Friday, August 27, 2010

Troublesome Todd

Milly Foster got laid off. Her whole division, which was in the hoist business, was shut down and she was out of work. She was in her late twenties and had worked there right out of college. She did get a generous severance package and decided that she would use it to try to start up and run her own business.

She knew hoists and her prior companies customers and suppliers so she was in business. She rented a warehouse and set up an office area. Right from the start she was getting orders and she needed staff. Milly contacted a few people from her former employer, who had also been laid off, and offered them jobs. Janice came on as clerk/receptionist, Nancy looked after the warehouse and shipping/receiving and Todd did sales. Milly was a bit reluctant about Todd since he had been her boss but he was an excellent salesman and they had discussed the change with her being his boss. Todd said it was no problem and he really needed a job since he had debts and no cash back up. His severance had gone to paying down some debts and he had blown the rest.

Things got off to a great start and Milly had some promotional fliers made up and sent to customers of the old company. It had taken a while to get the fliers just right. The first photo taken of Milly had her with a short dress, legs spread and a small hoist in her hands. Milly said it looked suggestive and they toned it down. They sent out the revised flier and with Todd following up sales took off but lately Milly ran into problems with Todd. He wouldn't follow her directions and even started telling her what to do. Milly hated it when Todd would brush himself against her. The first time it happened Milly was astonished and thought "Was that his erection or did he have a foot long pipe in his pants?" Then Janice complained that Todd was hassling her with vulgar comments and had groped her. Milly couldn't fire Todd, she needed him. Todd was great in his job, customers loved him and he kept the orders rolling in.
When Todd wasn't out visiting customers, hassling Janice or rubbing up against Milly he stayed in his office with the door locked.

Milly didn't know what to do. She called the woman who had run the Human Resources department in her old company. Ruth Parker hadn't landed another job yet and she said she would come over and talk with Milly about Todd. Ruth came over and she was all business, dressed conservatively with a knee length skirt and matching jacket. They sat in Milly's office and Milly explained the problems with Todd. Ruth nodded and said that some of the women at the old company had complained about Todd but he was so good at his job that management didn't want to do anything to upset him. One of the girls said that Todd had exposed himself to her but Ruth had a hard time accepting it since the girl described an erection of huge proportions and balls the size of large oranges. Maybe Todd had bought a plastic gag prop in very poor taste. Never the less, she was about to act on the allegations when the division was shut down. Ruth expressed surprise that Nancy had not complained about Todd. Milly asked Nancy to come to her office and asked if Todd had harassed her. Nancy who stood all of 5 feet and 100 pounds smiled and said he did it once. She said he pressed himself against her and she kneed him in the nuts. As he started to fall she got him in a bear hug and drove her knee up repeatedly into his nuts. When it looked like he was loosing conscious she released her hug and let him fall to the floor. She smirked and said he never bothered her after that. She said that for fun, whenever she saw him she would ask him if he wanted a hug.

Ruth said Nancy had the right idea and their best approach was to attack the problem head on. Milly said that Todd was in but he had locked himself into his office. Milly said she had a master key that opened all doors. Ruth said the best thing was to walk in unannounced on Todd and lay down the law - shape up or ship out. Ruth said she had a suspicion and pulled a small video recorder from her brief case.

The two women stood outside Todd's door. Milly quietly inserted the key, turned it and slowly opened the door. Ruth had her video recorder running. There was Todd, stark naked staring at a blown up photo of Milly, the first photo that Milly thought was too suggestive. Todd had a huge erection that he was slowly stroking. Someone had digitally altered the photo and a naked Todd was standing beside the photo of Milly and instead of a hoist in her hands she had Todd's balls which she was squeezing.

This was so sudden and so unexpected that both women burst out laughing. Todd turned to them with a look of total surprise that they laughed even more. Ruth quickly stepped across the carpet. reached down and grabbed Todd by his balls and squeezed. Todd let out a high pitched squeal which made Ruth and Milly laugh even harder. Janice heard the commotion and came and looked into Todd's office. There was Milly laughing as Ruth was squeezing Todd's balls. Todd was naked except for a huge erection swinging back and forth. He was wailing in agony, barely able to stand up as Ruth had a testicle in each hand, rolling them back and forth and squeezing them. Ruth saw Janice in the doorway and motioned her in and handed her Todd's balls. Janice took them with a smiled, stuck her face up to Todd, smiled at him and squeezed. Todd sank to his knees before Janice, fell flat on the floor and with a tug from Janice was on his back with his legs spread. Janice knelt between his legs and cradled a ball in each hand and squeezed them with her thumbs with a mean, vindictive smile. Ruth and Milly knelt down beside Todd and laughed as he writhed and shook on the floor, wailing in agony.

Ruth took Todd's nuts from Janice and held them loosely in one hand and slowly stroked his, amazingly, stiff erection with her other hand. She gently massaged his balls and asked if he could hear and understand her. Todd's reply was for her to please not squeeze his nuts any more. Ruth smiled and said that was up to Milly. He turned his face to Milly and begged that his balls not be squeezed any more. Milly smiled and said OK as she punched him in the nuts. The three women tried various ways of holding Todd's nuts while punching them. Then they got Todd to his feet and had him bend over his desk. They stood behind him and took turns kicking his dangling nuts till he slid off the desk and fell onto the floor.

They took the chairs from his conference table and set them around Todd and discussed how they should proceed. Ruth showed them the video recording when they had surprised Todd. The video also showed the altered poster of Milly squeezing a pair of nuts. Ruth laughed and said that with the video they really had Todd by his balls. If he ever stepped out of line they could distribute the video and he would become a laughing stock.

They left Todd laying on his floor and by the end of the day he was able to get dressed and stagger out to his car. Milly told him not to be late in the morning, they had some things to discuss. The next morning he came shuffling in, bent over and clutching his beaten nuts. Todd, Ruth, Janice and Milly met in Milly's office. There were three chairs and Todd stood before them. Janice, unexpectedly, spoke up and asked if she could start the meeting. Milly was surprised but said OK. Janice got out of her chair, walked over to Todd and kicked him in the nuts. She then returned to her chair and sat down. Todd make a strange choking sound, clamped his knees together, held his nuts and sank to his knees. Trying her hardest not to laugh Milly laid down the law to Todd, no more brushing against her, no more groping or lewd comments to Janice or Nancy and he could only jerk off in his office if the door was open and either her of Janice gave him permission.

Milly and Janice called Nancy in from the warehouse and told her in detail about what happened with Todd and the rules. Nancy looked at Todd, on his knees, holding his nuts and she smiled. Nancy suggested that to make sure he never forgot his place in the company, every Friday afternoon he was to appear in the warehouse before her, pull down his pants and she would squeeze his nuts. Also, to give him something to think about and look forward to, she would do the same thing to him Monday morning. Milly laughed and said it was an excellent idea and asked Todd if he agreed. To everyone's surprise and laughter Todd nodded, yes - he agreed.