Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bob the Masturbator.

Mildred Dales was fed up with the way her staff were constantly complaining about the new hire Bob. She had been a bit concerned about hiring a man into an all woman group but he had good qualifications and she had to admit, he sure filled out his pants nice.  They needed a licensed technician and he was the only one they could find and afford To make her staff happy she may have to kick Bob out but she  liked having him around.  She loved the way his big balls moved in his pants.  She fantasized about holding them and having him completely under her control. She decided that the best thing was to have a staff meeting to get to the bottom of the animosity between the women and Bob.

That afternoon she called a staff meeting and said there seemed to be some bad feelings towards Bob and what was the problem?. She asked what it was about Bob that they didn't like.  They astounded Mildred by saying that Bob hogs the bathroom all morning, jerking off and later in the day he is at it again. Before Mildred could reprimand them they went on to say that whenever he is around them he is trying to look up their skirts. They also said he is an arrogant fool, proud of his package by wearing tight pants and standing with his legs wide and his hips thrust forward. On this last point Mildred had to agree with them.  He always seemed to have an erection which he did nothing to hide. Mildred was ashamed to admit to herself that she loved sneaking peeks at Bob's stiff, large erection, outlined so nicely in his pants. She wondered if she was the reason for his erection.

Then it was Bob's turn.  He accused the girls of flashing their underpanties at him all the time. And the way they would stand up and reach across the table so their boobs would almost fall out of the tops of their blouses. He even said he got a hardon every time he sees Ms Dales, she had become a real cock teaser with her nipples straining against the thin material of the tee shirts she has started to wear. Mildred feigned outrage but secretly she was thrilled - a cock teaser, oh my stars, a cock teaser.

Susie suggested that Bob find someplace other than the bathroom to jerk off.  Mildred said that she didn't want some masturbator lurking in dark corners jerking off.  Someplace out in the open so they could keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't become obsessed with his dick, jerking off all the time.  Remember, this is a place of business.  Bob admitted that maybe his jerking off was excessive and he would try and control it.  The women said that wasn't enough.  Helen Hunter said that he needed a devise locked on his dick that stopped him jerking off.  She said she would buy one and be responsible for Bob's dick.  Bob looked horrified and Helen laughed and told Bob not to worry, if he was a good boy she would let him jerk off a bit.  All the women laughed and Mildred said that as supervisor she should also have a key.   Helen said she knew where to buy one and they could continue the meeting tomorrow.   Just as the meeting was ending, Nancy Edge came up front from her desk and shouted that it was an outrage that they all talked politely about a pervert masturbator.  She hollered that he was a sinner and should be punished. Nancy was a small woman with big breasts and an ultra short skirt   Nancy then kicked Bob in the nuts.  Bob had a stunned look and started to howl in agony.  Nancy laughed and kicked him again in the nuts. Bob doubled up, clutching his nuts.  This wasn't enough for Nancy, she stepped up to Bob and quickly undid his belt and zipper and pulled down his pants and undershorts in one swift motion.  She reached in and grabbed his nuts in a vise like grip. Bob was bent over screaming.  Nancy had a delighted look on her face as she just stood looking at Bob.   She was laughing as she patted his head and asked if he would be a good boy and not jerk off.  He managed to gasp that he would be good.  Nancy smiled and shook her head and said that he had to be sincere but he didn't sound sincere.  She held his balls in one hand and punched them with her other hand, made into a small but lethal fist.  She asked Mildred to hold him up as she continued beat his balls.  Nancy shouted that this was the only way to treat a masturbator, beat his nuts until he repents his sinful ways - no fancy locks or office meetings - just beat his nuts.  She was obviously enjoying herself and the female staff were whoopping with laughter.  Nancy shouted that all men are masturbators until they have had their nuts firmly and frequently beaten.  She said that both her landlord and her next door neighbor used to look at her with lust in their eyes.  Now they look at her with fear and cover their nuts with their hands. She has shown them the errors of their ways.  She looked at Bob and asked if he repented.  Poor Bob couldn't even talk, he just nodded his head and mumbled repent, repent.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere enough and he was looking at her breasts with a lustful longing.  She continued to whack his nuts.  Bob passed out.
Mildred said that the meeting was over but they would have another meeting tomorrow and maybe Bob would be sincere enough for Nancy.
The next morning Bob came shuffling into the office bent over and holding his nuts.  Nancy came bouncing in wearing a skin tight blouse which clearly showed her nipples.  Bob looked at her and groaned.  Nancy looked at Bob and laughed and asked if he was having naughty thoughts.