Monday, December 27, 2010

Flat Broke

Molly lived in a little upscale retirement hamlet of eight homes down in desert country. Molly's house was a beautiful home on an acre lot with a swimming pool. All the houses were on a cul de sac behind an electronically controlled gate. There were eight affluent couples and they all got along well with each other. They would have dinner and pool parties and got together on an almost daily basis. Molly was a good looking woman with a nice figure and a winning personality. She was bright and bubbly and quiet a bit younger than her husband. She had taste, manners, poise and intelligence. There was nothing brassy or cheap about Molly. She had a wonderful life.

Then disaster struck. Molly's husband, Frank, dropped dead from a heart attack. Her neighbors banded together and helped Molly through her initial grief and helped with the funeral arrangements. After a month or so Molly realized that she had to look after her finances. Frank used to do all that. Things were a mess. Frank had let his insurance lapse, the companies he had invested in were bankrupt, he was behind on their car leases, the phone and utility bill were overdue. There was no money in the bank - she was broke. When she realized this she sat down and wept. After a good cry she pulled herself together. She needed some advise and help.

Molly called an old acquaintance of her husband, Myron Gibb. Molly didn't know Myron very well and the few times she met him he gave her the creeps. He never smiled and viewed the world through thick glasses. Molly always felt inferior in his presence, like he was way superior to her. But Frank had always said how smart he was and he was an accountant. That was what she needed, a smart accountant. He was in a big city a few hours away. Molly phoned him and made an appointment to meet him in his office the following day. She met him and explained her situation. Myron was very matter of fact, no condolences, just down to business - which suited Molly. He said the first thing was to review her financial assets and liabilities. On the asset side he asked her about the house. She owned that clear which was a valuable asset. Along with furniture that was it for assets. On the liability side Molly seemed to owe everybody: phone, utilities, car leases, property taxes, credit cards, etc. Myron told Molly that over the long term she could keep her house and lifestyle if she could get a job and earn some income.

Molly told Myron that she had no work experience, her degree was general arts which was worthless in today's job market. Myron took a piece of paper and said they would list Molly's job related assets and liabilities. On the liabilities there was no experience and no training. On the asset side there was Molly's personality, good looks and intelligence. Both Molly and Myron agreed that it was hopeless unless Molly could capitalize on her good looks. Myron thought about it for a while and then told Molly about a woman he knew who ran a successful one person business. It had low overhead, it was in the health care field, had flexible hours and it paid extremely well and Molly would be perfect for it. Molly was immediately interested and started peppering Myron with questions but Myron said the easiest thing was for Molly to meet Ronna Parker who was successful it that business. He told Molly that he was a client of Ronna and just by luck his weekly appointment was that very day. He suggested that Molly come back later in the afternoon and just before his session she could talk with Ronna. Molly was exited and intrigued and said she would be back at four o'clock. She spent the rest of the day thinking and speculating about what business it could be. At a quarter to four she was back at Myron's office. She waited in his outer office with Myron's secretary but the secretary wouldn't tell about Norra's business except that Myron was a devoted client and would never miss his appointment. The secretary did say that she had talked with Norra a few times and had sat in on a session Norra had with her boss and it was a real eye opener. The secretary said that she had a few clients already and would soon have enough to quit her job and go into it full time. She said there was no trouble finding clients and she usually gave a prospective client a free first session and after that they were hooked.

At four o'clock Myron's outer office door opened and there was Norra Parker. Norra was poised and impeccably dressed as a female business executive. She was definitely attractive and about Molly's age. She walked over to Molly and introduced herself and said that Myron had phone her to tell her about Molly and her desire for a career. She sat down beside Molly and said she would tell her about her career and then Molly could decide for herself if it was something she would be interested in. Norra said that she was a trained massage therapist and specialized in the male scrotum. She said that most men and their partners had an aversion to massaging their testicles but a vigorous massage increased blood flow and was very healthy and beneficial. Norra was quick to say that it was non sexual and she was dressed at all times. She said that her clients were very grateful and they adored her. She went over session rates and costs and Molly could see that it was very attractive financially. Norra said that her client book was closed and she was accepting no new clients .

Molly asked if it was safe and Norra laughed and said that when you are holding a man by his balls there is no question about who is in charge. Molly asked if the man is naked and Norra said that depended on what the client wanted but often they start out with just their pants off but after a few sessions they prefer to be naked. Norra smiled and said that they tend to develop a desire to be subservient which was fine with her. Molly asked if it hurt her clients. Norra laughed and said of course, a little pain is worth it for the healthy benefits. Norra said that she is very selective about her clients and she checks them out quite closely. She uses a private investigative firm to check for criminal records and she holds a preliminary interview before accepting them. She has a few on her waiting list that she has checked out and Molly could start with them. She said that Molly could develop a client list in the city or she could build up a local clientele where she lives a couple of hours south. Norra said it is a lot to think about and if she was interested the next step would be to sit in on a session.

Molly's mind was in a turmoil. This was not what she was expecting but she needed money and this was a great way to get some fast. Norra could see that Molly was confused and told her that she was going to start a session with Myron and Molly should just sit in and watch and decide after that. Molly just couldn't imagine strait laced Myron dropping his pants and she would love to see him get his ball squeezed. Molly walked into Myron's office with Norra. Myron looked at Molly with surprise but didn't say anything. He took a blanket out of his credenza and spread it on the carpet and quickly got undressed and stood in the center of it. He had a stiff erection. Norra walked up to him and took a testicle in each hand and began to massage them. She looked up at Myron with a happy smile. He looked scared and then he looked like he was in agony. Norra was no longer massaging his nuts, she was squeezing them, one in each hand. Myron collapsed onto the blanket and Norra went down with him. Now Myron was flat on his back with his legs spread. Norra kneeled between his legs and started rolling his nuts around with her finger tips. Myron had his eyes closed and was moaning. He still had his erection. Norra spoke to him and told him to open his eyes. Myron opened his eyes and looked at Norra. She smiled and said that Molly was going to squeeze his nuts and did he want that. Myron nodded yes. Norra gestured Molly over and urged her to grab Myrons nuts. With trepidation Molly grasped his nuts. They were soft and laying in the palm of her hand. She moved them around within her hand and moved her face close to Myron and looked into his eyes as she squeezed his nuts. He screamed and Molly laughed. A surge of excitement and pleasure shot through her body. She let up on the pressure to Myron's nuts and handed them back to Norra. Norra slapped, massaged, lightly punched, pinched and squeezed his nuts. With about ten minutes left Norra said to Molly that for some of her better clients she would give them a treat. She told Myron that he could jerk off but not to come. Poor Myron was blubbering thanks to Norra as he grabbed his erection and started to stroke himself. It looked so ridiculous to Molly that she just sat looking at Myron and laughing at him. Pretty soon Norra was laughing also. Myron's secretary heard the laughter and came in, saw Myron jerking off on the floor and started laughing also. Myron started going faster and faster and just before he climaxed Norra shouted at him to stop. Myron dropped his erection which was pointing straight up and quivering. Norra ordered Myron to get dressed and go home. Much to the amusement of the three women Myron managed to stuff his erection into his pants, zipper up and stagger out of the office.

Still laughing, Norra gave Molly her phone number and told Molly to think about it and if she wanted, she could have some paying sessions for Molly with in a few days. She said Molly was a natural.