one where Tim had put her panties over his head so he could smell her panties' crotch as he jerked off.
Linda laughed and told Ted he looked like he just seen a ghost. She told him not to worry, the videos were safe on her personal web site and as long as she checked in they woudldn,t be emailed to everyone in the office, his club and his friends. Ted sat there in a state of shock. He turned to Linda and begged her not to email the videos. Linda just smiled. She told Ted to stand up and take of his pants. He just stood there staring at her. Linda said he knew how to do that - she had videos of him doing it each morning. "Drop your pants or the videos are emailed" she said. Ted stood up and took of his pants. Linda told him to take off his underpants, just like in the videos. He did. Linda walked up to Ted, slapped a strip of duct tape across his mouth, reached out with both hand and grasped a testicle in each hand and squeezed. The result was instantaneous. Ted double over, shaking and making a strange moaning sound, muffled by the tape. Linda looked into Ted's terrified eyes and smiled. She told him that each day at quitting time he was to come to her office and she would have a special treat for him. She laughed and said this was today's treat as she went back to squeezing his nuts.
The next day Linda made Tim strip completely and had him lay over her credenza. She tied is wrists to the credenza's back legs and his ankles to the front legs. With his legs nicely spread his nuts hung down and were very vunerable. She gave them a good half hour beating, untied him, patted him on the head and told him she had another treat for him. Linda pulled a clear plastic devise from her desk, grabbed Tim's dick and jammed it into the devise. She snapped it shut and glued a seal over the part where it came together. She told Tim it was a chastity devise so there was no more masturbating. If he broke the seal she would distribute the videos. Linda patted Tim on the head, told him to be a good boy and said she would see him tomorrow. After getting dressed, Tim staggered out of Lina's office, bent over, with his throbbing erection in the devise and clutching his nuts and moaning. There wasn't room in the devise for an erection and as soon as it went stiff it hit the end and he lost the erection. Then it would go hard again, hit the end and go soft. For the entire week-end he tried not to think of Linda but he kept getting and loosing erections. By Monday he was going out of his mind. As soon as the office opened he went to Linda and begged her to let him take his dick out of the devise and jerk off. She told him she would think about it and he was to come back in an hour.
Well before the hour he was sitting outside her office. The door was closed and he could hear Linda talking with another woman and there was plenty of laughter. Eventually Linda opened the door and told Tim he could come in. Susan, a summer student was in the office, sitting in one of the visitor chairs. She was laughing and saying that she couldn't believe it. Linda smiled and asked Tim what he wanted. Tim looked at Susan and then at Linda. Linda told Tim he could talk in front of Susan since she had seen the videos. She then smiled and told Tim he could make his request to Susan and it was up to her if his request would be granted. Susan was dressed very conservatively in a dark blue suit with a short skirt. She wore glasses and was laughing at Tim. Tim hadn't realized it but Linda had used the web cam to record the daily beating Tim had been receiving.
Tim's throbbing erection was driving him crazy. He stood before Susan and begged for her to allow him to masturbate. Susan was laughing so hard she had trouble talking but she finally managed to tell Tim to take of his pants and shorts and ask her again. Tim stripped of his pants and shorts in an instance and pleaded to be allowed to jerk off. Susan got up and inspected the devise and then, just for fun, delivered an upper cut to Tim's balls which hung below the devise. Tin let out an agonized howl and collapsed on the floor, clutching his nuts. Susan laughed and told Linda that she had always wanted to nail some guy in the nuts. Susan told Tim to take it like a man and stop grovelling on the floor and stand up. Tim struggled to his feet and Susan said she was really enjoying herself and that she hoped Tim was also enjoying himself. She immediately delivered another upper cut to his nuts. Her fist whistled up betwen his legs and connected with a solid smack to his naked balls. Tim collapsed, curled up in a ball and made a strange gurgling sound. Linda and Susan looked down at him and both of them were laughing. To be continued.