Friday, January 11, 2013

The Humbler - Part 2

See "The Humbler" posted in 2011.

After a couple of months from introduction to the management committee, the Humbler was ready for distribution. Like everything the company sold., it was a quality product - polished mahogany wood and brass hinges and clasp. To make no mistake over the use of the Humbler there was a small illustration burned into the wood, a respectably dressed women standing with her legs spread and her hands on her hips looking down at a kneeling, naked man with with his balls firmly held behind him by the Humbler.   The illustration was a big hit with the focus group and women in general that it was used in the instruction sheet and promotional literature.

It was inexpensive to build since the company already had the necessary machinery.  It was not that different from building wooden knitting looms.  It was reasonably priced with a good mark-up for their direct sales force and a nice profit on each one sold to the company. The direct sales force was women working part time from their homes, selling to women in their neighborhood, usually with knitting parties held in the customers homes.  Instead of knitting parties, they now would hold Humbler parties as well.

One of the most successful sellers was Emma Winston.  Emma quickly realized that the key to sales was a good demonstration, best with a good looking, arrogant, conceited male.  She let it be known that she was  offering an entertaining evening where men could show off their dick and balls to women who would swoon at the grand sight and they could also pick up some cash.   She made up a recruiting flyer with a waiver form on the back. Emma was so small and unassuming that the men did not recognize the danger.  Pretty soon she had a list of arrogant bastards.

For her first party she bought along Vic Rogers.  Vic was Emma's boss at her full time day job - she couldn't stand him with his clumsy attempts to feel her up, staring down her blouses and his crude double entendre comments . As soon as he heard she was looking for a well endowed demonstrator of a sex toy he was right there.  Vic was divorced (no surprise there) so his nights were his own.  Emma invited most of the women from her section and they all showed up. The party was hosted by Penny Lucas.  Vic showed up at Penny's house where the party was in a pair of skin tight jeans.  He had a good sized package which he shoved it up against any woman who came near him.  It didn't take long for every woman there to detest him.  Emma sat in a corner smiling to herself - Vic was perfect.

Emma brought the group to order and said that this was an informal presentation of a new device- the humbler and the women had all received a flyer explaining it.  She held up a Humbler and explained how it worked, downplaying how when once it was installed the male could not get out on his own and she didn't explain how overpoweringly painful it could be .  She didn't want to scare off Vic.  She introduced Vic and he had his pants off before she could even ask him. Emma casually reached out and took a gentle hold on his balls.  Vic got an immediate standing erection and the women burst out laughing a a few even applauded.  Vic was in heaven as Emma gently massaged his balls.  Vic got a tremendous thrill standing before a room full of women including most of the women who worked for him. She then stepped behind him where Penny was holding an open Humbler.  Emma squeezed and yanked Vic's ball backwards between his legs and Penny slammed the Humbler shut and latched it.  Vic screamed in surprise and agony, fell to his knees and laid his forehead on Penny's family room floor.  To ease the strain on his balls he pulled his knees up as close as possible to his chest which raised his backside and his balls. Now all the women were laughing.  Vic had a stunned expression on his face and between groans of agony he started swearing at Emma to release him from the Humbler. 

Emma took a pointer and started pointing out how simply and easily the Humbler worked.   She said that Vic's reacting was normal but that can be easily rectified by showing the male how venerable he is and how he is completely under the installer's control.  She said she would demonstrate and whipped the pointer down across Vic's balls.  He let out a howl and Emma grabbed his balls and told him to shut up. Vic started to protest but Emma squeezed his balls and he immediately shut up.   Now the women were whooping and cheering.   Emma said that most of Vic's staff were there, including herself, and did anyone want to come up and show Vic who is in charge. Most women wanted to but were held back by a sense of trepidation.  Finally, Nora, a young junior clerk walked up front, grabbed Vics balls, one in each hand and squeezed.  It was like a high voltage electric cable had been shoved up his backside.  Vic started to buck and his whole body was shaking.  Nora slacked off and gave Vic a few moments then she lowered her head to the floor so she could look into Vic's eyes.  She smiled and said that was so much fun she was going to do that from now on whenever she felt like it, at least once a week.  She then pulled out a small video camera and took a great video of Vic on the floor with his balls standing straight up into the air, along with his throbbing erection.  After Nora, the other women lost their inhibitions and lined up for a go at Vic's balls.  They were spanked, pinched, squeezed, punched and kicked. 

Now Vic was released from the Humbler.  He lay on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning.  The women spent the next hour having refreshments and placing orders for the Humbler.  The few Emma had bought with her were immediately sold.  Offers were made for one used on Vic but Emma said no, she had plans for that later that night.  Finally Vic was able to lurch to his feet.  His staff took turns leading the naked Vic around the house by his balls.  The women were laughing at Vic and having a great time.  Vic was in great pain and was extremely humble towards the women.  Vic was naked with a stiff hard-on, being lead round by laughing women pulling on his balls.  Vic started thinking that being humble wasn't all that bad.      Check back for Emma's night with Vic's balls and the Humbler.