Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Cash

Susie was working in the Tuck Shop a fast food place, long hours and low pay. One day Ed showed up. He was a cut above the usual customers. He was driving a hot new car and was sharply dressed. He was good looking and a smooth talker. He and Susie hit it off and it was easy for him to talk her into quitting her job and heading for the coast. He painted a picture of beach life, fun times and easy money. Ed had all sorts of ideas on how to make money quick and easy.
It didn't take Susie long to realize that Ed was long on talk but short on results. A big talker. After about a month they were getting low on cash, the money that Susie had saved up. They were living in a cheap motel room. Then a repossession firm came and took away the car since Ed was way behind on his payments. Ed was a looser and Susie was about ready to move out but they were both broke.
A girl at the motel told them about a movie company that would pay them good money for soft porn. Susie asked if she would have to take off her clothes and the girl said no, just dress nice and casual with a short skirt and the occasional flash of her panties. Off they went to the movie company.
It was a small outfit in a nice location. The receptionist took them out back to Nancy's office. Nancy explained that they liked to use couples that knew and trusted each other. Nancy said she would show them one of their productions and they could decide if it was for them or not. The video started with a cute young woman, sort of like Susie, walking into a room. There was a naked guy tied spread eagled against the wall. The girl walked over and grabbed his balls and started to squeeze. From the reaction of the guy it looked like she was crushing his nuts.
Ed looked like he was about to bolt out of the room so Nancy paused the video and told them that the couple were acting. She was pretending to crush his nuts and he was pretending awful agony. She had to squeeze them but nothing extreme. Also, they had a safe word and if she was hurting him he could say the safe word and they would halt the filming. Also, groin kicks and punches were faked. Nancy laughed and said that at the end of a 45 minute shoot Ed would likely have sore nuts but that would be about it. She told them what it paid which was considerable and they could work as much as they wanted.
Nancy told Susie that she looked perfect and as long as she could act a bit she would be fine. She said that she had to see Ed naked. Ed was pretty proud of his equipment and quickly doffed his pants. Nancy said they were hired and they could start right away. There was no script or lines to learn, Ed would be tied up naked and Susie would beat his balls - that was it.
Ed was nervous and showing trepidation but Susie was eager. This was a chance to earn good money and lead the life Ed had promised. Susie told Ed the safe word would be Tuck. Susie picked it from Tuck Shop where they met.
Nancy said she ran the video camera and she was ready whenever they were. Ed stripped and Nancy tied his wrists and ankles to the eye bolts on the wall. She then gave Ed a playful swat on the nuts and shouted "Action". Susie came into the room, looked at Ed and walked over and kicked him in the balls. Ed wailed in agony, Susie laughed and Nancy shouted that it was perfect - great acting. Susie then pulled up a straight backed chair and sat down and grasped a testicle in each hand and rolled them around with her finger tips and then slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. Ed was screaming and shouting "Oh fuck, oh fuck, good god, oh fuck, son of a bitch."
Susie was laughing and delighted that Ed was such a good actor, he hadn't once used the safe word. Susie was trying to use restrain but it was so enjoyable to see Ed, the big talker, in so much agony, even if he was faking it.
Susie then cradled Ed's nuts in her hand and began spanking them. She next squatted down on her heels with her knees spread and Nancy zoomed in for a nice up skirt shot of Susie's panties. Susie reached up and grabbed Ed's nuts and pulled them down and squeezed them. Susie was really impressed with Ed. Not only was he proving to be a good actor but she realized that he must have balls of iron. She had been really giving them a work over but he hadn't used the safe word even once. Lots of screaming and swearing but no use of the safe word.
For a full 45 minutes, without a break, Susie worked on Ed's nuts. Susie was laughing and Ed was acting like he was comatose, on the verge of passing out.
Finally Nancy shouted that was it. She told them that she was estactic, the faked ball beating looked real and the acting of both Susie and Ed was perfect, Ed looked like he was in real pain and Susie looked like she was enjoying it. She asked them if they wanted to do another one. Susie immediately said yes. Nancy said there would be a short break while she reloaded her camera .
Nancy said the nest shoot would be outdoors, in the private garden behind the studio. She said they could tie Ed spread eagled between two trees, a nice change fro the prior shoot which was indoors. Finally Nancy called that she was ready. Susie told Ed to get up since they were going to do another video. Ed acted like he didn't hear her and just sat clutching his nuts, moaning and staring ahead glassy eyed. Susie had gotten so used to grabbing Ed by his balls during the shoot that she just grabbed them and led him outside to the garden.
Susie was thinking that acting sure agreed with Ed. He was suddenly much more easy going and she liked leading his around by his balls. Ed looked at Susie and asked her why she didn't stop when he said the safe word 'Fuck". Susie looked at Ed and laughed and said the safe word was "Tuck" but for this next shoot there was no safe word. She was going to work on his balls and he just hung his head as Nancy tied his ankles and wrists between the trees. Nancy shouted "Action" and Susie punched Ed in the nuts and kept up the punishment for another 45 minutes.
From then on Susie lead Ed around by his balls. They made lots of ball busting videos and Ed did whatever Susie said. Life on the coast was good for Susie.