Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sam was walking to work and was deep in thought. He was in a great frame of mind. He had just been promoted to manager of his section. It had been pretty close, between himself and Angel Warren. Angel was a perky, cute, back stabbing bitch but he had to admit she had handled her disappointment well. She had congratulated him and said she was looking forward to him being her new boss. Sam had a couple of weeks before taking over his new job and he used the time for a well earned vacation. He was going to take it easy and also read up on his new position. Near his condo he was walking past a panel van with the hood up and a woman looking at the engine. She asked Sam if he knew anything about engines. Sam peered under the hood when a cloth from behind was placed over his face. He smelled chloroform as he passed out and was quickly steered to the back of the van and inside. He came to but was disoriented. He was tied up, blindfolded and it felt like he had no clothes on. He started to cry for help but a hand grabbed his balls and squeezed. Sam was transfixed by the pain. A woman's voice told Sam he was going to be their guest for the next two weeks and he was going to undergo some behavior modification. She said they were women owned and operated and ran a profit oriented business. A client had retained them to mold Sam to her specifications. Her main specification was total obedience on the part of Sam. Still squeezing his nuts she told him that from now on he was only to talk when spoken to. He started to object but the woman grasped a testicle and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. There seemed to be more than one woman in the back of the van as another slapped a piece of wide tape across his mouth. The woman told Sam they had about a two hour drive ahead of them and he should lay back and enjoy it. She took a ball in each had and vigorously massaged his balls. Sam moaned in agony. They finally reached their destination and Sam was hauled out of the van by his balls. His legs had been untied but his hands were still tied behind his back. A loop was placed over his balls and tightened. Sam was led away by his balls. He was taken to a small room with a cot and a toilet. His blindfold was removed and a young woman in shorts and a tee shirt led him by his balls to the cot and told to lay down. Sam was in such agony he collapsed onto the cot. The young woman tied his ankles to the corners of the cot with his legs widely spread. She looked down at him and told him she hoped he would enjoy his stay. With a big smile she punched him in the nuts and left the room. Sam wanted to cradle his nuts in his hands but they were tied behind his back. Through his gag he wailed in agony. He didn't know how long he laid in that room but he was rarely alone. Women would come in and beat on his nuts. Some spanked them, some squeezed them and some pinched or punched them. Poor Sam was in such despair and agony that he was loosing touch with reality. No food, water or sleep - just a constant procession of young women beating his nuts. After what seemed like forever to Sam but was really about 48 hours a young woman came in and untied Sam. She gave Sam a tee shirt but no pants. She had a tray with food. She told Sam she was going to remove the gag but he had to remember that he was not to talk unless spoken to first. She pulled off the tape. Sam couldn't help himself, he begged her not to beat his nuts any more. She just smiled and shook her head and two more women came in the room, tied him back on the cot and took turns beating his nuts till Sam passed out from the pain. When Sam came to he vowed to himself that he would not speak unless spoken to first. He was learning. Two of the young women came in and told Sam they were going to teach him obedience - total unquestioning obedience. A flood of questions came to Sam's mind but he was terrified of another nut beating so he kept his mouth closed. They untied him from the bed but kept his arms tied behind his back. They tied a thin, strong rope around his nuts so they could pull him around the room. They then set up a small grille like a picket fence and ran the rope through the fence. One of them shouted at Sam to get to the nearest corner. It was totally unexpected and Sam wasn't sure which was the closest corner so he stood for a moment in confusion. There was a strong pull on his nuts and Sam was pressed against the fence with his nuts pulled through the fence. One of the women stood pulling on the rope. The other woman had a thin flexible cane and she began to whip Sam's nuts. Poor Sam was wailing in agony and the women laughed and said he had to obey their commands faster in future. It didn't take long before Sam would obey as fast as he could. The woman who had spoken to him when he had first arrived came to see him. She told him to stand against the wall, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head because she was going to kick him in the balls. Sam did as she told him. She smiled and unleashed a devastating kick that caught Sam square in his nuts. Sam collapsed onto the floor, screaming in pain and clutching his nuts. The woman sat on the edge of Sam's bed, watching Sam. After a little while Sam stopped his screaming and she told him to stand up again and stand before her, she was going to squeeze his nuts. Again, Sam did as she told him. She grasped a testicle in each hand and slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. Sam collapsed onto the floor, she squatted down beside him and continued to squeeze his nuts until he passed out. All the time that Sam had been receiving training he had been kept totally naked. Even though his nuts continually ached he got a hard-on whenever one of the young women came to see him. Sometimes, before beating his nuts they would tell him he could masturbate but not to come. The next day she came to see him again and congratulated him that his behavior modification was progressing very well and it was now time to meet their client who had arranged and paid for his behavior modification. The only thing still to be done was for him to be trained to be totally obedient to their client and it was time to meet their client and his master. She said she was very pleased with him and as a special treat he could jerk off but not to come. Sam wasted no time in grasping his erection and vigorously stroking himself. As he came closer to a climax he slowed down until he was barely touching himself and his erection was straining upwards, quivering, on the verge of a climax. The woman said that was enough and led Sam, by his balls into another room and there, standing with a triumphant smile on her face was Angel Warren, the woman he had beaten out for the big promotion at their place of work. Along with Angel was Beth Tanner, Angels' assistant. Angel and Beth were both laughing as they looked at Sam. He was bare naked with a stiff erection. Angel said they should find out how obedient Sam was and Beth laughed and told Sam to come and stand before her, she was going to spank his balls. Sam immediately stepped before her and spread his legs. Laughing uproariously Beth grabbed Sam's nuts in one hand and began spanking them with the palm of her other hand. Sam screamed in pain and sank to the floor. He ended up flat on his back with Beth kneeling beside him, still spanking his nuts. Both Angel and the woman from the company looked on approvingly. Beth gave Sam's nuts one last swat and then got up and joined the other two women. The three women stood and looked down at Sam with satisfied smiles. Their smiles turned into laughter as Sam developed an erection. Over the next two days both Angel and Beth worked on Sam and one or the other had him constantly by the balls. For the two days before returning to the office Angel and Beth kept him naked, with aching nuts and a constant hard-on. Poor Sam worshsipped them both. It was pretty clear who was going to be working for whom.