Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cyclist

Bob wasn't much of a cyclist.  Actually he didn't even have a bicycle but he sure had a dynamite pair of cycling shorts.  They were ultra thin and ultra tight.  They showed off his package like he had no shorts on at all.  Bob loved walking around in his shorts. He tucked his dick so it was front and a little off center.  Truth be told he did have a big dick and he got a real kick when women did a double take. He also had a nice pair of big balls and the shorts clung to them and clearly showed them off.  What he liked most was two young women sitting so he could stand near them, giving them a clear view.  Most often they would stare, whisper between themselves and giggle.  When he heard them giggle he always got a hard-on.  His dick blossomed in size and almost came out the top of his shorts.  Then the giggling got even louder.

He had never worn them to work although he dreamed about showing off his package at the office. He was the only male in the office.  There were ten women of all ages, mostly young.  The supervisor was Ms Grunt - a no nonsense old maid who no one had ever seen her smile or look happy.  She ran a tight ship and Bob was surprised when she said they would have casual Fridays - shorts OK.

Friday morning Bob came in a few minutes late. He wanted to make sure that the women all saw him at the same time. He loved it when he heard them all gasp.  Then there were titters and giggles as he slowly walked across the open area to his desk.  The giggles got to him and he quickly developed a stiff erection.  He tried to sit down but his erection made that difficult and painful.  He stood beside his desk and the giggles turned into a gale of laughter. Ms Grunt came out of her office and saw Bob standing by his desk.  She came towards him and asked what was going on. As she asked she saw his big erection and balls. With an evil, malignant glint in her eye, she grabbed Bob by his balls and asked what was it he had in his pockets - it had better not be office supplies.  Bob stood there wailing in agony and Ms Grunt said it was too late to try and get out of it - stealing office supplies by stuffing them in his shorts. With a vise like grip on his balls Ms Grunt poked at his erection and told him to pull it out, she wanted to see what he had tried to steal. She said it looked and felt like one of the large oversized felt tip markers.  She ran her fingers back and forth along it and poor Bob almost came.  All the women were howling with laughter and Ms Grunt had a smile at the corners of her mouth.  They all knew what Bob had in his shorts and they wanted him to pull it out.

Bob was having short circuits in his brain.  Ms Grunt was inflicting intense pain by gripping his balls and also intense pleasure by slowly stroking his erection.  To Bob she became like a goddess and Bob told her so.  Ms Grunt was enjoying herself.  No one had ever before told her she was a goddess. She let go of his balls and told him to show her what was in his shorts.  Bob would do whatever she ordered  and he pulled down his shorts.  The room exploded in laughter.  Ms Grunt patted Bob on the head and said she was relieved there were no office supplies in his shorts.  She told him he was a good boy and could jerk off - but no coming.  He spent the rest of casual Friday standing by Ms Grunts desk, slowly stroking himself and looking at her with pain and adoring eyes. For the first time ever Ms Grunt looked happy, smiling at Bob and tightly squeezing his balls.  All the women took a turn squeezing his balls.  Ms Grunt said casual Friday was a success and they would have it every Friday and Bob could stroke himself but no coming.
 She told Bob that if he was a good boy she would squeeze his balls on Fridays.   Lord, how Bob adored Ms Grunt.