Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Ballbuster

As long as Mandy could remember Ed lived next door. He was a couple of years older and was an inconsiderate bully. Mandy had long ago learnt to stay out of his way. Ed had just gotten a car and he seemed to be cutting a lot of classes to drive around in his car.
Mandy was walking home from school at lunch time. It had just rained and there were puddles on the road. Ed saw Mandy walking along so he came roaring up, right through a puddle. The splash from the puddle soaked Mandy. She heard Ed laugh as he drove off. Mandy walked home, soaking wet and fuming about Ed. He was twice her size and there wasn't much she could do about it.
As she walked up her driveway she glanced next door. Ed was in his garage, half under his car. Mandy had decided she had had enough. She walked quietly into Ed's garage. All that was holding his car up was a floor hydraulic jack. Many was familiar with hydraulic jacks from watching her Dad work on his car. She went over to the jack and slowly turned the control wheel on the end of the handle. The car slowly descended. Ed let out a yell and Mandy stopped the descent. Ed shouted "Who the hell is that? I'm stuck under here. Jack the damn car back up." Mandy said "Now Ed, you are a naughty boy. You should know better than to get under a car without jack stands"
Ed shouted "Mandy, you little bitch, jack this car up. I'm going to beat the crap out of you if you don't jack up my car right now."
Mandy looked around the garage and found some jack stands. She adjusted them and put them under the car and lowered the car onto the stands. She said "Now you don't have to worry about the hydraulic jack failing. You are nice and secure under there." Ed's chest, arms and head were under the car, with his arms above his head so he couldn't get his arms down. From his waist on down was outside the car. Mandy sat on Ed's stomach, unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper and lowered his pants. Ed was struggling, kicking the air and yelling. Mandy cupped his balls in her hand and slapped them as hard as she could. Ed screamed in agony. Mandy got off Ed and told him to behave himself, she was going next door to have her lunch. She said "Don't worry Ed, I won't forget you, I'll be back soon and we can spend the entire afternoon in here - you, me and your balls. You parents usually get home about 5:30. I'll make sure we are finished by then." She slapped his balls again and left him in the garage.
Mandy went next door and made herself a cheese sandwich.
After lunch she went back to see Ed. He was yelling and threatening Mandy. She laughed and said "Ed, you just don't get it. You don't threaten, you beg." She sat on his stomach again, grabbed a nut in each hand and went to work on them. She had a rough idea how much abuse they could take before permanent damage occurs. She pulled, pinched, slapped and squeezed them flat between her palms. Ed was in a state of shock. He was begging Mandy " Oh no. Please no Mandy. I'll do anything you say from now on. Oh my balls! Please, please. I'll be your slave." All afternoon she worked on his testicles. Mindy had a contented smile and was humming to herself. Ed was in a pool of unbearable pain.
About 4:00 she went next door and phoned her best friend, Judy, who lived just down the street. Judy asked Mandy if she was OK since she hadn't been in school for the afternoon.. Mandy laughed and said she was fine. She told Judy to come right over but to go into Ed's garage. Judy disliked Ed as much as Mindy did. She said " No way Mindy, I can't stand that guy and I'm afraid of him. If he catches us in his garage he'll beat us up." Mindy told Judy to just trust her and come right over.
A few minutes later there was a knock on the garage door (Mindy had it closed since Ed was screaming so loud) and Judy poked her head in. She stared in shock. Mindy was sitting on Ed's stomach with a nut in each hand. She was chastising Ed and telling him he was being punished for being such a bad person and he had to turn over a new leaf. Ed was moaning and pleading with Mindy and swearing eternal devotion. Mindy looked at Judy and both girls started to smile and then giggle and then they were laughing outright. Mindy told Judy she would tell her later about how this happened but right now they had less than an hour left to punish Ed. Mindy gathered Ed's balls into the cup of her hand and told Judy to slap Ed's nuts as hard as possible. Judy took a windup and really let go with a slap. Ed screamed and Judy told Ed that she was in the garage too and Mindy was just a warm up - the real ball pain would start now. Judy took a ball in each hand and squeezed. Then she dug her thumbs into the middle of each ball. Ed was groaning and then mewing like a cat. Poor Ed couldn't talk. He just took the punishment.
At about 5:00 Mindy jacked the car up and both girls had to pull Ed out from under the car. They helped him into his house and upstairs to his room. They undressed him and put him in bed. He was blubbering like a baby, moaning about his balls. Mindy took them in her hand, rolled them around and felt them. She told Ed they were OK. The only difference was from now on they belonged to her and Judy. She told Ed that aching balls or not, tomorrow he had better be in his car waiting to drive them to school. She gave Ed a kiss goodnight and punched his nuts. Judy did the same thing.
The next morning Judy came over and they went outside. Ed was in the driveway sitting in his car. Mandy walked up to the car and told Ed to get out and open the door for her. He did. Mandy and Judy both had to smile. Ed was moving slow and holding his nuts in his hand. Mandy told him he to leave himself alone and he was impolite and from now on he had better be ready to open doors for her. He was standing by the door. Mandy reached between his legs, grabbed his nuts and gave them a good squeeze. Ed screamed and fell to the ground. Mandy bent over him, still squeezing his nuts. She happened to look up and saw Mr Wacker standing at the end of the driveway staring at her as she was squeezing Ed's nuts. Mr Wacker was on his way to work but he stared like he was transfixed. Mandy called to him "What are you staring at? Do you want to be next?" Amazingly he nodded yes and said "Please". Mandy told him to come up the drive. She asked Judy to kick Mr Wacker in the nuts. As he walked up the drive Judy walked down it. Judy walked up to Mr Wacker and without missing a step launched a kick that caught him square in the nuts. He had a look of complete surprise on his face as he slowly collapsed to the driveway. He curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Judy looked down at him and said "Well, you asked for it and you got it. Happy?" Judy burst out laughing as Mr Wacker nodded yes.
Mandy stopped squeezing Ed's nuts and helped him stand up and get into the car. Judy got in the back. Ed was gripping the steering wheel using both hands with a stunned look on his face. Mandy told Ed to pull himself together and drive them to school. She sat close to Ed and covered her and Ed's lap with a car blanket. She loosened Ed's pants, slipped her hand in and held Ed's nuts in a proprietary manner. She told Ed not to drive over Mr Wacker.
Mandy worked out a schedule. Her parents left for work at a regular time together. Five minutes later Mr Wacker would walk up the driveway, step behind her house and pull down his pants and start to jerk off. Mandy would come out of her house and before getting into Ed's car she would step around to the back of her house and grab Mr Wackers nuts and slowly squeeze them tighter and tighter till he fell to the ground. She would then take the $10 bill he had ready in his shirt pocket and get in the car with Ed. Mandy loved it - $10 for a minute's work.
Mr Wacker loved it also. The big winner was Mrs Wacker. Mr Wacker arrived at work each day in great pain which everyone mistook for deep concentration. His nuts hurt so much he didn't move once he sat at his desk. What a guy, works right through breaks and lunch. Management was so impressed they gave him a big pay raise which made Mrs Wacker happy.