Friday, September 17, 2010

Permanent Position

Jill worked for a big shipping company. She was an assistant to Mrs Lean,the president's secretary. Jill liked everything about the job except Mrs Lean. Jill was young and attractive and got along well with everyone else in the company. That was the problem - Mrs Lean resented Jill and perceived her as a threat and had fired her effective that day.
Mrs Lean wanted her out of the building immediately but Jill walked past her desk and into the president's office. In addition to being the president, Mr Gray was also the majority shareholder. Jill had heard a rumour that Mr Gray had been seen frequenting a dominatrix. It was one of those rumours where someone had heard from someone who had heard from someone. Unsubstantiated and maybe true or maybe false.
Jill thought she had nothing to loose and her job to gain. She walked into his office and closed the door behind her. Mr Gray was working at his desk and he looked up, startled at the slamming of his door. Jill was conservatively dressed with a dress that was done up to her neck and went below her knees. She had on black hose. Jill hitched her dress up so the hem was up to her hips, revealing the crotch of her white panties. Her hose were individual hose, ending about half way up her thigh with an elastic top. Jill spread her legs, thrust out her hips and told Mr Gray to get up from his desk and come and stand before her. He just stared at her crotch. Jill said "Now!" and he got up and came and stood before Jill. Jill felt a thrill at the power she had over him but she kept a stern look on her face and told him to take off his pants and undershorts.
He just stood there and Jill again shouted "Now!" and he quickly stripped his pants and shorts. She stepped close to him, looked into his eyes and smiled as her hand came down and her fingers wrapped around his balls and squeezed. Her other hand came up over his mouth to cut off his scream. Jill laughed. It was so easy. She spent the next few minutes massaging and squeezing his balls. She told him he was a bad boy and she was punishing him. He just moaned and stood before her. Jill lowered him to the floor and went and locked his office door. She came back and knelt between his legs and gave his balls a real workout.
After about an hour Mr Gray was swearing eternal devotion. Jill smiled and helped him stand up and propped him up behind his desk. She was still massaging his balls as she dictated an email which Mr Gray sent throughout the company saying that Jill Watts was his executive assistant and any order from her was the same as coming directly from him. She then helped him into his pants, punched him in the balls and left his office. He spent the rest of the day in excruciating pain, gripping the edge of his desk, unable to move.
Jill got directly to work. She called the Human Resources vice president and told him to fire Mrs Lean immediately with a generous severance package. She then told him her pay was to be just above the highest paid person reporting to Mr Gray. She then called the building manager and told him she was going to share Mr Gray's office with him. Jill told him to set up another desk, chair, phone and Internet connection.
Twice a day Jill had a closed door "briefing" session with Mr Gray. Fist thing in the morning she would give his balls a beating and again at quitting time. If he pleaded for a noon time ball beating and begged nicely she would oblige, otherwise he had to wait for quitting time. The rest of the time she worked diligently as his executive assistant. Jill loved the weekly execuive meetings where all the vice presidents met with Mr Gray and Jill. All the VP's had to do a report showing how they were doing in their areas in relation to targets and budget. It was up to Jill to grill them. They were all fearful of Jill. She had a quick mind and a prodigous memory. Jill found it great fun, especially if her found a VP was winging it or trying to deceive her. Mr Gray had little to say and if asked on any point would refer it to Jill. Jill had cut a hole in his right hand pants pockets and sat close beside him with her hand in his pocket and her fingers gripping his balls. Jill was well liked and everyone said Jill sure had a grip on things and that was the truth, a firm grip.