Saturday, August 1, 2009


In the small prairie settlement of Post Nebraska times were tough in 1932. Rain was scarce and jobs and money were even scarcer. Helen and Frank Johnson's farm failed after Frank fell ill. They had a mortgage with the bank and the bank took back the farm but the bank knew they couldn't sell or rent the farm so they let the Johnsons stay on. It was in the banks interest since a vacant farm house and barn soon got stripped, right down to the wooden siding. Things turned worse for Helen after Frank died. She had a roof over her head but no way to feed and cloth herself and her two children.

She heard that Ed Watts, who had a farm down the road was looking for a housekeeper to come in to clean his place, do his laundry and cook. A number of women in the area had tried to interest Ed in marrage but he seemed content as a bachelor with his housekeeper looking after things in the house. His prior housekeeper had retired and moved back east to live with her sister. There was no such thing as a prosperous farm around Post but the closest to it was Ed Watt's spread. Ed was a hardworking bachelor who was tight with a dollar. Helen was desperate as she walked up the road to Ed Watts place. He saw her from the field, waved and met her at the house. He was a big man, well over six feet and solidly built. He was very civil and polite to Helen and asked her in and offered tea but since it was almost a hundred degrees outside and almost as much inside it was an empty gesture. The house was a mess inside but Ed cleared off a couple of chairs. After a few minutes of polite chatter Helen got to the point. She said that she sorely needed employment and as politely as she could she suggested that Ed needed to replace his housekeeper. With a sheepish grin Ed agreed that the house needed a good cleaning. He said he really missed Mrs King who looked after everything for him. He said that she had looked after him for over ten years but her health wasn't good. She couldn't take the prairie heat any longer and had moved back east. Ed stared through the window into the distance and said he really missed her and he couldn't function without her firm hand. Helen thought that was a strange turn of phrase but didn't say anything.
Ed knew Helen had two children but Helen said they were usually at school and during the summer they were old enough to look after themselves during the day. Ed told Helen what he paid Mrs King for housekeeping for six and a half hours a day. Helen was surprised that it was so low, barley enough to keep her and her children looked after. Ed looked embarrassed and said that he also paid Mrs King to discipline him. He told how much he paid Mrs King for her discipline and the sum took Helen's breath away. Helen was confused. She had heard about disciplining children, dogs or horses but never a grown man. She knew she could do the housekeeping and she felt she could learn the disciplining, whatever that was. With the discipline money the job paid beyond her highest hopes and Helen said if he was offering the job she would accept. She said she didn't know about discipline but if he could guide her she would pick it up quickly. Ed gave Helen an advance on her first months pay and Helen walked back home. Happy for the first time in a long while. With Ed's money in her purse Helen walked into the hamlet to the trading post. She was prudent but bought groceries. She knew Mary Smith the wife of the owner who was the clerk and a friend of Helen. Mary asked Helen where she got the money and Helen told her about her good fortune and the housekeeping job. Mary had grown up in a big city and was a bit older than Helen and a lot more sophisticated. Helen told Mary that part of the job involved disciplining Ed Watt and asked Mary what would that entail. Mary burst out laughing and said who would have guessed that about straitlaced Ed Watt. May told Helen and Helen's eyes grew wider and wider. "No" she gasped a few times as Mary told her of all the ways the discipline could entail.
Helen sat in stunned silence thinking it over and then said "I'll do it". Mary promised to keep it their secret and Mary said the best way was to take the initiative and the two of them planned how Helen would deliver her discipline.
The next morning Helen walked to Ed's farm and arrived at her starting time of nine. Ed was in the field. In a very harsh voice Helen told Ed to get in the house right away if he knew what was good for him. Ed ran all the way from the field. Helen stopped him at the back door and told him to get out of his dirty boots before coming in the kitchen. Ed took off his boots and Helen then told him his pants were dirty and he should take them off, as well as his undershorts. Ed stood before Helen, naked from the waist down. Helen couldn't suppress her laughter - Ed had a stiff erection. Helen swatted it with a slap and told Ed he was a naughty boy and would be punished. She grabbed his nuts, both in her right hand and squeezed them. Ed was wailing in agony and Helen told him to be quiet, they had a visitor coming. She led him into the front parlour by his nuts and Helen took a seat and Ed stood before her bowed over and wailing in pain as she continued to squeeze his nuts. There was a knock on the front door and Helen let go of Ed and told him to go and open the front door. Ed just stood there, bent over and clutching his nuts. Helen shouted at Ed to move it. Ed shuffled to the front door and with one hand holding his nuts he opened the door. Mary stood there with a look of outrage on her face. She shouted at Ed that he was a very bad boy and she kicked him square in the nuts. Ed collapsed at Mary's feet. Mary stepped over Ed and she and Helen had a glass of lemonade and Helen told Mary how easy it was.
Ed stirred and soon staggered to his feet. Helen told him to put on his pants and boots and get back in the field and she would have a nice lunch waiting for him. Before Mary left she spent some time cautioning Helen about not permanently damaging Ed. Helen had a nice lunch ready for Ed. She cleaned the house and did some washing and ironing. They chatted politely over lunch and Helen left at four. As she left she went out into the field and asked Ed if he was pleased at her first day on the job. Ed said she was wonderful. Helen smiled, said thanks and delivered a swift uppercut between Ed's legs and punched him in the nuts. He collapsed to his knees before her, Helen tussled the hair on his head and said "See you in the morning Boss".
The next day she walked to Ed's place and when he saw her he ran from the field and met her at the farm house. Helen greeted him and told him to get back to work and she would see him at noon. Helen saw the look of disappointment on Ed's face as he turned and went back to the field. She smiled and felt empowered.
Helen called Ed in for lunch and she asked him if he normally spent much time working in the barn. Ed said it depended but but since he did his own blacksmith and mechanical work if averaged out it was a couple of hours a day. Helen said that was good and asked if he had any work he could do right away in the barn. Ed was a bit mystified but said that he had work he could start on right away in the barn. Helen brusquely told Ed to get in the barn and get to work and she would be along shortly. The tone of Helen's voice exited Ed and he had a throbbing erection as he got to work in the barn. When Helen walked into the barn Ed was doing some maintenance work on his tractor. Helen sat down and had a sewing basket and she began repairing a rip in one of Ed's shirts. She was a bit away from the tractor and she called Ed over. She told him it was too hot to work dressed as he was. She told him to strip naked so he would be cooler and from now on he was to always work naked in the barn and to reduce wear on his clothes he was to be naked in the house also. Ed almost jumped right out of his cloths. He went over and stood before Helen. He was naked, tall, good looking, well muscled and his stiff erection was a sight to behold. He stood before her with his legs spread, practically begging for a kick in the nuts. Helen decided to disappoint him. She ran a finger up one side of his erection and down the other. She told him to get to work. Ed groaned and turned and went back to his tractor, with his hard-on bouncing up and down with each step. Helen smiled at the sight and was amazed at the control she had over Ed. After a couple of hours she told Ed he could stay in the barn or go out to the fields. She smirked at the look of surprise and disappointment on Ed's face. Helen got up and left the barn. As the barn door slammed shut behind her she slipped around the side and let herself back in by a side door. She quietly crept forward and saw Ed with his back towards her standing before Helen's vacant chair, rapidly jerking off. Helen almost bust out in loud laughter but she managed to control herself as she went back to the house. At four she called Ed into the house and told him she was finished for the day but she was very disappointed in Ed's behavior. She told him she had gone back into the barn to pick up a dropped knitting needle and she saw him playing with himself and what did he have to say for himself. Ed got red in the face and Helen then asked him what was wrong with his memory, it was only a few hours ago that she told him he had to be naked in the house. She stood before him with her legs spread, her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face as Ed stripped before her. She told Ed he had to refrain from playing with himself and in the morning if he had played with himself she would know and he would get a spanking. Helen left.
The next morning Ed was waiting for her in the house, with nothing on except his hard-on. Helen walked in and went up to Ed, reached down and grabbed both nuts in her left hand and asked him if he had played with himself. Ed readily confessed and asked if he was going to be spanked. Helen laughed and told him for sure she was going to spank him and that she had asked Mary to come and help her. Mary stepped into the house, looked at naked Ed and burst out laughing. The women had brought some rope and they tied Ed on top of the kitchen table, on his back with his legs and arm spread. Luckily this was a tough farm table and could handle a lot of weight. Mary and Helen both got up on the table. Mary sat on Ed's face and Helen sat cross legged between his knees. Mary reached forward and took Ed's nuts and held them cradled in her hands. Helen took a spanking stick and began lightly spanking his nuts. They spanked lightly because they wanted the punishment to last for hours. They could hear Ed's cries of anguish, muffled by Mary's pussy, as the two women chatted, exchanged recipes and gossip and laughed at Ed's constantly reappearing hard-on. Each time they batted it down it sprang back up. At noon they stopped and untied Ed. He almost fell to the floor. He was bent over, holding his nuts and moaning. He fell before Helen and kissed her feet and then did the same before Mary. Mary laughed and said she had to get one like Ed, one she would train to give her great oral sex. Helen asked Mary what that was and Mary said she would come out tomorrow and would help Helen train Ed to do it.
Mary left and Helen told Ed to spend the rest of the day resting. Helen spent the afternoon working in the vegetable garden. She left at four and walked home, happy after a good days work. She thought she could hardly wait to learn about this oral sex thing.