Monday, July 8, 2013

Wagon Train - 1867

Ed was slumped low in his saddle.  His horse could barely walk. Ed slid off his horse and walked beside it.  He had been following the Oregon Trail heading west but had decided to take a short cut.  Big mistake. Now he was lost, no water and starving.  He had figured there would be settlers but he had seen no other person for days.  The land was scrub, hard and dry.

Suddenly there was a kick of dirt right in front of him, followed immediately by the crack of a rifle. Ed froze. He very slowly looked around but whoever it was was hidden behind some bushes. He knew that any sudden move and he would be dead.  He slowly raised his hands above his head and called out that he had no money, water or food.  A woman's voice called to him and shouted that his gun and rifle were worth something and he was to very carefully lay them on the ground.  Ed thought he had a chance but he still couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.  He slowly dropped his gun belt and then slid his rifle out of it's scabbard and laid it on the ground.  The woman voice told him to move away from the gun and rifle. She shouted that his clothes must be worth something and shouted at him to strip.   Ed defiantly shouted that he wasn't going to strip naked before a woman.  The woman laughed and told Ed he wasn't stripping before a woman.  He was stripping before a bunch of women.  Two rifles barked and kicked up dirt inches from his feet. Ed chucked his clothes as quick as possible and was standing stark naked. Ed stood 6' 4" and was a well put together young man but there was little he could do against a pack of women with rifles.  He put his hands in front to cover himself but she shouted at him to put them behind his back.  She called that a woman was going to come up behind him and tie his wrists together and tether his ankles and if he as much as twitched she would shoot his left nut off. Ed stood perfectly still.  He heard a someone walk up behind him and then felt his wrists being tied together and then his ankles with about a couple of feet of loose rope so be could shuffle along. The woman behind him called to a woman named Kate and asked if it was OK for her to kick Ed in the nuts.  She said he probably deserved it.  Kate said OK but just the one kick. The woman behind Ed came and stood before him,  She was just a slip of a girl.  She smiled at Ed, said she was Nancy and she was going to smash Ed's nuts.  She laughed and said he could beg her not to and maybe she wouldn't kick his nuts.  Ed was terrified, Nancy had a mean glint in her eyes.  She told Ed to promise complete obedience and devotion.  Ed did but Nancy said he didn't sound sincere.  Nancy reached down and grabbed Ed's nuts and squeezed.   Kate and some other women were laughing as Ed screamed in agony.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere as she kicked Ed in the nuts.  He crumpled to the ground as the women laughed good naturally.

Nancy tied a rope lead to his nuts and led him behind some bushes.  They had a group of wagons, cattle and horses. Nancy led Ed to a wagon and had him lie down in the back.  She got some water and slowly let him drink and then she gave him something to eat.  His arms were tied behind his back and he was laying on his side. Nancy got a blanket and laid down beside Ed and said he was her property now.  She snuggled her backside up against his crotch  Ed immediately got a hard on.  Nancy took his hard-on and stroked him till he was about ready to come.  She said that was enough, laid on her side and snuggled her backside up against Ed's throbbing erection, got a tight grip on his nuts and went to sleep.

In the morning Nancy put Ed's boots on him, his hat on his head and tied his ball lead to the back of the wagon. Ed was tied at one corner of the wagon and a cow at the other corner. They got underway at first light.  Ed jogging along naked with his unrelieved hard-on bobbing along in front of him.  The women all laughed at him - he did make a sight.  Up on a hill they were being watched by a band of Indians who didn't know what to make of it.  They concluded that the women possessed strong spirits and Ed was touched by madness.  They decided to stay away from such bad medicine.

Nancy told Ed they were headed for a large spread they had purchased sight unseen but it had good earth, miles of grassland and abundant water.  They needed ranch hands and Ed was the first.  It was Nancy's job to turn him into an obedient slave, one with a stiff hard-on and aching balls.  She untied him and had him help her around the wagons. That evening she loaned him to one of the other women who squeezed his balls and stroked his hard-on and then had him lick her pussy. Ed'd life became one of herding cattle by day and getting a good ball spanking and licking pussy, all buck naked except for his hat and boots. Ed'd main complaint was that Nancy very rarely let him come, but when she did Ed was extremely grateful.

More to come.  The women need some working capital so Nancy gets Ed to rob a bank.  The description was boots, hat, a big boner and a gun.