Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Movies

Ed had some relatives visiting from out of town. There were two girls about his own age. They were relatives but this was the first time they had met each other. Things were a bit awkward about them all being virtual strangers from each other, especially Ed being the only boy in the group. He just wanted to get out of the house but his mother suggested that Ed take the two girls to the movies. Ed wasn't exited about going to the movies with a couple of strangers but Ed's mom said she would pay for the movies and also for a tank of gas for Ed's old car.

There was an argument about what they would see but both girls wanted to see Vixen Commandos so that was where they went. The movie was about a group of female mercenary commandos who were unbeatable in martial arts. Their favorite hold was to grab their male opponents by their nuts and not let go. Each time they did this the audience would roar with laughter. Ed's relatives found this hilarious. Ed sat with his legs crossed. When they came out of the movies the girls were laughing and chatting about the movie. As they walked to the car they made a couple of playful grabs towards Ed's balls. Instinctively Ed jumped back and covered his crotch with his hands. This got the girls howling with laughter and they chased Ed to the car. Where a few hours before the girls were strangers to each other they had since bonded and were now good friends. Ed's car was an old Nova with a flat bench seat so the two girls piled in the front with Ed. As Ed started the car, Debbie, who was sitting tight up against Ed, reached between his legs, grabbed his nuts and shouted "Vixen Commandos". Both Debbie and Tammy erupted in laughter while Ed sat transfixed behind the wheel. He was sitting straight up, gripping the wheel with both hands and staring straight ahead with a pained look on his face. Debbie had him by his nuts and he was in agony. Both girls were looking at Ed and laughing.

Debbie let up a bit on Ed's nuts and ordered him to drive home. On the way home Tammy asked Debbie if she had squeezed a lot of guy's nuts. Debbie laughed and said this was the first but it was so easy she will do it again for sure. Tammy said that she had been tempted a few times to whack some guy in the nuts but had chickened out. They were a couple of blocks from Ed's house as Debbie ordered Ed to pull over. It was dark and she told Ed to move a bit further off the road and turn off the car's lights. Debbie asked Tammy to get out of the car and get in on Ed's side. Then Ed was sitting in the middle of the front seat with a girl on either side. Debbie slid her other hand down the front of his pants and wrapped her fingers around his testicles. She whispered in his ear "You're going to be a good boy, aren't you Ed? You are going to do what we tell you to do, aren't you?" Ed was paralyzed by freight and pain. He nodded and croaked "Yes Debbie".

Debbie told Ed to pull down his pants which he did. Debbie burst out laughing, Ed had a stiff erection. She took his erection in her hand and slowly stroked him. She then handed his nuts to Tammy. Both girls spent the next couple of hours massaging Ed's nuts and chatting between themselves. They talked about their schools and fashion and music. Except for Ed's nuts they ignored him. Ed sat on the front seat with his legs spread and his head back floating in a feeling of intense pleasure and intense pain as Debbie very slowly masturbated him while the girls ground his nuts together. Finally Debbie said they had better get home before their parents get frantic. She told Ed to pull up his pants. Ed begged for just a little more time and could he come? The girls said no but maybe tomorrow evening. While Ed was doing the driving, it was clearly the two girls who were in the driver's seat.

The next day Ed followed the girls around like a puppy dog. Like a puppy dog with a hard-on. The girls completely ignored him. By the evening Ed was getting frantic - maybe a movie or a nice drive or roller skating or anything? No! No! No! The next day was more of the same, Ed following around behind the girls who continued to ignore him. To Ed it seemed like they were ignoring him but the girls were very aware of Ed and they were getting great delight in humiliating him. That evening they relented and said OK lets go to the movies again. As soon as Ed got in the car he sat with his legs spread but the girls didn't grab his nuts. On the way Tammy said she had noticed in the paper there was a drive in theatre. Ed asked what was playing but both girls laughed and Debbie said a couple of nuts and a skin flute.

Tammy had planned ahead and had a big blanket in the car. They changed seats again so Ed was in the middle. Ed pulled down his pants while the girls spread the blanket over them and Ed spread his legs. It was a double feature and by the time the movies and the girls were through poor Ed looked like he was loosing his mind. The girls had brought him so many times to the edge of a climax he was shaking all over and had a rigid quivering erection. He could barely talk and was in no condition to drive a car. They called a taxi and said Ed could go and get his car as soon as he recovered.

For the rest of the visit the two girls were the greatest of friends and they tolerated Ed. Ed begged for what they called the full treatment but the girls said no. They did enjoy occasionally squeezing his nuts or a quick kick in the groin but that was it. If they knew the parents were to be away for a few hours they would have Ed take of his pants and he could stand around with an erection and hope for them to smack his nuts. Actually what the girls were doing was perfecting their techniques. When the got home they had a list of boys that they planned on turning into their personal slaves, like they had done to Ed.