Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tennis club - Continuation

The Tennis Club was posted July 20, 2007 and this is a continuation on that posting.

As Mrs Baker drove home, Angel sat in the back seat with Ed curled up beside her. She looked down at Ed and smiled. The women at the club had removed his shorts and Angel had a tight grip on his nuts. Mrs Baker had taught Angel that the best form of self defense was to get a man by his nuts. It was also a great form of compliance. A friendly squeeze to a man's nuts would always get him to agree with her point of view. Angel had seen her mother sit in a car salesman's office and squeeze his nuts until he sold her a car at well under his cost. She remembered back to the time an electrician had done a lot of work at their house and had agreed to cancel the bill. All it took was a nice smile, some kind words and two hours of squeezing his nuts to make the electrician a permanent servant of her mother. All she has to do now is phone the electrician and he rushed out to their house. All he wants for his work is for her mother to give his nuts a real beating. And Mrs Baker has always been willing to oblige.

Now they has Ed for the week-end to punish him for his profane, disgusting language at the club. Angel smiled in anticipation. They lived on the edge of town in an exclusive area of large houses on large lots. Since Mr Baker had passed away years ago, mother and daughter lived alone in the large house but the house had a reputation and had been only broken into once. Mrs Baker had phoned the police to say that there was an intruder in the house. The police got there to find the intruder was tighed up and had been castrated. It caused quite a stir in the local media but the public sentiment was on the side of the poor defenceless widow and her child. Mrs baker drove up the long driveway and pulled around the side. The house was large and well kept but there were always things that needed to be done.

Angel hauled Ed out of the car by his nuts and led him into the house. Mrs Baker said there were things they needed to do as she turned to Ed and viciously kicked him in the balls. He let out a squeal and collapsed to the floor, concious but in extreme agony. Mrs Baker turned to Angel and said that was so she could relax her hand. She rolled Ed onto his stomach and pulled his arms behind his back and tied his wrists together. She tied his ankles but left about a foot of loose rope so he could walk with tiny steps but not run or kick. She told Angel to go and get one of the testicle harness (Mrs baker kept a supply on hand) and attach it to Ed. Mrs Baker smiled with pride and satisfaction as she watched Angel attach the testicle harness to Ed's nuts and clinch it nice and tight, squeezing his nuts.

Mrs Baker had taught her daughter well. She thought back to the time she had shown Angel the harness and how to attach it. She realized that to properly teach Angel she needed a pair of testicles and the closest belonged to their next door neighbor. She had become friendly with Mrs Carter to who lived in the next house. Mrs Carter had compained that her husband was an abusive husband and when Mrs Baker suggested the testicle harness and some stern testicle punishment to make him change his ways, Mrs Carter was dubious but interested.

Mr Carter thought they were coming for dinner. He walked in the front door, Angel skipped up to him with a smile and delivered a crushing uppercut between his legs, smashing into his nuts. He collapsed. Angel stood over him and laughed. Both Mrs Carter and Mrs Baker congratulated Angel. She smiled under the combined warm praise of the two women. Mrs Carter, Mrs Baker and Angel sat on the family room sofa and watched Mr Carter roll around on the floor, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Mrs Baker served tea and they drank their tea and laughed at Mr Carter. Without being asked, Angel went and got a testicle harness and stood over Mr Carter with a smile of anticipation on her face.