Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Driveway

Susie had trapped Len under his car last week and had beaten his balls until he would do anything she said.  Susie used to walk to work but now Len drove her.  He lived next door and they shared a common driveway.  He would have his car waiting in the morning.  When Susie came out from her house Len would jump out of his car,  run around the side and open the passenger door for her.   After a week of this Susie wanted to see how strong her control was over Len.  Susie came out of her house and Len had the car door open for her.  Susie stood in the driveway and told Len to close the car door.  She then ordered him to drop his pants and jerk off. There were cars and people going by on the street and the Dupont couple across the street had a clear view up the drive.

Susie had a vindictive smile as she again ordered to Len to drop his pants and jerk off.  He hesitated a moment and then pulled down his pants and undershorts.  Whenever Len was around Susie or even just thinking about her he had a throbbing erection and this instance was no difference. He pulled down his pants and his quivering erection was stiff and jutting out.  Len was standing in the middle of the driveway madly jerking off.  Susie was leaning against Len's car watching him. She quietly ordered him to stop. She said it without raising her voice and he instantly obeyed.  She walked over to him, reached between his legs, grasped his balls in her right hand and squeezed. Len sank to his knees screaming in agony. Susie stood over him, bent over with a firm grip on his balls still squeezing.  Mr Dupont from across the street heard Len's screams and come out onto his front porch and stood open mouthed at the sight of Susie calmly squeezing Len's balls.  Jack Dupont had often fantasised of a dominant woman squeezing men's balls but this was the first time he had actually seen it.  He was transfixed.  Susie saw him and called across to him to get back in his house or he would be next.  He just stood there and Susie dropped Len's balls and stood up straight and glared at Jack.  He said "Yes please".  Susie burst out laughing - staid, straight laced Jack Dupunt with a ball squeezing fetish. 

Susie looked down at Len.  He was in no shape to drive his car. Susie ordered him to crawl behind his car so he couldn't be seen from the street and she then went across to Jack and told him he could drive her to work.  He scooted into his house to get his keys and ran out and jumped into his car.  He looked at Susie who was standing by the closed passenger door. He realized his error and jumped out, ran around and opened the passenger door for Susie.  As she got in she gave Jack a serious poke in his balls. He hobbled around to his side and got in and started to drive.  He was hunched over behind the wheel, gripping the steering wheel tightly and trying not to moan.  Susie ignored him except to tell him where she worked. He pulled into her work parking lot and Susie directed him to a far corner.  He stopped and Susie slid over close beside him, she reached in down his pants and grabbed his balls.  She lightly massaged them, getting tighter and tighter.  She then let go, got out of the car and gave him a light kiss on the cheek and told Jack he could drive her home for lunch.  She told him that since he didn't open the door for her to get out she would have to punish him at lunch time.  She walked away from his car laughing.