Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ed was a distant relative and had moved in as a boarder with Linda and her daughter and things had gotten along fine at first. Ed's rent money was helpful but after a while Linda and Susan had gotten tired of Ed's superior and patronizing manner. Linda had gotten fed up and although she would really miss the rent payment she was about to tell Ed to move out when one evening Linda noticed Ed's bedroom door was open a crack. She glanced in and was shocked to see Ed standing in the center of his room buck naked and jerking off. Linda was a very level headed woman and she saw this as a chance. She ran back to her room, grabbed her video camera, ran back and took a quick video of Ed. She then flew open the door and shouted that he was a pervert and kicked him in the nuts. Poor Ed clamped his legs together, grabbed his nuts and sank to his knees before Linda, wailing in agony. Susan, the daughter, heard the noise and came running. There was Ed, naked and on his knees, clutching his nuts and screaming. Her mother stood over Ed, laughing at him while videoing him. It looked pretty funny and Susan joined in the laughter. She then asked her mother what was going on. Linda said that she had caught Ed playing with himself and she had delivered some punishment, a quick kick to his nuts. Susan laughed and said that Ed had gotten of easy - if she had caught him she would have grabbed his nuts and given him a severe nut squeezing session.

Linda was a pretty liberal mother but she was surprised that her daughter could talk so casually about squeezing Ed's nuts and asked Susan if she had ever actually squeezed some guy's nuts. Susan said that she had never done it but in girls' gym class they had seen a video on self defence and a good nut squeeze was shown as a very effective self defence tactic. She told her mother that ever since seeing the video Susan had wanted to actually try it in real life to see if it was as easy and effective as shown in the video. Both mother and daughter looked at Ed and smiled.

They left Ed curled up on the bathroom floor.

In the morning a shamefaced Ed came into the kitchen for breakfast. Nothing was said of the prior evening but just before Ed left for work Linda said she had something to show him and turned on her computer and showed Ed the video she had made. There was Ed, naked and vigorously jerking off and then wailing in agony clutching his nuts. She asked Ed if he wanted the video emailed to his work and their relatives. Ed was red faced and whispered no. Linda told him to go to work and they would discuss his behavior that evening.

Dinner was a silent affair. After dinner Linda told Ed to go into the family room. She and Susan sat on the sofa and she told Ed to stand before Susan. Susan smiled up at Ed and told him she wanted him to help her with some school work. Ed looked relieved and said he would be happy to help. Susan then told Ed about the self defence video and how she wanted to see if squeezing a man's nuts was as effective as it appeared in the video. She then told Ed to take of his pants. Ed stood before Susan in a state of shock. Susan laughed and told Ed to get out of his pants. He just stood there. Susan pointed out that he had just said he wanted to help her with school work. Finally Susan told Ed that if he didn't immediately take of his pants her mom would send the video of Ed to his work, relatives and even the local pub. Ed looked towards Linda with a beseeching look. She laughed and told him to do what Susan tells him to do.

With his hands trembling Ed pulled down his pants and undershorts, stepped out of them and stood before Susan. She told him to spread his legs then reached out a firmly gripped a testicle in each hand. She looked Ed in the eye, smiled and asked him to tell her if this hurt as she squeezed his nuts. Ed screamed and collapsed but Susan didn't loosen her grip, she remembered that the video was insistent on not letting go and delivering a long continuous squeeze.

Linda found that delivering a good nut squeeze to Ed was a sure fire stress reliever and Susan did it just for the fun of it.