Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #4

It seemed that wherever Mrs Payne turned, she was finding men obsessed with masturbation. Women in her companies were currently providing aversion therapy to three men. (Refer to prior postings for details on the therapy) Mrs Payne was very pleased to be able to help these men but she feared that many more men needed the therapy.
With a couple of exceptions all her employees were women. She called a multi company staff meeting to discuss this apparent epidemic. Mrs Payne had a few companies and many employees and the meeting was held in an auditorium. There was a general consensus that masturbation was on the rise amongst men. In those companies where the staff were providing therapy there was understanding and appreciation of aversion therapy. In other companies the staff expressed skepticism and misunderstanding. The comments ranged from "Kick every man in the nuts to start his day" to those who suggested that women just ignore it and put up with the huge loss in productivity while men were off in hiding, jerking off. The comments from staff where aversion therapy was being provided was more positive. They felt that men with the problem need to be identified and then helped. Mrs Payne felt that all her female employees needed to understand aversion therapy. She announced that the next day there would be a further multi company meeting where there would be a demonstration of the therapy being applied. She said it could be too graphic for some staff members and it would be understandable if staff chose not to attend.
At the meeting the following day there was a 100% female staff turnout. There was a party atmosphere as women from different companies introduced themselves to each other. There was a lot of giggling and laughter about the subject of the meeting. The staff were seated in rows and at the front there was a stage. Mrs Payne went to the front and addressed the meeting. She said "Many of you are unfamiliar with aversion therapy. It has proven to be very effective and I felt it best to demonstrate application of the therapy. As I mentioned yesterday this is graphic and if anyone wants to leave now they should do so." No-one left.
Susan came out, leading John by his erection. There was a loud eruption of laughter from the staff. John was naked from the waist down. Jill was with Susan and Jill had a firm grip on John's balls. While John loomed over both women he was bent at the waist with his arms at his sides, obvious subservient to both women who were about half his side. Susan led John over to a table right at the front of the stage and ordered him to lay down on the table on his back. She locked his wrists above his head and using the straps on the table, attached his ankles to the corners with his legs spread wide.
Susan pressed his erection down and then let it go. It sprang upright much to the amusement of the audience. She took his erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. She spoke to the audience "The best way to administer the therapy is when the masturbation experience is strong. The problem is that most men will stroke quickly and reach a climax. By taking over and going slow you can extend the feeling and extend the aversion. Once they are enjoying the sensation, squeeze their balls like this." Susan nodded at Jill who grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed. John screamed and arched his back but was securely held down. He was writhing in agony and begging to Jill not to squeeze his balls again. Susan pulled out a pair of ball clamps and said"These are great. You can buy them at any hardware store and ask for carpenters clamps. You can adjust the pressure and interchange the jaws. Go with the ones with the slight depression. A testicle fits in there and when you clip the jaw shut it produces a constant pain. You don't have to bother with it again until you decide to remove the pain. It's an excellent aversion technique. Would anyone in the audience like to put them on John and then stroke his erection? Remember, by applying the aversion therapy you will be helping him. John has a bad case of masturbation compulsion so you will be doing him a lot of good."
There was a god bit of discussion and giggling in the audience. Two junior secretaries from one of the companies walked up front and asked if they could do it together - giving each other moral support. They said they would each like to install a ball clamp, both at the same time. They laughed and said that would make him jump. Susan reminded them that they would have to stroke his erection for the therapy to be effective and were they OK with that. They laughed and nodded. Susan asked them why, out of the entire audience were they the first to volunteer. They said that John lived just down the street and they had both had a crush on him for years. Susan told them to go to it.
They stood over John on the table and asked him how he was. John blushed and stammered "Fine". That bought a large laugh from the audience. The girls each picked up their ball clamp and together they clamped them onto his balls. John let out a wail of agony. They laughed at John and told him it was for his own good. One of them slowly stroked his hard-on. The girl stroking John's hard-on turned to the audience and urged them to seek out the masturbators and treat them. Susan told the women not to think of themselves as a ballbuster but rather as a helper to all men who have a compulsion to masturbate.
The two girls continued to work on John while Mrs Payne went to the podium. She said "Now you can see how well the therapy works. If you think a man is a compulsive masturbator talk it over with your coworkers and see if you can get him by the balls. Since virtually all men are compulsive masturbators it may be best to just assume they are masturbators in need of therapy. Once you have a man by his balls you have control. Once you have control you can start helping him by administering the aversion therapy. I really like to help so I would really appreciate it if you could call me and let me help. Nothing feels better than to squeeze a guys balls and know that you are helping him." The women all arose and gave Mrs Payne a standing ovation.