Friday, January 21, 2011


Pam Evans had worked for the company for many years. She was secretary to the company president. Miss Evans was a very nice lady. She was always imaculately dressed, usually with a conservative silk dress. She was in her forties and wore little make up or jewelry. She was quiet and was always in good taste. Everybody liked her.

As secretary to the president she had considerable power but she was always helpful and used her power sparingly. The president, Ben Wilson, had a doctorate in physics. He had started the company about twenty years ago and Miss Evans was his first hire. Dr Wilson was very intelligent but was lacking in social skills. To put it bluntly - he didn't like people. Miss Evans was one of the few people he put up with. The staff knew it was always best to speak with Miss Evans before trying to see Dr Wilson. She would tell people that she would bring it up with the president and get back to them. She spent the first hour of the day in conference with the doctor, going over company matters. She was very diplomatic and the system worked well.

Many years ago, shortly after she was hired, she caught the doctor with his pants down around his ankles jerking off in his office. He was very absent minded and forgot to lock his office door. She came in and quietly sat in a visitor chair and watched. Just as the doctor was about to climax she got up, walked up to him, grabbed his nuts and told him that it would never do for him to behave like that. She stood in front of him and squeezed his nuts. She told him it would be very detrimental to the company for a staff member to walk in and find the president jerking off. She told him that from then on, she would allocate the first half hour of each day when she would make sure the door was locked and she would squeeze his nuts while he jerked off. She then said they would then spend the next half hour going over company matters. Miss Evans had Dr Wilson by his nuts and he readily agreed. The first thing she did was to have his office made soundproof. The routine was that at the start of the business day a senior clek would sit at Miss Evans desk and answer the phone and do some data entry. She would go into the presidents office and lock the door. Dr Wilson would take off his pants and shoes and lay on the conference table or on the floor. Miss Evans liked it best when he laid on the floor and she positioned a chair over him and could just reach down and grasp his nuts and squeeze and pull. She changed the position but it was basically the same.

The schedule worked well, no one caught the president jerking off and after the morning hour he was free to work in his lab, which was attached to his office, and Miss Evans effectively ran the company. The doctor was brilliant but he didn't like administrative detail and Miss Evans found that a tight squeeze on his nuts kept him agreable to her suggestions for running the company. She was the only person allowed in his lab and she came in a few times during the day to confer with him. While talking with him she would slip her hand inside his lab coat, unzip him and get a good grip on his nuts. She found that things worked best if she had his undivided attention and nothing worked as well as a good grip on his nuts.

After squeezing his nuts for twenty years the doctor was devoted to Miss Evans. She was proper and would not allow him to touch her. She had laid down the rules years ago. She was allways dressed, he couldn't touch her and he had to have his pants off for the first half hour. He could masterbate but he could only come if she gave her approval. Sometimes she would approve and sometimes she would say no. He was allowed to beg when she said no and ocassionally she would then say yes. She liked to say no and then think of him with a stiff erection for most of the day.