Monday, June 17, 2013


Ted had slowly gotten into the habit of jerking off in his office.  He would tell Emma, his secretary that he had some important confidential work he had to do and he was not to be disturbed.  This always mystified Emma, Ted was in charge of product distribution and he never worked on anything confidential or all that important. He would lock his door and drop his pants and close his eyes, imagining he was screwing Emma or any of the other women in his department. After a while that got dull and he wanted to spice things up.  One day he decided he would not lock his door.  He would jerk off behind an unlocked door, pants down and eyes closed, imagining Emma walking in and finding him jerking off. He imagined her going into a rage, grabbing his balls and squeezing them, spanking them and then kicking him in the nuts.  It got to be all he could think about. If he was not jerking off, he was sitting behind his desk with a throbbing erection, imagining Emma punishing him.
Emma never walked in on him so Ted decided to let things get real risky - he stopped telling her he was not to be disturbed.  He figured that sooner or later she would walk in, loose her temper and give him the punishment he craved.  It didn't take long, the first time he closed his door, dropped his pants, closed his eyes and started to jerk off Emma walked in on him. It was a shock and she almost burst out laughing but she managed to back up and close his door without making a sound.  As soon as the door was closed she lost herself in laughter.  A couple of the other women in the department came over and asked her what was so funny.  Emma told them and all three were laughing.  Anne, the youngest wanted to peek in but Emma said she had a better idea. She got out her cell phone which had a video camera, opened the door a crack and got a nice video of Ted, just as he was climaxing.  She closed the door, downloaded it to her office computer and the three of them had a good laugh.
Ted was disappointed, he had hoped Emma would have walked in on him and given him a good nut beating.  But he figured that ,sooner or later, it would happen.  Over the next while, whenever Ted went into his office and closed the door, Emma would give it a few minutes and catch some good video of Ted jerking off.   She started sharing it with all the women in the department and the whole group of them would be howling with laughter at Ted.  As a manager Ted was pleased that he had a merry gang of workers.  He figured it was his modern management style.  If he only knew.  Human Resources ran a contest where groups of workers could nominate any one in the company who they felt helped make the company a better place to work and made them look forward to coming to work.  Ted was surprised and pleased that all the women in his area supported him for the award.   HR and senior management were astounded.   Here was a management gem that had gone unnoticed.