Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doctor's Office

Mary Carter worked in a small bakery shop and she was a pretty, perky young woman. Working in the food industry she had to have an annual medical exam, which was easy since her doctor was only a few doors down from the bakery. Being behind the counter in the bakery she always wore a white bakers coat, just like a lab coat.
Mary was overdue for her medical exam and since it was a quiet time in the bakery she decided to go down to the doctor and see if she could arrange a check up. It was as quiet in the doctor's office as at the bakery. The doctor had gone off on an emergency and there was no one in the waiting room. The nurse/receptionist greeted Mary warmly and said the doctor would be gone for a while and she had to step out but since the doctor had only one appointment booked for the rest of the afternoon, if Mary could wait the doctor would see her as soon as he got back, but it could be a whie. That was fine with Mary.
Right after the nurse left and before Mary had taken a seat in the waiting room a patient arrived, a strapping young fellow well over six feet. He saw Mary and in her white lab coat he assumed she was the nurse. Mary said the doctor was out for a bit and asked him what he wanted to see the doctor about. He said he was playing football yesterday and he suffered a sports injury and he just wanted it looked at to make sure there was nothing serious. Mary asked if he wanted her to have a look. He was a little reticent but said sure and she took him into one of the exam rooms. She thought it was pretty funny but she had never said she was the nurse and he had offered to show her his injury. She picked up a clip board and asked him what was the nature of the injury. He said that probably there is no injury but it is always best to check and said he had gotten hit in the testicles. Mary nodded wisely and told him to pull down his pants and undershorts. Mary thought "Oh my god" as she looked at his balls and dick. They were a nice size and looked magnificent. Managing to keep from whooping with laughter Mary asked him to strip and stand by the examining table. Mary took down his name, address and phone number. His name was Peter Colter. Mary thought "Why not" and grabbed a ball in each hand and rolled them around between her finger tips. She put them down and made a couple of notes on her clip board. She then picked them up again and suddenly said "What's this?", looking at Peter's swiftly raising erection. Peter was red in the face and apologized. Mary said they should ignore it but she intentionally brushed against it and took it in her hand to move it out of the way as she continued to massage his nuts.
Mary said his testicles felt OK but she was concerned about damage. She asked him if he had ejaculated since the injury. He looked embarrassed and Mary said "Peter, did you masturbate since then?". He nodded no but Mary took a firm grip on his nuts, gave them a squeeze and asked him again.
Peter staggered and moaned. Mary felt a surge of excitement and power. She had a guy twice her size, completely under her control. She told him she wanted to see if he could ejaculate and she told him to start masturbating. Peter needed no second prompting - he grabbed his hard-on and started to rapidly stroke himself. Mary told him to slow down as she let go of his nuts and she sat down in a chair, letting the lab coat fall open and slightly spread her legs. She wore nothing but panties under the lab coat and her panties were clearly visible. She swung the chair around so she was directly facing Peter and spread her legs wider. She told Peter to come closer. She took his throbbing erection in one hand and slowly stroked it and took his nuts in her other hand and tightly massaged them. Peter looked like he was about to loose his mind. Mary kept this up for a couple of minutes then let go, and told Peter to get dressed. She then got up and left the examining room just as the nurse came back. Mary told her she had a patient waiting in the exam room and Mary said she would come back later. The nurse went into the exam room and Peter, still naked, came to a shuddering, ejaculating climax. The nurse did what she had been trained to do to unruly male patients, she kicked Peter square in the nuts. As he started to collapse she scored a second straight hit.
She left Peter on the floor till closing time. She helped him up and with a firm grip on his nuts she let him get dressed. Peter asked about the other nurse and and she said there was no other nurse, she was the only one. She asked him why he asked about another nurse and with her holding Peter by his nuts, he told her the whole story. She laughed and said that was Mary who worked a few doors down in the bakery shop.
A couple of days later when Peter could walk, not bent over holding his nuts, he went to the bake shop. Mary saw him and was expecting trouble but Peter had bought flowers and asked Mary out. They went to the movies and in the dark theater Mary's hand was inside Peter's fly, squeezing his nuts. When he walked (maybe hobbled is better) her to her door, she pressed herself against him, gave him a beautiful kiss and a beautiful knee to his nuts. As he sank to his knees he promised eternal devotion, Mary patted him on the head, laughed and kicked him in the nuts.