Friday, June 28, 2013

Helen and Susan

Bob Jackson was tempted and finally gave in and visited a local dominatrix.  She had a couple of young women working for her and assigned one to take care of Bob. Helen was an arrogant woman who really loved her work, especially when it involved bringing guys like Bob down a peg or two.  The session was fairly standard for Helen, walk into a room and beat the nuts of some guy until he was laying on the floor, holding his nuts and wailing in agony.  This was the first time for Bob and it pretty well blew his mind. After his hour he was in agony from the nut beating but somehow felt gratitude to Helen.  He could barely remember what had happened during the hour.  All he could really remember was Helen holding his nuts, squeezing and beating them and laughing at Bob. As he left Helen said thanks for the offer and she would think about it.  Bob wondered what she was talking about.  

Bob ran a company that he had inherited form his father. . The next day Bob was at work, in his office, but Helen was all he could think about.  He longed for Helen to be there, squeezing his nuts and laughing at him. He had a hard on all day except after the two times he locked his office door and jerked off.  Later in the afternoon, Susan, his secretary came in.  Susan was young, perky and cute and had been working for Bob for a few years.  She liked the job but didn't like Bob.  She found him bossy and condescending.  It really irked her that Bob insisted she call him Mr Jackson  while he called her Susan.  She wouldn't have minded if he was considerably  older but he was only a couple of years older that Susan.   Susan said there was a woman who wanted to see him but she didn't have an appointment.  His secretary said she was a young, attractive woman, very conservatively dressed and well spoken.   She said she was polite and said it had to do with a job offer and her name was Helen Smith.  Ohmygod thought Bob, Helen the nut beater. Bob had a strong desire for Helen to beat his nuts but this wasn't the time.  The company's vice president of human resources was due to retire and Bob needed to find a replacement but the job required experience and mature judgement. That must have been what she was referring to when she thanked him for the offer. He had to get out of it.  He thought maybe he could get her to give him a ball beating later.

He asked Susan, his secretary to show Ms Smith into his office. Helen walked in, dressed and acting like a young executive or attorney, with a briefcase. Susan left and closed the door behind her.  Helen held out her hand for a handshake.  Bob got up and came from behind his desk and shook Helen's hand.  She smiled at Bob and said she had thought about his offer and was going to accept.  Bob started to hum and haw, saying the offer was a mistake.  Helen said it was a firm, unconditional offer.  She was still holding Bob's hand.  She drew him close and slammed her knee into his nuts. Pain exploded through Bob.  Helen helped Bob over to his couch and said they should sit down and talk things over.  Helen sat next to Bob and slipped her hand down into his pants and firmly held his nuts.  She rolled his nuts around in the palm of her hand and her other hand also slipped into his pants and grabbed his erection and started to stroke him.  Damn, Helen knew how to negotiate.  Bob could and did agree to Helen's requests.

Helen had a few conditions and Bob was in no position to argue. First, a large corner office.  Second, her title was executive vice president which was a step up from the other vps reporting to Bob.  Third, Helen wanted an assistant, chosen only by her.  Finally, there was to be a firm, written job offer, signed by Bob and witnessed by Susan, his secretary.  Helen was prepared and drew a contract out of her briefcase and set it on the coffee table in front of the couch.  There was a telephone on the table and Helen told Bob to call his secretary to come into his office.  Susan came in and was shocked to see Helen sitting demurely beside Bob with her hand inside his pants and Bob sitting with a stunned expression of agony.   Helen quickly went over the contract to make sure Bob understood what he was signing.  Helen said it was only for six months and if Bob was dissatisfied with her he could in effect fire her - but not before.  Bob signed and Susan witnessed. Susan couldn't keep her eyes away from the movement of Helen's hand in Bobs pants, squeezing and massaging Bob's nuts.  Susan thought to herself that was something she should have done.  How she would love to have Bob by the nuts.

Helen removed her hand and told Bob to stand in the corner.  Susan was amazed to see Bob do what Helen had told him to do. Helen turned to Susan and asked if she had just been shocked by what she had seen.  Susan answered that yes, she had been shocked.  Helen then asked her if she had been offended.  Susan replied that she was offended with herself that she had not done it.  Helen laughed and said that with her contract and a firm grip on Bob's nuts she was going to be running the company for at least 6 months and probably a lot longer. She told Susan that she needed a woman to take charge of Bobs nuts when she had other things to do. Helen told her there would be a substantial pay raise and added responsibility as she expected Susan take to take over some of the more routine aspects of Bob's responsibilities.  Helen asked Susan if she needed time to think it over. Susan immediately said she would accept.  Helen said good and she should immediately assume her new responsibilities by ordering Bob to drop his pants and get his balls beaten.  Susan stood before Bob with her hands on her hips and ordered him to take off his pants.  Bob looked at Susan with a confused look.  Susan kicked him in the nuts.  Bob sank to his knees before Susan.  She ordered him to stand up.  Bob staggered to his feet.  Susan told Bob that if he didn't take of his pants she would kick him in the nuts again.  Bob just stood there and Susan asked if he wanted to get kicked in the nuts again.  Bob nodded yes.  Both Helen and Susan burst out laughing.  Helen ordered Bob to take off his pants.  She grabbed his nuts in one hand and spanked them with her other hand. Helen then handed Bobs nuts to Susan.  Helen said she was going to call an executive meeting and lay down the law to her vice presidents and get things firmly in hand.  She told Susan that there were a bunch of nuts to be spanked.  To Be Continued.