Monday, September 6, 2010

Wonderful way to start the day.

Things were getting pretty rowdy at the bar. It was a mixed Friday night crowd but mainly female office workers who wanted to blow off some steam, have a few drinks and a few laughs. The guys there either came in with female office workers or were there trying to pick them up. Whatever, the guys were definitely in the minority.

The main draw of the bar was the wrestling There was a small ring where the fights would be. They were joke fights with some poor guy lured in from the crowd and Trixxy would take them on. Trixxy was a slip of a girl, cute with blond hair, blue eyes and freckles. She wore a low cut blouse and a very short skirt. The guys would take off their shoes and socks and shirts, leaving on their pants. Most guys were bought up to not physically hurt a woman and all Trixxy had to do was roll around with them for a few minutes, press their faces into her boobs and then get a good grip on their nuts, all the women would cheer and the guy would give up. The guy would get applause from the crowd and free drinks at the bar - good clean fun. It was no trouble luring guys up to fight, Trixxy was a real looker, no one got hurt, the guys got their faces pressed into her boobs and free drinks.

There had been a couple of fights and the MC was looking for the next volunteer. Don Evans had come in a bit earlier with a group of girls who worked for him. Don was cold, arrogant and cheap but the girls thought that an evening out with him would thaw him out and make for a better work relationship. So far it hadn't worked. When Don heard "free drinks" he jumped up and said he would take on Trixxy. As he stripped down to his pants the MC was telling Don it was just a fun fight and to take it easy and no one would get hurt. The bell rang and Don ran out from his corner, threw a roundhouse punch and Trixxy ducked but it caught her on the shoulder and sent her sprawling. The crown booed Don and the MC motioned that he would stop the fight but Trixxy waved him away as she got to her feet. Don bore in again but Trixxy danced away. With a triumphant shout Don caught her in a bear hug. It looked like he was about to snap her in two when Trixxy's right knee came up like a piston and smacked into Don's balls. He let go and staggered back as the crowd cheered. The bell rang to end the round. Don was bent over and clutching his nuts as he made his way back to his corner. He sat holding his nuts and moaning. Over in Trixxy's corner she was smiling and waving at a cheering crowd.

The bell signalled the start of round two. Don realized that he had better end this soon. He immediately tried a kick to Trixxy's right knee, the one that had smacked Don's nuts. He almost hit her but she spun away, catching his foot, lifting it high and delivering a straight punch into his groin. The only thing that saved Don was that Trixxy had been moving away so there was little force behind the punch but even a light punch to the nuts could deliver considerable pain. The crowd were enraged at Don. Here was a friendly wrestling match and he was throwing punches and now kicking. But he wasn't doing too well. He was standing in the middle of the ring with his hands over his nuts and a stunned look on his face.

Trixxy came up to Don and quickly undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The crowd roared their approval. The girls at Don's table cheering with everyone else. Don made a feeble swing at Trixxy and fell flat on his face. Trixxy grabbed his pants and pulled them off and then did the same with his undershorts. She threw them at the MC and they disappeared. Don managed to get to his feet, stark naked. Trixxy danced around Don, slapping at his bare backside. the crowd loved it. The bell rang to end round two. Don made it back to his corner and tried to get out of the ring. The crowd pushed him back. He sat on his stool, naked, with aching balls but he was angry. Over in Trixxy's corner it was more of the same as before - smiles, laughter, waving at the crowd.

The bell rang the start of round three. Don was enraged as he came out at the bell, one hand clutching his nuts, the other hand waving around the stool he had been sitting on. He swung it at Trixxy's head, she ducked and ran straight at Don. They landed in a crash. Don had a firm grip on a stool leg, Trixxy had a firm grip on Don's nuts. They lay on the mat for at least five minutes as Trixxy worked on Don's nuts and Don wailed in agony. She would hold them together as a tight pair, separate one out and pinch it and then the other. The MC asked the crowd if Trixxy should give Don a spanking. The crowd roared for the spanking. Trixxy held Don's nuts in one hand and spanked them with the other. Then Trixxy let go of Don's nuts and got up and stood over him. She raised her arms in victory and the crowd cheered. Don, flat on his back, stared up Trixxy's skirt at her soft thighs and the mound in her white panties. He was in agony but he got a hard on. The crowd saw his erection and broke out in laughter. Trixxy looked down at Don's hard on and laughed also. The MC handed Trixxy his mike and she asked the girls from Don's table to join her in the ring. There were six of them and they all worked for Don. Trixxy asked them to rate Don's hard on. They agreed that although Don was a jerk he did have a nice erection. Lorraine squatted down beside Don, she took a hold of his erection and started to slowly stroke him. She then moved one of Don's hands onto his erection and removed her own. Now Don was jerking off before the crowd. The women in the crowd were howling with laughter and the few men were looking very uncomfortable. Most thinking thank heavens it wasn't them and a few wishing it were them. Trixxy turned to the girls from Don's table who were on the stage and told them if they wanted to give their boss a whack in the nuts now was the chance. They all nodded yes and one by one they had their turn with Don. He was completely defenceless and some of the girls squeezed his nuts, Lorraine gave them a good nut spanking and the others punched them.

Poor Don was right out of it, buck naked, bent over from the beating to his nuts and madly jerking off. They helped him back to their table. Lorraine got a good grip on his nuts and told him to slow down the stroking and if he came she would rip his nuts right off. The bar gave them a couple of free rounds and the girls enjoyed the rest of the evening. Don sat slumped in his chair, naked and slowly jerking off while Lorraine massaged his nuts, telling him he was a bad boy and occasionally swatting his nuts.

Monday morning the girls all got to the office early - they wanted to see if Don would show up and how he would react. Don came in and he was walking past the girls towards his office when Lorraine called out to Don. She told him he was a bad boy, jerking off before all the girls and he deserved to be punished. She ordered him to stand before her desk and drop his pants and shorts. Lorraine got up and came around her desk and stood before Don. She shouted "Bad boy" and kicked him in the nuts. All the girls burst out laughing. Lorraine caught Don and helped him into his office.

After that it became a routine that every morning one of the girls would call Don a bad boy as he came into the office, tell him to stand before her desk and drop his pants. If Don had a hard-on, which he usually did, the girl would tell him that as a special treat he could jerk off. She would then stand before Don and watch him and just as he was about to come she would kick him in the nuts. It was a great moral booster and a wonderful way to start the day.