Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aversion Therapy - #7

It has been a few years since we last looked in on Mrs Payne and her aversion therapy. Mrs Payne runs a number of companies where the aim is profitability but also public good. She is a strong believer in equality for women and most of the supervisory positions are held by women.

Business was good and in a large conference room Mrs Payne was addressing a group new hires, mainly young women graduates who were beginning a management training program but also some young men hired for manual labour jobs.

The young women were looking at Mrs Payne with respect, here was a woman who had competed in the male dominated business community and had won. The young men were looking at Mrs Payne with lust and stiff erections, here was a woman dressed in a short skirt and a tight blouse which showcased her large breasts. Mrs Payne outlined the aims of the companies and their philanthropic endeavors. She asked if there were any questions. Emma Jenkins stood up and said she had heard about the Aversion Therapy program and she thought it was an excellent idea and could Mrs Payne talk about it.

Mrs Payne said the Aversion Therapy was one of her favourite programs to help people. She said they have a program to break smokers of their habit where they attend regular sessions and sit in a special chair and light up a cigarette. Each time they inhale smoke they receive a strong electrical shock. They develop an aversion to smoking due to receiving a shock each time they smoke. Mrs Payne said that the first program they developed was to break men of the habit of masturbation. She said she developed the program because it seemed that all the men she hired spent most of their time playing with themselves instead of doing their jobs. This bought forth a titter of amusement from the women. Mrs Payne said it was a serious matter but she didn't want any of the young women to feel uncomfortable about it. She said that tomorrow morning there would be a full explanation and demonstration of the therapy and any woman who felt uncomfortable about it didn't have to attend. She told the young men that their attendance was compulsory. She said that in her desire to help the community they had a screening and had only hired men with a masturbation habit. She said that the more men they could break of constant masturbation the community would be better off.

The next morning Mrs Payne confirmed that all the men and women from the prior day were in attendance. She explained that Aversion Therapy for masturbation was simple and effective. Instead of elaborate and expensive shock equipment the easiest and simplest method was to grip a man by his balls and squeeze them. The man would be monitored by a woman who would hold a man by his balls and let him masturbate and at the appropriate time she would squeeze his testicles. She explained that skill was required on the part of the woman to apply sufficient squeeze to cause excruciating pain but not enough for the patient to pass out. This way the man would associate masturbation with extreme pain and cause an aversion. The young women were smiling and nodding their heads. The young men were crossing their legs and looking nervous.

Mrs Payne said that the first man she had helped was Ted, a long time employee, who used to spend all his time in a shed masturbating. The two women who worked with him had to do their work and his also. Under the Aversion Therapy program they have been able to administer therapy to Ted on an ongoing basis. Ted's habit was so ingrained that they have not eliminated the habit but they have it under control and Ted is an employee doing his share of work. Both of the women have been promoted to senior positions but they are so committed to helping other less fortunate staff members that they have made it a personal commitment to continue providing therapy to Ted until he is cured. Mrs Payne said that Sue has agreed to provide a demonstration of the therapy as Sue led Ted to the front of the room. All in attendance were seated around the wall or at the conference table and had a clear view of the front of the room.

Sue introduced herself and Ted and explained that she had been administering therapy to Ted for some time and he followes her every command. She smiled and said it is easy to train a man when you have him by the balls. All the women laughed.

Sue told Ted to strip. He did. The women gasped and broke out onto laughter. Ted was sporting a large erection which was encased in a clear plastic devise strapped to his body. Sue said that the devise didn't hamper normal bodily functions and stays on during a shower and at all other times and is only removed by the therapy administrator, in this case herself. She said it was very helpful in that it stops Ted from masturbating. Sue had a special key and unlocked and removed the devise. She told Ted he could masturbate, which he immediately did. Sue and Mrs Payne and all the women looked at Ted, some laughing and some in shock and Sue and Mrs Payne with amusement. Sue reached out and grabbed Ted's balls in her right hand and with her left hand squeezed them. Ted screamed and shook all over but continued to madly pump away on his hard-on. Sue smiled tolerantly at Ted and told him to slow done and if he comes she will crush his balls. Still wailing in agony Ted slowed down and was very slowly stroking himself. Sue said that she liked to administer therapy for an hour, anything longer and Ted became like a drooling idiot, crying in agony, slowly jerking off and babbling when not crying.

Sue smiled and said there was almost an hour and would any of the women like to have a turn with Ted's nuts. They all did and in the hour they had all given Ted's nuts a good squeeze. After the hour, Sue reattached the chastity device and led Ted back to his work station. Poor Ted could barely walk, bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning to himself. That was a common sight at Mrs Payne's companies since they were administering Aversion Therapy to quite a few male employees.

Mrs Payne went to the front of the room and asked if any women wanted to excuse themselves from being administrators in the Aversion Therapy program. All stayed. Mrs Payne said that the next step was to match each of the women with each of the young men, men who required aversion therapy. As management trainees the women were assigned two to a small office and it was expected that they would administer the therapy in their offices. Mrs Payne read out the young women and their assigned patient. Emma Jenkins was assigned Matt Hudson. She called out his name and Matt appeared and stood before Emma. He was big, good looking and very embarrassed. He looked so ashamed that Emma immediately got over her insecurity, she thought that this would be fun and led him back to the office she shared. Her new room mate - Jane Scott, had met her patient and she had told him to report to their office later in the afternoon.
Emma led Matt into their office and introduced him to Jane and told him to strip. Matt just stood there, with a red face, embarrassed. Mrs Payne had covered the eventuality of this happening so Emma followed Mrs Payne's advise. She kicked Matt in the balls as hard as she could. Matt had a stunned look on his face as his knees came together, his hands clamped over his nuts, he let out a scream and fell face forward onto the floor. Jane burst out laughing and Emma joined her. Both women sat down in their chairs and watched Matt roll around in agony. the women told each other about themselves, where they were from and what the were hoping for from their job. They agreed that so far it was unconventional and a real hoot.
Matt had calmed down and was quietly moaning. Emma told him to stand up and strip, or get another kick in the nuts. Matt got to his feet and stripped. Like Ted earlier, he had a big erection. Emma and Jane both laughed and Emma asked, what was it about these guys, all with hard-ons.
Emma decided that it was best to show who was in charge. She grabbed Matt by his balls, told him to put his hands on top of his head and spread his legs. She grabbed a testicle in each hand and told Matt to tell her about his masturbation compulsion. Jane laughed and said "Yeah Matt, tell us all about it". Emma smiled encouragingly as she started to squeeze his nuts. Matt begged Emma not to squeeze his nuts and blurted out that he jerks off every chance he gets - he just can't help it. Emma was slowly massaging his nuts with her finger tips, rolling them around and stroking her finger tips back and forth over them. She asked him if he wanted her to help him, provide Aversion Therapy and brake him of his vile habit of stroking himself. She asked him if he wanted her to help him stop doing this as she moved one of her hands to his erection and slowly stroked him. Poor Matt was going out of his mind. Emma and Jane were laughing at him. Matt ejaculated and came all over Emma's new dress. Emma didn't get angry. She looked at Matt and told him he definitely needed Therapy and for the next hour both she and Jane worked on his nuts. Then she locked on his chastity devise, kissed him on the cheek and told him she would see him tomorrow morning.
The next morning Matt was waiting outside her and Jane's office. Emma saw him, laughed and asked him if he hadn't been able to jerk off. She then asked if he had a big hard-on. Matt nodded that he had, Emma laughed and told him to come in and she would see what she could do about it. She told him that if he was a good boy during his testicle punishment she would let him jerk off for a bit. Wow, Emma sure loved coporate life!