Monday, September 10, 2007

Cousin's Payday

Sue had Ed, her cousin, spending the summer at her house. Ed was in some sort of university graduate program and although he was big and strong he was a real nerd. He was spending the summer with her and her Mom because he had landed a good paying summer job at the nearby lumber mill. He said he was saving the money to buy a car.

Sue liked playing with Ed and her Mom enjoyed watching Sue play with Ed. It was breakfast and Sue sat opposite Ed. She reached out with her bare foot, between Ed's legs. Her toes felt Ed's balls and she rolled one back and forth under her toes. Ed gasped and spread his legs wide. He looked like he was about to faint. "Good heavens", thought Sue "The nerd likes it". "Hey Ed, do you like this" said Sue as she rolled his left nut around. Ed nodded and both Sue and her mother burst out laughing. Sue spent the rest of the breakfast rolling Ed's left nut around. Ed sat there, with his legs spread and his head back, almost sliding out of the seat, offering his balls to Sue.

After breakfast Sue left the table, Ed got up, bent over at the waist, clutching his nuts and went off to work. That evening, at supper, Sue worked on Ed's right nut. The next morning, Barb, Sue's mother took Sue's place opposite Ed and she stretched out her foot and gave Ed a firm ball massage. That evening she did it again, under the table with no comment about it.
The next morning Ed was at the kitchen table sitting with his legs spread when Sue and Barb came into the kitchen. Sue sat opposite Ed but did not reach out with her foot. About halfway through breakfast Ed said "Please". Barb laughed "What do you want Ed? More toast?" . "No" Ed replied "I want what you did to me yesterday and the day before. Please, that's what I want." Barb looked at Sue "Do you know what he's talking about?" Sue said she had no idea. Barb said "Now Ed what is it you want, be specific." Ed got red in the face and Sue said he would never get it if he didn't tell them. Ed blurted out "I want my nuts squeezed, please squeeze my nuts". Barb started to laugh. Sue looked seriously at Ed and asked him if he would like his nuts squeezed every morning, when he came home from work and in the evening as they sat watching TV. Ed groaned in anticipation and said "Yes, oh yes. I'll do anything for that" Sue laughed and said all he had to do was split his paycheck three ways, a third to Sue a third to her Mom and a third to Ed.

To seal the deal, Sue told Ed to get up and come and stand before her. He did. Sue undid his pants and pulled them down and she told Ed that from now on he was to wear no pants. She gripped a nut in each hand and squeezed. Ed groaned and sank to the floor. Sue sat on his chest and squeezed his nuts with one hand and drank her coffee with the other. That evening Ed laid across Barb's lap and Barb held a nut in each hand as she watched TV.

At the end of every week Barb and Sue had a payday. With only a third of his paycheck to save it looked like Ed would be taking the bus for quite a while longer.