Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Casual Friday

I had a bit of a feud going with an account rep on my floor. She was a bitch, good looking but a bitch. She stole the credit for a new account I landed, then I got back at her, then she at me. I had to either blow her out of the water or try and make peace.

We had just instituted Casual Friday where staff could dress casually. I was in my office right about quitting time when the bitch walked in. No knock, no "Do you have a minute". She just walked up to my desk, casually opened her jacket and flashed me the tightest pair of jeans imaginable, showing off a perfect pussy. I groaned and stared. She moved closer and her pussy was right in my face. I got an almost instant hard-on. I couldn't tear my eyes away. She stood there looking at me with a sardonic smile on her face. She must have stood there for five minutes. Then she laughed in my face, buttoned her jacket, which then covered her pussy, and walked out of my office. It was past quitting time and staff locked their offices at the end of the day. I got up, closed and locked my office door, closed the window blind, dropped my pants and started to jerk off. All I could think about was the bitches perfect pussy. I closed my eyes and pictured her pussy.

I don't know where she got the key but quietly my office door opened and she was standing there with Nancy, her assistant. The bitch had a video camera and she took a full minute of me jerking off, all the while with my eyes closed. Nancy moved behind me and reached between my legs from behind and grabbed me by my balls. The shock and pain hit me at the same time. I was in agony but I couldn't stop jerking off. I slowly sank to my knees. The bitch unbuttoned her jacket and put her pussy right in front of my face. She was watching my face and just as I was about to come she said "Let go of his nuts" At the same moment as I started to climax her assistant let go of my balls and the bitch kicked me in the nuts. The two of them stood over me , laughing. On Monday morning she called me into her office. I had spent a painful weekend but by Monday my balls were feeling better. She closed her office door and swung her monitor around and showed me the video of me jerking off with my pants down. She got up and came around her desk and, just to show me who was boss, she kicked me in the nuts. She eased me into one of her visitor's chair and told me to get back to my office as soon as I could walk. I croaked an OK.

A couple of days later the divisional manager congratulated me on making up with Ms Worth, the bitch. Soon after that Ms Worth got a promotion to account manager and named me as her assistant manager. If I did something exceptionally well she gave me a special treat. On the next casual Friday she would wear her tight jeans and at quitting time come to my office, close the door and unbutton her jacket. I drop my pants and get on my knees and jerk off, staring at the most perfect pussy imaginable. Just as I am about to come she kicks me in the balls. She has taught me who is boss and I will do anything for that woman.