Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ms Pennypacker's school

There are a number of prior stories on this blog about Ms Pennypacker and her no-nonsense approach to feminism and putting men in their place. Many women who have watched her instructional videos on self defense and attended her self defense classes are still taken advantage of. In interviews with victims of male aggression it became apparent to Ms Pennypacker that young women hesitated before defending themselves. Mr Pennypacker was a strong believer that the best defense was a strong offence. Nothing beats a swift attack to a man's balls - kicks, punches, slaps or Ms Pennypackers favorite of grabbing a guys nuts and not letting go.

It became apparent to Ms Pennypacker that after her training that any woman who overcomes her initial hesitation could bring any man to his knees. What she needed was a school where women attack men in their groin, until it becomes second nature - an automatic response - if they need to defend themselves. She opened a school as a trial before opening a chain of schools. It was an immediate success. It was particularly popular with professional women who wanted to end the day by kicking some guy in the nuts. It was a great stress reliever.

The problem Ms Pennypacker had was hiring men. She knew there were plenty of men who would like to be whacked in the nuts but they would be embarrassed to have it known. She came up with a novel approach. She placed an ad in the paper calling for men to volunteer to perform a community service in instilling confidence in women who attended her school. Rather anything as crass as being paid, the ad said an honorarium would be donated in their name to the city's women's clubs. Nothing will energise a clubs board as the smell of fresh money to be donated. With encouragement from the many women's club members Ms Pennypacker had enough men to staff her schools.

Helen Gray was the executive assistant to the president of a major investment house. Her job was a pressure cooker. As soon as she heard about Ms Pennypackers school she signed up. She didn't need confidence in overcoming any hesitance about kicking men in the balls. She had all the confidence she needed and she used any excuse to nail guys in the nuts. What she needed was a place to let off a bit of steam and she found the school perfect. She would often drop by after work, change into gym shorts and a tee top and pick up the key to one of the training rooms. She always requested a naked male, tied spread eagled. She would let herself in and find a naked guy waiting. It was always a bit of a lottery, sometimes it would be a young, good looking guy with a nice pair of balls; other times a skinny nerdy looking guy. What she liked best was a middle aged guy with a superior attitude and a throbbing hard-on.

In addition to Ms Pennypacker's talent of getting men by the nuts she was also good at making money. She never let a money making opportunity pass her by. Women who didn't have the nerve or the money to sign up for a session could, for a modest sum, watch. The rooms had an open raised area along one side with a dozen chairs and there were always women spectators. This was especially a favorite way for a group of young women to end their work day. Often there would be up to half a dozen women from the same office laughing and cheering as some poor guy was getting it in the nuts. Ms Pennypacker realized that if the women spectators knew the men getting it in the nuts their pleasure in watching would be heightened. All the men volunteers had a form to fill out which included their place of employment. When the women spectators came in they were asked where they worked. Usually the women would ask why were they asking this. When told it was to check if there were any men from the same company scheduled the women always grinned and readily gave their place of employment. If there was a man scheduled from the same company the women were asked if they wanted preferential seating in that room and the women always agreed. Ms Pennypacker had a small price surcharge for preferential seating which the women never objected to.

The men were brought into the room first by a couple of beefy women. They were told to strip and then were put into various restraints so the women would feel safe. The man was then left alone in the room until a woman came in. Whatever she did was up to her, the only rule was no permanent marks or castration and the session was to end as soon as the guy passed out. The novice women just walked up to the guy and kicked him full force in the nuts. He usually fainted from the pain and that was it, session over. The more experienced women knew how to make it last. Helen Gray likes to have the man standing, spread eagled with his legs wide apart and his arms pulled tight apart. She smiles at the man and thanks him for being a volunteer. She then pulls up a straight back chair and sits before the guy and casually reaches out with both hands and grabs a testicle in each fist and slowly squeezes. The stunned looks on the men's faces always make her laugh. Their wails of agony always make her laugh harder still.

Helen Gray's boss, Tyler Farquois was from old money, lots of it, and he had an ego to match. He was good looking and single and considered himself quite a catch. He heard about Ms Pennypackers school and he thought it would be a hoot to volunteer and he could brag how he was helping women in need of a confidence boost. After all, he thought, what is a little discomfort in the groin compared to the boost in his social standing.

It so happened his first session was the same evening Ms Gray needed some stress relief. It was also the same evening the girls from the general office of the same company were out for a little evening fun. Tyler was led into the session room, he stripped and was tied in a spread eagle. He was good looking and well hung so one of the beefy attendant women gave him a quick, incomplete hand job which left him with a throbbing hard one and he was excited and expecting more of the same.

When Ms Gray came into the school she was told there was a man from her office and did she want to have him. They had a rule about never telling the women the man's name and it also applied when he was from the same office. She smiled and said sure. She usually changed but this evening she kept on the clothes she had on from the office, short black skirt and matching suite jacket, shear white blouse and high heels. The only change she made was to remove her bra so she would be braless and her nipples would show. She wondered who it could be. She hoped it was the head of accounting, a self righteous prick who she would love to destroy, maybe make him into her permanent slave. She also though of a few other men but never her boss, she had never seen him do a charitable thing in his life.

The girls from the office had stopped for a few drinks on their way over and they were a happy, boisterous lot and even more happy when told they could watch some guy from their office getting it in the nuts. They readily agreed to the surcharge and were wondering who it could be as they were led to the session room viewing area. A few mentioned the accounting head but most hoped it would be the company president Mr Farquois, an arrogant stuck up prick. The general consensus was that they would love to see some woman nail him in the nuts. As they were led into the session room and the viewing seats they was a gasp, giggles, outright laughter and then cheers. Right in front of them, naked and spread eagled with a throbbing hard-on was Farquois, the company president. Then in walked Ms Gray, she looked at the spectators and smiled and waved. The girls all waved back and cheered. Ms Gray was not one of the girls but she was always considered fair and likable.

Mr Farquois turned his head sideways and looked at the spectators. He didn't realize there would be spectators and then he recognized them as girls from the general office. He felt a wave of shame and his hard-on started to wilt. then he realized they were cheering and he thought it must be because of his massive hard-on and up it sprang. He stood there, in profile to the girls, showing off his erection, basking in their cheers. The suddenly there was his assistant standing before him. She smiled and thanked him for volunteering. He stared at her nipples and noticed her looking at his erection with a smile on her face. He thought of her as another adoring fan as his erection throbbed. Helen brought the chair up close and sat down and Faruois thought she wanted to get close to admire his hard-on up close. As her hands reached out he thought he was going to get a hand job. It was like no hand job he had ever before experienced. Her fingers wrapped themselves around each ball with the ends digging into each ball and then she squeezed. She looked into his eyes and laughed. The girls in the viewing seats laughed. Tyler had a stunned look on his face and then he started to scream. The more he screamed the more Helen and the girls laughed. Helen worked on his nuts for a good half hour. An attendant came in and told her the time was up. Helen readily agreed for the fee for an additional half hour and all the girls agreed so the attendant told them to have fun and left.

Tyler was conscious but that was about it. All he knew was that Helen was the center of his universe and he was experiencing terrible pain and he adored Helen. Helen asked the girls if any of them wanted to squeeze his nuts. They all shouted that they wanted to. Helen told them to line up and take turns, a few minutes each and not to make Tyler pass out. They did squeezing, pinching and the last girl gave his nuts a good spanking. Helen told them that their hour was up but not their fun with Tyler. She told the girls that Ms Pennypacker always videos each session and she makes the videos available for a fair price. Helen told the girls that she will buy the video and tomorrow morning they will all be in Tyler's office when Helen shows him a copy and all he has to do to make sure it does not become general knowledge is to accept a half hour of ball beating by any one of the girls, daily. They will also receive a nice pay raise. All the girls and Helen were laughing as they dressed Tyler, but kept his nuts outside his zipper. A couple of the girls said they would help Tyler home as they led him out of the school by his nuts.

The girls put Tyler to bed and went into work with him in the morning. Tyler was not in great shape, bent over and moaning. One of the girls was clutching his nuts. The girls shepherded him through the lobby and into his executive elevator and up to his office without being seen by the general office staff. The girls and Helen were waiting in his office. Tyler came in a staggered towards his desk and chair. Helen said no and told Tyler to stand in the center of the room. Helen locked the door and the girls pulled up chairs and formed a circle around Tyler. Helen asked Tyler if he remembered last night and he said he wasn't sure. Helen said she had something to freshen his memory and she played a part of the video on his desk monitor. She told him that if he was a good boy they would keep the video private, otherwise he would be the joke of the town. Anne, the girl who gave him the nut spanking told him to take of his pants since she was going to give him another nut spanking. The girls were prepared to threaten him with the video but it was unnecessary, Tyler took of his pants. The girls all burst out laughing. Tyler had a big hard-on. Helen laughed and said this was going to be easy. Anne grabbed his nuts and started spanking. Tyler was wailing in agony and the girls were howling with laughter.