Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Under The Car

Susie lived in her own house which she had grown up in and had inherited from her parents.  Next door was Len who  had also lived there all his life.  He was a few years older than Susie and had never paid her any attention. Susie worked nearby and walked home every day for lunch. Len didn't seem to have a regular job, he would get a car fix it up in his backyard garage and sell it.  Susie had had a big crush on Len but he had become such a jerk and so full of himself that Susie no longer felt that way.
It was raining lightly as Susie walked home for her lunch.  Suddenly Len came roaring by in his car, hit a mud puddle and sprayed water and mud all over Susie and her dress.  She was livid with anger.  As she walked up her driveway she could see Len, in his backyard garage, working on one of his cars.  She stood in the drive and watched as Len jacked up the front of a car with his floor jack, put jack stands under it and laid down on a floor crawler and slid halfway under the car.   Susie walked into Len's garage, closing the door behind her.  Using the floor jack she lifted the car, removed the jack stands and lowered the car.  Her initial intention was to crush the bastard under the car but it settled on it's tires with Len unhurt but pinned under his car with his head, shoulders and arms pinned under the car but his waist and legs jutting out from under the car.  He couldn't move.
He had his radio on loud which had masked any noise Susie made.  She turned off the radio and Len was yelling for some help.  Susie crouched down onto her heels and looked under the car at Ted, he turned his head sideways,  looked at Susie and demanded that she jack the car up or he would beat the hell out of her.  He then asked her how come she was splattered with mud.  Susie just looked at Len with a sardonic smile, she had him good and she knew it.  She sat back on her heels and spread her legs.  Her dress rode up high and gave Len a magnificent view of Susie's inner thighs and her panties.  Sitting upright on her heels she could not see Len's face but she had a pretty good idea what he was looking at. She moved right up to the car, beside his legs so the only thing he could see was Susie.  She smiled as she saw Len's erection springing up in his pants.
He was still demanding that she let him out from under the car.  Then Susie demanded "What the hell is this?" as she quickly undid his belt and yanked down his pants.  Len's hard-on was standing straight up.  Susie grabbed it and again demanded "What the hell is this? You splash me with mud and water and now have vile obscene thoughts, you pervert.  Still holding his hard-on in one hand Susie grabbed his balls in her other hand and squeezed.  She dropped his hard-on and held a ball in each hand and dug her thumbs in and squeezed.  Len was in so much pain that he couldn't scream, he just made a gurgling noise.  Susie continued to squeeze his balls and told him that she was going next door for her lunch and when she came back he had better show her some respect. She stood up, delivered a couple of mean kicks to his balls and then went next door.
She made herself a grilled cheese sandwich and tried to calm herself down.  She thought of Len, pinned under the car with no pants and her able to beat his balls all afternoon and she smiled and then laughed and laughed.  Susie phoned her job and said she wasn't feeling too good and wouldn't be back for the day.    Susie ate her sandwich and planned the rest of the afternoon.  She got her video camera and some rope and a couple of cushions and a blanket. She went back next door. Len was moaning but conscious. Susie dug around in Len's garage and found an old ax handle, she tied one end to one of Len's ankles and the other end to his other ankle, leaving Len with his legs spread wide apart. She  jacked up the car a bit so it wouldn't hurt Len. She wanted to hurt Len elsewhere on his body with no distractions.    She spread out her cushions and got comfortable.  She spent the rest of the afternoon telling Len that from now on he was to do whatever she directed him to do and if he didn't he would be punished as she whacked his balls.  Do as she said as she whacked his balls, be her slave as she whacked them, no arguments, no talking back,  no jerking off, no screaming and with each order she whacked his balls.  Then she made Len repeat the orders, over and over again and with each order she slapped his balls.  Finally she decided that was enough.  She raised the car, pulled him  out, undid the leg spreader, helped him stand up and helped him into his house and into bed.
The next day Susie came home from work, went next door into the garage, Len saw her and dropped to his knees before her. Susie felt a thrill run through her, complete domination. She ordered Len to stand up and take off his pants.  Susie kicked him in the balls.  Len collapsed curled up, clutching his balls. Susie shouted at Len to stand up.  He struggled to his feet and Susie kicked him again in the balls.   Susie repeated this a few more times until Len was unable to get up.  Susie left him on his garage floor and went next door.  Over the next few days, after work Susie went next door and worked on Len's balls - punching, squeezing, kicking and kneeing.  Then, after about a week she didn't go next door.  Later in the evening there was a tentative knock on her door. Susie opened her door and there was Len on his knees, begging to be punished. Susie said no, that was his punishment for the day but if he comes over tomorrow at 5:30 she would have a special punishment for him.
The next day at work Susie invited the women in her department over to  her house after work.  She wouldn't tell them what it was about. A few said they didn't feel like going - what would they do at straight laced Susie's place, sit around drinking tea and singing hymns.  But they all showed up.  Susie surprised them with a stocked bar and they all had a couple of drinks.  Right at 5:30 there was a knock on the front door.  Susie answered it and led Len into the room.  She said Len was a bastard who lived next door and needed to be shown his place.  What he needed was a few kicks in the balls. This was so unexpected that the women all burst out laughing.  Susie asked if they had ever wanted to kick a bastard in the balls - well, here was a bastard and here are his balls.  She ordered Len to strip and spread his legs.  Standing, with no pants on, before a room full of laughing women  gave Len an almost instant erection.  Lisa, the junior data entry person jumped up and said she would like to.  She stepped before Len and seriously asked him if she could kick him in the balls. Len replied "Please".  Lisa delivered a lightning fast and very powerful kick to Len's balls.  The women all howled with laughter.  Len howled with agony.  Before the evening was over, they had sent out for Chinese food and spent the evening beating Len's balls and Susie had even let him jerk himself off twice.  The evening was a great success.
The next day at work, word quickly spread that Susie was a secret dominatrix who loved to beat men's balls. Before the day was over she had men from the junior stock boy to the company president in her office, on their knees, begging for a chance to be punished. In each case Susie told them to stand up, close their eyes and spread their legs. Susie kicked each one in the balls, the president she kicked twice since he really was a bastard.  She then told them she would think about it.
The next day she spent an hour in the president't office, with his door locked and after that there was a regular closed door meeting in his office once a week.  He wanted more but Susie kept him to one hour a week.  She loved having him beg and then saying no.