Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Supply Closet

The Norris family had a large and profitable family business. Ted Norris remembered the first time he saw Ms Hill. He was thirteen and Ms Hill, about twenty, had just been hired as his father's private secretary. Ted had dropped by the office to see his dad but his dad had already left for the day. The only person left in the office was Ms Hill. Ted introduced himself and said he was Ted. She said she was Ms Hill and that was the way they have been since then ,Ted and Ms Hill. She was elegant and aloof. Ted shook her hand and got an immediate hard-on. At six feet and 120 lbs Ted had no chance to hide his stiff erection. Ms Hill watched it rise and stiffen with amusement. They stood and chatted for a moment and then Ms Hill turned back to her desk, artfully brushing herself against Ted's erection. She almost burst out laughing as Ted almost fainted. Ted staggered into the office supply closet, locked the door, dropped his pants and started to jerk off. Just as he was about to come, Ms Hill used her key and opened the door. She stepped into the closet, locked the door behind her and grabbed Ted by his balls. She told him he could keep stroking himself but not to come. For about an hour she squeezed and massaged his nuts and told him he was a bad boy. She then told him to pull up his pants and get on home. Over the next year, whenever Ted knew his dad was away he would go by the office, Ms Hill would order him into the supply closet and crush his nuts, saying it was punishment and for his own good. After that year, at 14 Ted and his father had a bad argument and falling out. Ted was sent away to a private school and then university. His mother had passed away when Ted was a child. There was no one to return home to so Ted never returned home. After graduation Ted travelled and basically had a good time. A couple of times he needed the company's attorney to get him out of a few scrapes with the law. Ted knew no one at the company, except Ms Hill, and no one there knew him, except by reputation as the kid who always wanted a bigger allowance. Now, at 24, Ted's father had passed away and he was suddenly called back home to be the president of the company, started by his grandfather and then prospered under his father and now his responsibility. Ted had assumed he had been cut out of his father's will but not so - he had inherited all the voting stock. Ted had filled out and was a handsome young man, well educated, intelligent and self assured. The senior executives had been given a free hand over the last couple of years due to the poor health of Ted's father. One of them , Phil Roberts,the executive vice president had taken over the running of the company for the last couple of years and Ted's only contact with the company had been his monthly allowance. As far as Phil Roberts was concerned Ted Norris was a minor irritant and as long as he stayed away, all the better. Ted was expecting some resentment and hostility from the entrenched executives so on his first day back in town he didn't even go by the company till later in the day. He spent all morning and pats of the afternoon downtown with Marty, a friend from his old days who had just been called to the bar. They went over the company bylaws and all the golden parachutes the executives had given themselves. Marty felt that all the sweetheart deals they had given themselves would be throw out by the courts. Later in the afternoon Ted and Marty went to Phil Roberts office and Ted told his secretary that Ted Norris was there to see him. She said that since he didn't have an appointment and Mr Roberts was busy he would have to wait. She did buzz through that Mr Norris was waiting to see him. Phil Roberts was in his office with some of the vice presidents and Roberts laughed and said he would keep the kid waiting and then raise his allowance. Marty and Ted left and went down to the basement to the building supervisor's office. Ted looked like a much younger version of his father and the super said that everyone knew he was going to show up soon. Ted introduced himself as the owner of the company and asked the super if he wanted to keep his job. He told him that after 6PM he wanted the locks to Phil Roberts office changed and locked. If he mentions it to anyone other than the locksmith he will be fired. If he does it properly and discreetly he will get a nice bonus. They then went upstairs to the director Human Resources and told Sue Conner to prepare a severance check for Phil Roberts with 2 years severance and a contract of severance. Also prepare another check with 2 weeks severance. If Roberts does not take the voluntary termination with 2 years severance he will be fired with 2 weeks severance. In either case he is to be met as he arrives at his office where the locks have been changed, presented with the alternatives and then escorted out. If word of this termination leaks, then she had better prepare her own severance check. In the morning Phil Roberts walked into his office area and called to his secretary that if the Norris kid shows up keep him waiting for half an hour and then let him come in. He tried his office door and it was locked. he used his key and it didn't work. His secretary had ducted out. Two beefy security personnel showed up along with the HR director. She presented Roberts with his severance package but he started swearing and kicking on his office door. Security picked him up bodily and escorted him out of the building. Ted went to his office for the first time and there was Ms Hill. She smiled and said she had heard he had been busy but that was no excuse for not coming by to see her sooner. She ordered him into the supply closet, locked the door and kneed him in the nuts. She pulled down his pants, grabbed a testicle in each fist and squeezed them. Ted screamed in agony but Ms Hill laughed and said the room was sound proof. After half an hour, Ted was curled up at her feet, declaring eternal devotion and kissing her shoes. She grasped his nuts and helped him to his feet, pulled up his pants and supported him into his office and sat him behind his desk. Later that afternoon Ted called an executive meeting with all his vice presidents and directors. Sue Connors reported that Phil Roberts did not sign the voluntary severance contract. Ted told the director of internal audit to do a detailed audit going back five years of all Roberts travel expense claims. He said he could pretty well guarantee that Roberts had been falsifying his travel claims and the company will push for criminal charges. He also told the auditor to check all company travel claims with a view to criminal charges. Most of the vice presidents went white in the face. Ted told them that if any are guilty of fraudulent claims the best thing is to see Ms Hill and admit it and she will work out a penalty so that there will be no criminal charges. As it turned out all the vice presidents were guilty of outrageous travel expense claims and the auditor presented Ms Hill with files on them. One by one she brought them into her office and reduced them to tears. She told them that they could receive punishment from the criminal justice system or her own punishment where they would still have their jobs and receive ongoing guidance that their own secretaries would administer. They readily agreed. She had them strip naked, get down on their knees and their own secretaries eagerly and laughing kicked them repeatedly in the balls. When asked, all the secretaries agreed that they should regularly and continuously remind their bosses of their transgressions and be punished. They suggested to Ms Hill that they do rotation and each secretary kicks a different pair of nuts each Friday. At 2 in the afternoon each VP takes of his pants and kneels in the middle of his office with his knees spread waiting for a woman to come in and repeatedly kick his nuts. This proved so popular with the female staff that the program was modified and every male who had falsified his travel claims got kicked in the nuts Friday afternoon. Even men who had not falsified their claims had the chance to volunteer for the program. Within a few months most of the male staff were getting guidance from the women. Ball spanking became popular and soon the women were kicking, spanking, pinching, punching and squeezing the men's nuts. The men soon became very polite and subservient to the women staff since you never knew which woman would be providing guidance.
The only male who knew who would have him by the nuts was Ted. Ms Hill kept Ted as her own private project. Every Friday afternoon she would collect Ted and lead him to the supply closet and squeeze his balls for the remainder of the afternoon. When Ted was away travelling on business on a Friday, Ms Hill accompanied him. She became adept at finding a closet or suitable place to administer Ted's punishment.