Thursday, July 30, 2009


BAM BAM BAM, Jill was banging on the bathroom door. She had to get ready for school and Ed, her cousin, was in there. She knew what he was doing and she had had enough. She got her sister and the two of them used a nail to unlock the door. The lock had been installed when they were kids and had a hole in the center of the knob so the door could be unlocked from outside. Ed didn't know about the lock.

Jill unlocked the door and she threw the door open. There was Ed, with nothing on but a stiff erection in his hand and a stunned look on his face. Jill's sister, Helen, had her video camera ready and she immediately started videoing Ed. Poor Ed was right on the edge of a climax and he couldn't stop. He was facing them and wildly pumping away as the girls were howling with laughter. Ed came with a shuddering climax, spewing semen all over himself and a bit on Jill. Her laughter turned to a shout of outrage as Jill got splattered with his semen. Her hand shot out and her fingers wrapped around both his testicles. Jill had learnt in self defense classes and on the school playground that once you have a guy by the nuts you don't let go. She looked Ed in the eyes, laughed and squeezed. Ed screamed in agony. In the course of a few seconds he had gone from the ecstasy of a climax to the searing pain of having his nuts squeezed, squeezed by his younger cousin.

Ed was a house guest for the summer and the girl's parents were away for a week. The girls and Ed were mature and responsible adults and were OK to be left alone, or so the parents thought. With one hand Jill pulled Ed out of the bathroom and into the front hall. With her other hand she picked up the phone and called the girls best friends and told them to get on over, they had something to show them. Within minutes there were 7 girls in their house, all laughing as Jill wrung Ed's nuts and he howled, begged and promised anything not to have his nuts crushed.

All the while Helen had her camera going which she handed to one of the girls while she went off and came back with a long length of rope. She had Jill lead Ed into the front hall where Helen tied Ed's wrists together and she swung the rope over the upstairs banister, pulled it tight and tied it to the rail. Now they had Ed naked with his arms pulled tight above his head. One of the girls, Penny, took a turn giving Ed's nuts a real workout, squeezing, punching, kicking and a good ball spanking. All the girls took turns squeezing Ed's nuts. The girls phoned out for Chinese food and Jill loosened the rope so that Ed, who could barely stand, could lie on the floor. She also got a plate of crushed ice for Ed to lower his balls into.

After the Chinese food the girls decided they wanted to see if they could give Ed another hard-on. Penny took his nuts in one hand and slowly massaged them and with her other hand she stroked his cock. Within seconds it started to perk right up and Penny soon had a nice big erection to wave to the other girls. She insisted that Helen take some good video shots of her waving Eds hard-on back and forth.