Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Cash - 2

What Warhol said about 15 minutes of fame was happening to Susie. Her ballbusting videos were the in thing and no Hollywood party was complete without Susie and wherever Susie went she led Ed along. She had him on a leach attached to a testicle harness.

Not only was Nancy producing Susie's videos she had also become her manager. At Nancy's suggestion, Susie would bring some extra testicle harnesses and at most parties she would have big time producers or stars beging to be her slave. Inevitably before the party was over Susie would be leading a group of naked powerfull men around by their nuts. Invitations were pouring in and Susie began charging big money appearance fees. For an additional fee, Nancy would allow these powerful men to appear in a video with Susie. They all chose to be masked and Susie would give them an unforgetable nut beating. Nancy sold the videos on her web site and it became a popular and fun thing at events and parties to show the videos and try and identify Susies' willing victim. Susie had become an internet sensation.