Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tennis Balls

Ted was into tennis. He didn't particularly care for the game but he loved watching the women in their short skirts.  There were a few courts where he worked and some of the women from his office played after work.  They were very aware of Ted and his perversion but since he never pestered them ,just sat and watched, they got a kick out of giving him plenty of views. He was their boss and the women enjoyed turning him on.  Ted had been at the courts for about an hour, not playing but getting plenty of upskirt views.  Ted had a throbbing erection and had to get home so he could jerk off. Ted lived near work and had a shortcut where he would cut behind some bushes in a corner of the park.  There were 4 women from Ted's office who were finishing a game of doubles where all 4 were aware of Ted and for fun were having a bit of a game as to who could give Ted the most upskirt views.  Ted was their boss and they were enjoying the power they had over him.  They were giggling amongst themselves as Ted got up at the end of their game.  It was obvious he had a stiff erection.  They watched him walk across the park and noticed Ted going behind some bushes.  Instead of realizing he was taking a shortcut home, they thought he was going there to jerk off.   They decided to follow him and see what he was up to.
Ted usually made it home but he had such a throbbing hard on that he stopped in the bushes, looked around to see that he was alone, pulled down his pants, leaned against a tree, closed his eyes and envisioned the 4 women and began to jerk off.  The 4 women tennis players entered the bushes  and there ahead of them was Ted, leaning against a tree with his eyes closed and his pants down around his ankles, jerking off.  All four burst out laughing.  Ted was so far into his fantasy that he at first thought he was fantasising the laughter but then realized it was real, probably the four women he had just been watching playing tennis.    A stab of fear ran through Ted but he was excited, excited that they were watching him. Still leaning against the tree with his eyes closed, Ted let go of his erection. He stood with his hands at his side, letting his quivering erection stand up, in plain sight for the women.  It sounded to Ted that all four were laughing and shushing each other to keep quiet so he wouldn't hear them.  Ted figured that they were close, maybe 20 feet away.  He took his hard on in his right hand and began to slowly stroke himself.  He could hear the women giggling and talking to each other.  Ted was almost at the point of coming when the women suddenly began talking and walking forward, like they had not seen Ted.  Ted opened his eyes and they were right in front of him. A couple were laughing but two others were feigning outrage at Ted, jerking off with his pants down.  Ted was panicking, he attempted to cover his hard on with his hands when one of the women shouted at him to leave himself alone and get his hands away from his nasty parts or she would kick him in the balls.  Ted didn't know what to do - he folded his hands on the top of his head.   This bought howls of laughter from all 4 women. One of them shouted at him to close his eyes again and another told him to step out of his pants and spread his legs.  Ted did as he was told and pleaded to the women to please not kick his balls.  Pam, who worked near Ted's office, grabbed his balls and squeezed.  She was laughing into Ted's face and told him that from now on,  he was to brew her a pot of green tea and bring it to her on a tray whenever she snapped her fingers.  Pam was rolling his balls around in her hand and enjoying herself.  Poor Ted was howling in agony.  Pam said to Ted that she didn't hear him - did he agree to bring her tea whenever she snapped her fingers.  Ted nodded yes.  Pam said t hat wasn't good enough, he had to promise out loud. Ted was in so much pain he could barely think straight but he managed to promise that yes, he would brew a pot of green  tea and bring it to Pam on a tray whenever she snapped her fingers.
Pam handed Ted's balls to Irma, his secretary.  Irma was young and Ted had hired her because she had a nice big pair of boobs.  Irma was proud of her boobs and she was used to men staring at them.  but she decided to have some fun with Ted.  Holding his balls tightly Irma told Ted that from now on he could only look at her boobs if he politely asked for her permission.  If she said yes he could look, if she said no he couldn't.  She told him that if she caught him peeking when she had said no, he would get a ball spanking.  She said she would show him a ball spanking.  She grabbed his balls in one hand a began to rapidly smack them with her other hand.
Ted could hardly stand up when Irma handed his balls to Emily.  Emily smiled at Ted as she crunched his balls together.  Emily said that she would come into his office once a week and crunch his balls.  She let go and pulled out a cell phone and told Ted he could jerk off.  It only took a few pulls and Ted had his throbbing hard on back.  Emily took a number of photos of Ted jerking off.  Few things make a man look as stupid as jerking off and Emily's photos caught Ted just as he was about to come and then with Cora's fist  entering the frame and delivering a devastating uppercut to his balls. Ted was stagging around, howling in agony and clutching his balls.  The girls all pulled out their cell phones and they all have video capability so they all had a video of Ted, with no pants and a stiff erection, clutching his naked balls, howling and staggering around.  They got his pants on and helped him home, all of them laughing amongst themselves and looking forward to the next day morning.
The next morning the girls all got to work early and were waiting for Ted.  They had told the other girls and shown them the videos. They were all waiting for Ted to show up, most with malicious grins  Right on start time Ted came in and with his head down went towards his office, almost at a run. Pam saw him first and snapped her fingers. Ted stopped, in the middle of the office, still with his head down, not looking at the girls. Pam told Ted that she wasn't going to snap her fingers again - either he jumped to it with her tea or she would give him a choice, she would send the video to everyone in the company and everyone he knew or she would give his balls a severe beating - his choice.  Ted said he would get her tea.  Pam said that wasn't good enough, they had made a deal and he hadn't lived up to it.  She told him to get her tea and after her tea she would give his balls a beating and maybe that would make him more obedient with her tea.
Ted brought Pam her tea on a a tray and turned towards his office. Pam told him to stay by her chair, she may want more tea.  Ted stood and clamped his hand tightly over his balls. Pam shouted at him to stop fondling himself and stand like he did yesterday afternoon, with his hands folded and on top of his head and also, to spread his legs. Emily came over and looked at Ted and said there was something different from yesterday.  She smiled and said she realized what it was, he still had his pants on. All the women in the office bust out laughing. Everyone one was laughing except Ted. He was shaking in fear but he couldn't help it - he got a throbbing erection.  Emily stood before Ted and told him to get with it and drop his pants. He did and his erection sprang out and wobbled back and forth. This caused another round of laughter.  Then Ted  brought down the house by asking if he could please stroke himself.