Monday, May 25, 2009

The Nut Trainer

Linda and Sue were sitting on Linda's back porch watching Ed, Linda's husband, mowing the back lawn. Sue was laughing as she told Linda that when Linda phoned her to come over because she had something funny to show her she never thought for a moment it would be as hilarious as what she was now witnessing.

Linda had a big back garden surrounded by trees that blocked off any outside view. There was Ed, striding along behind a mower and all he had on was a pair of sneakers and a big hard-on that was swinging back and forth and bobbing up and down as he walked. Linda said that she had gotten tired of Ed sitting around doing nothing and a couple of weeks ago she had walked in on Ed while he was jerking off while watching some porn on the Internet. She was ready to walk out when she came across an ad in a magazine selling an electric dog collar that was used to train a dog by giving it an electric jolt whenever it misbehaved. Linda said that she thought that if it could be used to train a dog it should also be able to train Ed. Linda ordered one, did some modifications and while Ed was asleep attached it to him. Instead of around his neck Linda wrapped it tightly around his nuts. There was a small battery pack and it came with a remotely operated control unit which she had fashioned into a bracelet. There were two controls, one to vary the intensity of the electric charge and the other to turn it on or off. She said that she quickly found that by applying a constant low voltage charge to Ed's nuts it created a stimulating buzz in his nuts and Ed got an instantaneous erection. The unit came with a booklet on how to train a dog and Linda realized the best way to train Ed was as if he were a dog. Like a dog, if Ed was good she would give him a treat, usually a few minutes to jerk off, but never to come.

One of the innovations she had made was that if an attempt was made to remove it, the entire electric current in the batteries would be directed to one massive charge to the nuts. Right after she had installed it on Ed he tried to remove it and she gave him a demonstration which knocked him out cold and left him with terribly aching nuts for the remainder of the day. Ed never tried to remove the trainer after that. He loved the buzz from the low voltage charge and as Linda found him easy to control when he had a hard-on she usually left the unit turned to a low charge.

Linda told Sue that she had installed it last week and had Ed phone in sick. At first he rebelled against being trained to be Linda's slave but a couple of days of constant high voltage shots to his nuts had caused a change in his thinking. Linda gave Sue the controller and suggested she try it. She told her that one short medium voltage shot and Ed would come running. Sue grabbed the controller and gave Ed a medium voltage shot. Ed dropped the handle to the mower, doubled over, clutching his nuts and fell to the ground. He then staggered to his feet and came hobbling over to stand before Linda, bent over and moaning and clutching his nuts. Linda told Ed that for now he was Sue's slave. Sue told Ed come before her, to stand up straight, take his hands away from his nuts and place his hands on top of his head and spread his legs. Sue then lent forward and had a good look at the trainer. It looked fairly simple with a small box, containing the battery that was on a belt around Ed's waist and a cable that ran down and wrapped around his nuts. She then looked into Ed's eyes, smiled and reached out and grabbed Ed's nuts and jiggled them in her hand until she had them just right and then gave them a vicious squeeze. Ed screamed, clamped his legs together and slowly sank to his knees, all the while keeping his hands on top of his head. Sue turned the voltage on high and gave Ed a long high voltage shot to his nuts. Ed toppled over, clutching his nuts and rolled up into a ball. Sue looked down with amused amazement at Ed and said the trainer sure worked. She and Linda had a good laugh at Ed, wailing in agony at their feet. They watched him for a good hour and whenever his wailing stopped Sue gave him another nut blast and that got it going again.

Sue begged Linda to make two for her. She was divorced and she thought her ex was a real swine and she would love to have him under her control, able to torture him whenever she felt like it. The other was for her boss at work. She thought that to control him through his nuts would be tremendous. She told Linda that she would give anything to be able to walk into his office, close the door, give him a nut shot, grab and squeeze his nuts and then a long high voltage shot. She wanted both her ex and her boss grovelling at her feet like Ed. As she said that Ed had crawled forward and kissed Sue's foot. She laughed and said why not as she rolled him over and stomped between his legs. Linda laughed and said she never realized how vicious Sue was.

Linda agreed to make two trainers for Sue and Sue started plotting how she would attach them to her ex and boss. Later she would tell women how easy it was, all they had to do was reach over, unzip them and slip their hand in. No man would object. Then grab the poor victim by his nuts and install the trainer.

A few days later Linda had made the trainers and Sue phoned her ex and said she had to see him about some joint property (she didn't tell him the joint property was his nuts) and she made an appointment to go by his office. She knew how to press his buttons so she dressed very provocatively with thigh high black boots, a short skirt and a low cut blouse. She walked into his office, stood with her legs spread and told Frank, her ex, to get up and come to her. Poor Frank groaned with desire and came over to Sue. She smiled at him, ran her hand up and down his crotch, unzipped him and slipped her hand inside. She quickly wrapped her fingers around his nuts and squeezed. In her other hand she had a length of duct tape which she slapped over his mouth to muffle his screaming. She held his nuts and told him she would rip them off if he resisted. With one hand Sue pulled down his pants and attached the trainer. She told a terrified Frank how it worked and demonstrated with a high voltage shot. She went to his office door, opened it a bit and told Frank's secretary, Mona, that they were not to be disturbed, locked the door and turned to Frank with a smile and another shot to his nuts. She got comfortable in his chair while Frank lay on the floor before her. Sue amused herself for most of the afternoon by squeezing, kicking and delivering long high voltage shots to Frank's nuts. Frank was no longer trying to defend himself, he just laid at her feet with his legs spread, moaning under the tape, naked from the waist down.

Frank's secretary was a cute but timid young woman who Sue had grown to know and like when married to Frank. She could just imagine how Frank had bullied and intimidated Mona. Sue went to the office door, opened it and asked Mona to come into the office. Mona walked in, saw Frank laying on the floor, naked from the waist down with a firm erection pointing up (Sue had turned on the low voltage buzz). Mona gasped in a state of shock and asked Sue, in a worried voice, if Frank was alive. Sue laughed and said that with that hard-on he was alive all right. Sue then bent over and delivered a neat upper cut to Frank's nuts. Sue showed Mona the device and explained how it worked and told her that Frank can not take it off. Sue asked Mona to give it a try. Mona took the control bracelet, turned the voltage on high and with a very serious expression gave Frank's nuts long high voltage shot. Frank shook all over and made a gurgling sound under the duct tape. Mona bent down over Frank, ripped the duct tape of his mouth and said she hoped he liked the nut shot she had just delivered because here comes another one. Frank begged Mona not to do it. She smiled and pressed the button and held it down as Frank squirmed on the ground. Mona laughed. Sue told Mona she could keep the controller and be sure to change the batteries on Frank on a regular basis and she gave Mona copy of the booklet on how to train a dog.

A few weeks later Mona phoned Sue to thank her. She said her job had changed from fear to fun. She starts every morning with Frank dropping his pants and jerking off and she stops him just before he comes and then at least twice a day she unexpectedly delivers a long high voltage nut shot. Mona says she also likes to give Frank a good, old fashioned nut squeeze. She said she enjoys the anguish in Frank's eyes and the look of panic turn to pain as she holds his nuts in her hand and slowly squeezes them tighter and tighter. She said the funny thing is that Frank doesn't resent her control over him, in fact he kisses her feet and says he loves her. Mona laughed and said that whenever Frank says that which is now every day she gives him a sharp upper cut to his nuts. She also said that she has some videos of Frank jerking off and begging to come and also getting his nuts worked over and if she would like she would email them. Sue said she would appreciate that and Mona sent her some. Whenever Sue has trouble relaxing before going to sleep she likes to watch Frank getting it in the nuts. She falls asleep with a smile on her face.

Now Sue has to get a trainer onto her boss. Her boss is a jerk who likes to think of himself as cool, mysterious and handsome. Every chance he gets he tries to look down Sue's blouse or up her skirt. He has a hard-on half the time and he tries to accidentally rub against her. Sue sometimes get bored and gives him a good view of her boobs and her panties. After giving him a hard-on she likes to casually rub the back of her hand across his hard-on. The poor guy practically faints, then he goes into his office, locks the door and jerks off. A few times she has caught him in the nuts with the corner of a file box and a couple of times with her elbow. Sue says nothing beats smacking your boss in the nuts.