Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Cottage

Ted was laying flat on his back, looking up at the stars.   He was laying on the sand, back from the water where the beach merged into the woods.   It was a warm evening in late summer and Anna, who spent the summers at a cottage just down the beach a way knew that Ted liked to lay on the beach and watch the stars.  She was waiting for Ted.  When she saw him lay down she came over and laid down beside him.  No words were spoken.  They had known each other all their lives.  Both Annas' and Teds' families had been coming to their cottages every summer for as long as both of them could remember.  Anna had always had a crush on Ted but he just ignored her.

Anna was feeling quite pleased with herself.  She was laying there with a self satisfied smile on her face.  Ted had a stunned look on his face. Anna had reached over to Ted, placed her hand on his stomach and then slid her hand down into his shorts. She had Ted by the balls and she was squeezing. Ted was groaning in agony.  Annas' smile grew wider and then she started to giggle.  It had been so easy.  Ted wasn't ignoring her now.   He was groaning and saying her name over and over. Anna told him to be quiet - it was the first time she had ever given him an order and she liked it.  She then yanked on his balls and ordered him to stand up and she led him further into the trees.  With a firm grip on his balls she told him to take of his shirt and shorts.  Anna had come prepared, she had a blanket which she ordered Ted to spread out.  They laid on the blanket and for a couple of hours Anna massaged and squeezed Ted's nuts.  She had ordered him to slowly jerk off but not to come.  Poor Ted was going out of his mind.  After about two hours Anna ordered Ted to stand up and she led him by his balls back to near his cottage.  With a very superior smile on her face she gave his stiff erection a few strokes and gave him his shirt and shorts and told him to get dressed.  She was laughing softly at him.  He looked cute but ridiculous with a large hard-on poking at his shorts and him bent over holding his balls.  Anna ordered him to meet her tomorrow evening at the same place and he was not to jerk-off. 

Anna knew the first thing he would do when she left was to jerk-off.  She left him in a stand of trees near his cottage.  She quickly circled around and came back.  Sure enough - there was Ted, in the moonlight, with his shorts down around his ankles and him madly masturbating.  Anna stepped out from behind a tree, said "Ted, you bad boy" and she kicked him square in his balls.  Ted clamped his knees together, grabbed his nuts, made a strangled noise and sank to his knees.  Anna laughed and told him that she had ordered him not to jerk off and from now on he had better do exactly as she ordered - no jerking off.  She then helped him up and supported him to his cottage. She opened the door for him, patted him on his head, kissed him on the cheek and told him that if anyone asked what was wrong with him, just to say that he had eaten something that disagreed with his stomach.  Anna left him at his door.  She went back into the trees and watched Ted's bedroom window. The window was up and she watched him lock his bedroom door and get undressed.  She chuckled quietly to herself at the sight of his still stiff hard-on.  He  then closed closed the curtains.  After a few minutes she crept up to the window, pulled the curtain aside and there was Ted, flat on his back, slowly jerking off.  Anna quietly climbed in the window, crept over to Ted and simultaneously clamped one hand over his mouth and grabbed and squeezed his balls with her other hand.  Ted froze and then started to try and scream.  Anna held her hand tight across his mouth and told him to be quiet.  She tightly squeezed his balls and said "Ted, you bad boy".  She then whispered in his ear "No jerking off and tomorrow evening be in the same place".   Ted was terrified, twice he had started to jerk off and Anna appeared from nowhere, told him he was a bad boy and squeezed his balls.  Much as he wanted, Ted was afraid to touch his quivering erection. All night all he could think about was Anna and her allowing him to jerk off.

Over the next day Anna kept replaying her time with Ted in her head.  She was amazed at how easy it was and how much of a thrill she got by having Ted completely under her control. She could hardly wait for the evening.  She thought about the wonderful and amazing power she had over him by holding his balls in the palm of her hand and tightening her grip.  She didn't know if her control over him would last till evening.  She could only hope that he would show up.  She thought about going over to his cottage but decided to wait till evening. Ted also could think of nothing else but Anna, the feel of her hand holding his balls, the superior way she laughed at him and told him he was a bad boy.  His throbbing hard-on was driving him crazy and he thought about going over to her cottage and begging her to allow him to jerk off.  He decide to wait until evening and could only hope she would show up. 

As soon as it got dark Anna went up the beach, hoping to find Ted waiting.  He wasn't there. She waited a bit and then realized that he may have gone directly to the place further into the wood.  She went further into the woods and there was Ted.  Anna walked over to Ted and stood over him and laughed.  There lay Ted, stark naked, flat on his back with his legs spread, on a blanket with a huge quivering erection.  Anna continued to laugh as she bent over and swatted his balls and said "Ted, you bad boy".  She swatted his balls a few more times.   She had Ted and she had him good.

The next summer Ted had a job and didn't go to the cottage. It was a fewe years before Anna and Ted met again in the city.  Check back for their reunion.