Monday, June 1, 2009

The Snow Storm

Ed knew he had made a big mistake in driving to Fairbanks in such dire weather. The driving snow made visibility impossible, the snow was drifting across the road, it was over a hundred miles to any shelter, it was getting dark and it was cold as hell. On the plus side he had plenty of fuel, snow tires and chains and a top quality sleeping bag.
He got stuck a few times but managed to dig himself out and keep going. Each time he dug himself out he got colder and wetter from the snow, He decided the best thing was to get out of his wet cloths, climb into his sleeping bag and wait out the storm. He crawled along slowly, looking for a good place to pull off the roadway. He almost ran into the low slung sports car stuck in the middle of the road. He was amazed that anyone in this part of the world would drive such an unsuitable vehicle. He figured that this spot was as good as any so he pulled off to the side, jumped out and checked out the car. The motor was running and a CD was playing as he banged on the window. The window opened and a very attractive woman smiled and said "Hello" and asked him what he wanted. Ed said he just wanted to make sure she was OK. She thanked his for his concern but said she was OK and was waiting for a tow and she closed the window. Ed was amazed but he shrugged his shoulders and returned to his truck. A hundred miles from nowhere and waiting for a tow. The woman was mad. Ed stripped off his wet cloths and snuggled down into his sleeping bag.
Just as he was nodding of to sleep there was a loud banging on his truck. He sat up and looked out the cab but with the snow and darkness he couldn't see anything. He opened the door but the banging was coming from the front. He leaned out to see but with no cloths on it was dammed cold. Then he spotted the woman from the car banging on the hood. All she had on was a business suit, skirt and short jacket. She looked frantic. Ed shouted at her to come around the side but with the howling wind she didn't hear. Stark naked, Ed jumped out of his truck, bulled through the snow, picked her up and ran back to the truck and got her inside. He was frigid and she was livid. She called his a naked pervert as Ed retreated into his sleeping bag. He said he had just saved her life but she called him a naked liar. Ed hunkered down into his sleeping bag. She said she was cold and told him to turn on the truck and get some heat. Ed said no, he needed the fuel to get out from where they were as soon as the storm let up.
It was an old truck with a bench seat and Ed was laying on the seat and she was crouched at one end, shaking from the cold. He felt sorry for her and told her she had a choice, she could sit where she was and freeze to death or get out of her snow encrusted wet cloths and squeeze into the sleeping bag with him. She shouted that she would never get into that sleeping bag naked with him being in there naked. Ed said that was up to her but she had to decide right away because he would not let her in if her core temperature dropped to such a point that she would be like an ice cube entering his sleeping bag and endangering then both freezing to death.
Her teeth were chattering as she stripped and climbed into the bag, snuggling up to Ed's warm body. He flinched from her cold body and then flinched again as she reached down and wrapped her cold fingers around Ed's nuts. She told him she would crush his nuts if he tried anything. With her firm breasts pressing against him and her thighs against his poor Ed got a monster hard-on. She then called him a naked pervert, slipped her other hand down and grabbed a nut in each hand and pinched them both. She was smiling and Ed was in anguish. All night long she punished his nuts, rolling them around between her tinger tips, holding them with one hand and spanking them with the other, squeezing them and holding them with one hand and poking her fingers into them with her other hand. Ed was completely defensless. He held her to him as he buried his face against her neck and shoulder and weeped in agony. She told him her name was Helen and he told her he loved her, worshipped her and would do anything for her. She smiled and said she knew. The next day the storm didn't let up but Helen did let up. She had had time to think and she realized that Ed was no pervert, he had acted honorably and had saved her life. She switched one of her hands from his nuts to his hard-on and slowly stroked him. She moved his face down so he was buried in her breasts all the while with one hand gently massaging his nuts and the other hand very slowly stroking his hard-on.
By the afternoon the storm had ended. Helen moved her car off the road and she and Ed drove on to Fairbanks in Ed's truck, with Helen sitting closely beside Ed with her left hand down his pants with her finger tips rolling his nuts around. Shortly afterwards they moved in together but only under Helen's rule that Ed was to wear no pants in the house, he was never allowed to come and she had total control over his nuts. Helen really got a kick out of her rule when friends of hers came by. There was Ed with a nice erection, opening the door and inviting in her friends and serving then drinks and dinner. In fact, Helen trained Ed to be the perfect servant and dressed him in a two piece outfit, a crisp white waiters jacket and a bow tie tied on his hard-on.
Helen was a generous woman and she often loaned Ed out when a friend was having a party and needed some help. Women in Helen's circle got so used to seeing Ed's erection that they looked forward to him and would playfully swat Ed in the nuts as a sign of greeting. Ed, in turn, adored Helen's friends.