Friday, April 10, 2009

Ice Cream

Herb pulled into the Circle K convenience store on his way home. He parked around the side, up against the back wall. There was a three foot high brick wall around the parking area. Right in front of him, sitting on the wall was a girl eating an ice cream cone. She looked through the windshield at Herb, smiled and spread her legs. She was wearing a short denim skirt and Herb had a perfect view of her thighs and her white panties. He sat in his car, staring. Within a minute he had a throbbing hard-on.
The girl laughed and called out to him that if he wanted anything in the store he had better get going since they were about to close. Herb got out of his car, trying to hide his hard-on. He was wearing lightweight shorts that did little to disguise his erection. The girl said she could see that he liked the view and asked him for a cigarett. Herb didn't smoke and told her so. She then asked him to buy her a pac of Camels. Herb went into the store and bought a newspaper and a loaf of bread. He came out just as they were closing. The girl hopped off the wall and asked Herb for her smokes. He said he hadn't bought her any and she looked to be too young to smoke. He started to lecture her about smoking. She stepped up to Herb, quickly slipped her hand up his shorts and grabbed his nuts with her left hand. Her right was holding her ice cream. It was so quick and unexpected that Herb stood before her in a state of shock. Then the pain hit. He was in so much agony that he couldn't scream, he was just making a gurgling sound as he slipped to the ground. The lights went off in the parking area and since he had parked around the side they were out of view from the street. The girl got comfortable and sat between Herb's legs squeezing his nuts and eating her ice cream. After finishing her cone she amused herself by varying the hold she had on his nuts and trying different pressure to see what seemed to cause him the most pain. After a while she got bored so she pulled of his shorts and underpants, threw them over the wall and went home.
As she walked home she smiled and thought about the different holds she had tried on Herb. She walked in the house and called out to her step brother that she had something to show him.