Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Office Party

Emma worked for a progressive advertising company in New York City. She was from a small town and felt a bit out of place but really worked hard to fit in. The company said they were going to hold a costume party, and the more outrageous the costume the better. There were no restrictions but nude and fetishes were encouraged.

Emma felt that this was her chance to show the other workers how wild she could be. She decided to go as a Dominatrix. She reserved a costume from a rental place with thigh high black boots, skin tight latex shorts, a shear top and a full face mask. On the evening on the party Emma went to the rental place to pick up the costume. She put it on and from there she went to the party. The rental clerk said she was breathtaking and Emma had to agree. The clerk said she needed some accessories and outfitted her with a belt and hanging from her belt was a whip, handcuffs, a couple of testicle harnesses and a length of black silk cord.

When Emma got to the party it had been going on for a while. She walked in and caused a sensation. She walked up to her supervisor, who had been giving her a hard time at work, placed her hands on his shoulders and kneed him in the groin. He sank to his knees before Emma, clutching his nuts and groaning in agony. Emma helped him up and took him into a small room out back. She kneed him in the nuts again and then stripped him naked. She handcuffed his hands behind his back, used a length of cord to tie his ankles so he would only be able to walk with short shuffling steps and attached a testicle harness. She pulled it tight so the harness was very tight on his nuts. She attached a length of the cord to the harness and tied the other end to her belt. She began stroking him and in a few minutes she had given him a nice erection. She kept on masturbating him and soon had him to the point where his erection was quivering and ready to climax. To further exite him Emma whispered some erotic suggestions into his ear. She then felt she had the perfect accessory and walked back to join the party. Her boss, tethered by his balls to her belt, shuffled along behind her, barely conscious but sporting a large erection.

This caused an even larger sensation. The whole party erupted into laughter. There were questions about who was behind the mask. Emma circulated at the party, towing her accessory behind her. Over the course of the evening she asked most of the female office staff to stroke her boss and they all complied. At the height of the party she cut her boss loose from her belt and slipped out of the party. He spent the rest of the party naked, in a testicle harness, handcuffed with a large erection. Everyone at the party was impressed with his good nature. Most of the women were also impressed with the size of his erection. As the party broke up two girls who were junior office staff gathered up his cloths and took him to their place. They later told the office that they stayed up till dawn teasing his cock and ball squeezing. By morning he could barely talk. They called a locksmith who undid the handcuffs.

The next day he went to work with the two girls. The rest of the staff kidded him but were very impressed with how he took it in good spirit. There was a lot of speculation as to who was the dominatrix behind the mask. Some of the staff told Emma that she should have gone to the party. Out of the costume and without the mask she was just plain Emma. She had wanted to impress her fellow workers but was too timid to step forward. Also, she realized they wouldn't believe her. Even her boss said she had really missed something. After he had said that she stepped close and whispered the same erotic words she had used the night before.