Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ted's secretary stood at his door and told him that Ms Gray, head of Human Resouces was on the phone. There was no love lost between Ted and Ms Gray, they were both senior managers within the company and Ted felt as head of engineering he was above Ms Gray. She felt otherwise and resented his condescending manner. The owner, Mrs Banks, had let it be known that she was considering a new position as Executive Vice President and both Ted and Ms Gray were being considered. Mrs Banks thought highly of Ms Gray. There were only three men in the company and Ms Gray had caught the other two with pornography on their office computers. She had then installed video surveilance within their offices and caught them jerking off to the pornography. Ms Gray and Wendy had them come into her office over three seperate days for a couple of hours each and she administered some severe training. After each session the poor guy left her office bent over, moaning in agony and clutching his nuts. That was when the staff started refering to her as Ms BallBuster.
Normally Alice would have just buzzed the call through but she wanted to see the look on her boss's face when she told him Ms Gray, normally called Ms BallBuster by the staff, was calling. Alice was rewarded by a look of panic on Ted's face. Alice didn't like Ted but the job paid well and jobs were scarce. He was only a couple of years older than her, fresh out of university as a graduate engineer. He insisted she call him Mr Sanford while he called her by her first name and the way he liked to boss her around. Like he had never heard of the word "please". Alice wasn't alone, none of the women liked Ted with his superior manner and the way he was always trying to look up their skirts or down their blouses - a real pervert.
Earlier in the day Ted was in the office storage building, adjacent to the main building looking for some old files. Alice was helping along with Linda, a university summer student assigned to Alice. They were there most of the morning, the girls on short step ladders looking through file boxes and handing files down to Ted. Ted had told Alice the day before about the file search and he had told her it was warm in the storage building and they should dress accordingly. When Alice told Linda about the step ladders, Linda jokingly suggested they wear short skirts and give Ted a good teasing. Alice laughed and both girls showed up in very short skirts.
After just a few minutes Ted had a throbbing hard-on. The girls smiled knowingly at each other and made sure Ted had a good view. A number of times they came down the ladder to move a file or the ladder. Each time they made sure they brushed against his hard-on. It was a fun game to the girls and a chance for Alice to get even. Poor Ted was going out of his mind. After an hour or so he suggested that the girls take a 15 minute coffee break and he would keep on working. As the girls walked to the lunch room they were killing themselves laughing. Ted made sure to tell them to take 15 minutes. They decided to take their coffee back before Ted had a chance to cool off.

As soon as the girls left, Ted pulled down his pants and began to jerk off. He closed his eyes and pictured the girls thighs and white panties under their short skirts. Ted figured he had 15 minutes. After a couple of minutes he was close to coming. Ted slowed down his stroking and was right on the verge of a climax as the girls walked back into the storage room. The girls stared at Ted and burst out laughing. Ted couldn't stop, he continued to stroke himself and came in a shuddering, large climax. The girls kept on laughing as Ted stood before them, with his pants down around his ankles, deep in shame. Still laughing Linda walked up close to Ted and told him he was a naughty boy and she reached down and grasped his nuts in her hand and squeezed. She was laughing in his face as Ted let out a wail of agony. Ted slowly sank to the floor, screaming in pain. Linda squatted down beside him with a firm grip still on his nuts. She was enjoying herself and although she had let up a bit in the squeeze she still had him and was not about to let go. Alice came over and also squatted down and put her face close to Ted and said "You're a bad boy Mr Sanford, or maybe I should call you Ted, you're a bad boy Ted".
Linda screamed with laughter and pointed with her free hand. Ted had an erection again. Linda laughted that Ted was looking up their skirts as they squatted beside him. Alice ordered Ted to jerk off and he immediately began to stroke himself again. Both girls were squatting down on their heels with their legs spread wide. They had superior smiles as they watched Ted. Linda was massaging Ted's nuts. As soon as it looked like Ted was about to come again both girls got up and went to the door. They watched as Ted climaxed. They were laughing as they left and closed the door.
It took Ted a while to come to his senses, he cleaned himself up and went back to his office. He was bent over and holding his nuts and was terribly embarrassed as he shuffled into his office. Both Linda and Alice ignored Ted and were hard at work. After a while Alice stuck her head in and said that she and Linda would be away from their desks for a bit. Ted just nodded.
They came back and shortly after Alice said that Ms Gray was on the phone. With trepidation Ted picked up the phone. Ms BallBuster had no opening pleasantries, just "Come down to my office right now." Ted went to Ms Grays office. Her secretary, Wendy, brusquely told Ted to sit down, he would be called. After a few moments Alice and Linda showed up and Wendy politely suggested they go right in to Ms Gary's office. After a few minutes the secretary told Ted to go in.

Ms Gray was sitting behind her desk. Linda and Alice were seated in visitor chairs facing Ted. The company's owner, Mrs Banks was also sitting in a guest's chair. There was no place for Ted to sit so he stood in the middle of the room. This was the chance Ms Gary had been waiting and dreaming about - the chance to put Ted firmly in his place. Ms Gray slapped her desk and shouted "What the hell is wrong with you, exposing yourself to the staff?" Ted just stood there. She shouted that she had asked him a question and Ted said it wasn't like that. Ms Gray said if it wasn't like that then Ted should demonstrate what it was like. Again Ted just stood there. Ms Gray told Ted that if he wanted to keep his job and also keep the police out of it since indecent exposure was a criminal offence he had better demonstrate what he had done. He still just stood there. Ms Gray said maybe he needs something to wake him up. She got up from behind her desk, walked over to Ted and kicked him square in the nuts. It was totally unexpected and all the women burst out laughing.
Ted sank to his knees clutching his nuts. Ms Gray stood over him and said he had a choice, she could call the police and he would be charged with indecent exposure or he could demonstrate exactly what he was doing in the storage area. Ted was still on his knees, wailing in agony, clutching his nuts with a stunned look on his face. Ms Gray picked up the phone and told Ted he had ten seconds to start demonstarating what he was doing or she was calling the police.
Ted staggered to his feet and pulled down his pants. He grabbed himself and started to jerk off. Within a minute he had a firm erection. Ms Gray glared at him with a smug smile of victory, the two young women were laughing and Mrs Banks was chuckling. She had a problem - Ted was a brilliant engineer and was a vital employee. Mrs Banks spoke up and said that she wanted to discuss this situation with Ted out of the room. Ms Gray told Ted to stand outside her office door. Ted began to pull up his pants. Ms Gray told him to leave them down around his ankles and wait outside the door. As Ted shuffled out she told him he could stroke himself but if he came she would cut off his nuts. Ted believed her. Ms Gray went to her door and before closing it she told Wendy to keep an eye on Ted and if it looked like he was about to come she should give his nuts a good squeeze. Wendy smiled at the sight of Ted standing directly opposite her, slowly jerking off. She had seen Ms Gray bust a few men in the nuts but this was in a class by itself. Wendy had been amazed at how Ms gray could turn a strong man into a weak pathetic child and she realizedthat here was her chance to give it a try. She called out to Ted that it looked like he was about to come. Ted dropped his hard-on and said he wasn't going to come. Wendy smiled, got up from her desk, took the couple of steps to Ted, reached down and wrapped her fingers around both his balls and began to squeeze. She did it slowly, she wanted to see the expression on his face. His expression was shock which turned to fear and then agony. When Wendy was hired she was promised fringe benefits but nothing like this.
Ms gray opened her door and smiled at the sight of Wendy squeezing Ted's balls. Ms Gray asked Wendy if it had looked like Ted was going to come. She nodded yes and Ms Gray complimented her on her handling of the situation. Ms Gray directed Ted back into the office, closed the door as Ted shuffled back into the center of the room, stroking himself with one hand and clutching his squeezed balls with the other. Ms Gray told Ted to put his hands behind his back as she casually reached out and grabbed Ted by his balls.
Mrs Banks said that Ted needed to be disciplined and trained to control himself but the company needed him. Ms Gray smiled and said that the Human Resources department could discipline and train Ted, that was what she was there for. Linda spoke up and said that she wanted to help the company and also help Ted and she wanted to volunteer in disciplining and training Ted. Alice said that as Ted's secretary she also wanted to help Ted and no matter how many hours a day it took she wanted to help in disciplining and training Ted.
Ms Gray said that there had recently been advances in training against aberrant behavior involving aversion therapy where the subject acts out his behavior while he is subjected to stimulous that creats an aversion to the behavior, sort of like catching someone doing something wrong and giving them a smack while they are doing it. Linda smiled and said like Ted playing with himself and she squeezing his balls. "Exactly" said Ms Gray.

Ms Gray said she had never done this before, it was a new approach but was having great success. Mrs Banks asked if it could be done while Ted continued to work and Ms Gray nodded yes. Ms Gray said that the most important part was that the patient, Ted, had to want to be cured. Ms Gray still had Ted by his balls and she gave them a bit of a squeeze and told Ted he wanted to be cured and submit to the aversion therapy. She smiled at Ted as she squeezed his nuts tighter and tighter. Ted readily agreed. With Ms Gray squeezing his nuts Ted would have agreed to anything.
Then Ms Gray said they needed a schedule and with Alice and Linda helping it shouldn't be a problem. Mrs Banks said that Ted's behavoir had put him out of consideration and the Executive VP position was going to Ms Gray and with her increased responsibilities she wouldn't have as much time as necessary to spend on Ted. Ms Gray thanked Mrs Banks and suggested that Wendy become the assistant HR manager. Mrs Banks said that was an excellent idea and she said she had to go. With a smile she looked at Ms Gray still holding Ted by his nuts and told him she was sure he would be cured, considering the good hands he was in. She patted him on his bare butt and was gone.
As soon as Mrs Banks had left the building, Ms Gray turned to Ted and told him his days as a consecending bastard were over and she was going to permanently put him in his place. She marched him out of her office and down the hall, across the general office area to the conference room. With his schuffling gait from his pants still around his ankles, his stiff erection which he was stroking and Ms gray's firm grip on his nuts Ted was a spectacularly humourous sight. All the women in the general office burst out laughing. The few men clutched their nuts and tried to hide.
Ms Gray and Ted, with Linda, Alice and Wendy following entered the conference room. Ms Gray spoke to Wendy and she pulled open the drapes, exposing the conference room to the general office. She went out and spoke to the staff and all the women pulled up chairs outside the glass wall with an excellent view of the conference table. Wendy then went back inside the conference room and took Ted's balls from Ms Gray, led him over to the conference table and laid him down on his back. She, Alice and Linda,using tape from the shipping department, tied his ankles to the two legs at one end of the table and his wrists to the legs at the other end. He was naked, on his back and spread eagled. Wendy then took Ted's nuts and stretched them away from his body and asked Linda to wrap the tape tight around his scrotum, forcing his nuts into a nice, tight bunch at the end of his nut bag. They were such a tempting target that Ms Gray stepped forward and gave his nuts a firm slap, Ted screamed and the women cheered.
Ms Gray then went outside the conference room and adressed the staff. She explained aversion therapy and how Ted had jerked off before Alice and Linda and then Wendy, herself and Mrs Banks. She said that Ted ackowledges he needs help and has asked for it. It was their duty to help him by watching him jerk off to make sure he doesn't come and to beat on his balls. There was shocked silence then the occassional giggle and finally all the women were laughing and offering to help Ted.