Monday, June 4, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #3

Mrs Payne was appalled at the apparent rampant spread of the habit of masturbation amongst the local men. First it was Ted at her mail order business and then Bob at her electrical company. Luckily she had excellent staff who are dedicated to helping their fellow man. Through aversion therapy Mrs Payne was sure that both Bob and Ted could be helped to break their vile habit. The therapy works by applying a negative stimulus whenever the patient engages in an undesirable action. In the case of Ted and Bob, their coworkers squeeze their balls when they masturbate.
Mrs Payne suspected that John, her part time gardener, would go and masturbate after speaking with her. He was in university and since he needed the job she was surprised that the habit was so ingrained that he would jeopardise his job. She wanted to be sure and if he had the habit she wanted to be able to help him. She asked Susan, the young woman who had first told her about aversion therapy to come out to her house. She told Susan about her suspicions regarding John and asked Susan to follow her at a discrete distance.
Mrs Payne had dressed dressed carefully. She went looking for John. She found him in the greenhouse. Mrs Payne walked up to John and bent over some pansies and asked him what he thought of them. When she bent forward the blouse she was wearing fell open and Mrs Payne's magnificent breasts were hanging there, right in front of John. He groaned. Bending over and looking at the pansies Mrs Payne said "Have you ever seen such beauties, John?" John stammered that they were definitely beautiful, the most beautiful he had ever seen. Mrs Payne said " They are very healthy. Go on John, feel them." As Mrs Payne straightened up she glanced at John and saw his erection straining against the material of his pants. She was surprised by the size of it. She straightened up beside John and the back of her hand brushed against his erection. John looked like he was about to faint. Mrs Payne didn't mind the thought of John fantasizing about her but not masturbating. Such behavior had to be discouraged in the most forceful way.
Mrs Payne thanked John and turned away. After leaving the greenhouse she quickly came back in to see John slip into a storage closet at the back of the greenhouse. She signalled Susan to join her and then waited a couple of minutes and then silently walked to the back and pulled opened the storage closet door. Mrs Payne and Susan both knew what to expect and that was what they saw but it was still somewhat of a shock. John was standing there with his pants down and a huge erection that he was madly pumping. The stunned look on his face and the huge size of his erection was so unexpected that Susan burst out laughing and Mrs Payne struggled to keep a straight face.
John was well over 6 feet and was a body builder. He had a magnificent physique and was very strong. Susan knew just how to get him under control. She did just what she had done to Bob. She reached out, grabbed his left ball with one hand and squeezed. With her other hand she pulled some twine from her pocket and asked Mrs Payne to tie John's hands behind his back. Mrs Payne was surprised but, considering the size and strength of John, she realized it was a wise precaution and secured John's hands behind his back. Then Susan pulled a pair of clamps out. They were quite small, alligator style clamps. Susan said "We have started using them on Ted. It lets us get on with filling orders and the same time squeezes Ted's balls. They are real time savers. June found them at a hardware store. They are designed for clamping pieces of wood together when gluing them. You can adjust the clamp pressure and they have a variety of clamp jaws. The best ones have a slight curvature which lets the ball rest inside the clamp and then you release the jaw. Very effective"
Susan handed them to Mrs Payne. Mrs Payne looked them over and opened and closed the jaws a few times. She then turned to John and snapped them on his balls. Both women stepped back and watched the reaction of John. He took a deep breath and let out a low groan. He clamped his legs together and sank to his knees before Mrs Payne. "My balls, my balls. Please Mrs Payne, my balls". Mrs Payne beamed with happiness. She smiled at Susan and patted John's head. " I'm impressed. These work extremely well. I have been worried about applying too much or not enough pressure. These can be adjusted to exactly the maximum pressure before permanent damage. We want to help and cure these young men, not damage them." While talking with Susan Mrs Payne had reached out and had taken John's erection in her hand and was slowly stroking it.
With John on his knees he was face to face with Mrs Payne. She was smiling at John. "John, you need help with your masturbation problem. Susan and I will provide you with aversion therapy to rid you of this compulsion. Do you want to be helped?" The clamps were squeezing his balls and Mrs Payne was stroking him. John's brain was on overload. He just nodded dumbly.
Mrs Payne spoke with Susan for a few minutes and then Susan released a clamp and took John's left ball in her hand and got him to his feet. He towered over Susan but meekly shuffled along beside her as she led him to the house, squeezing his ball. She laid him down in the family room on the floor and provided therapy for a full hour. She then released the clamps, helped him to his feet and sent him home with aching balls and a throbbing erection. She told him to return tomorrow afternoon for more therapy.
Mrs Payne got great pleasure helping people. Susan got great pleasure inflicting pain and controlling men. Both women were happy. John shuffled of, bent over, with a stiff erection, clutching his balls and moaning.