Monday, October 29, 2007

Kicked Nuts Over a Shopping Cart

Stu just had to get his nuts kicked. It was all he could think about - some domineering bitch booting him in the groin. He wanted and needed it so bad. Paying for it didn't work for him. It had to be some aggressive woman in an everyday type situation getting mad enough at Stu to kick his nuts.
It was Saturday morning and he headed for the local big box super store. It was a hot summer day and Stu had on a pair of loose shorts and a short sleeve shirt and sneakers. He wasn't wearing undershorts since he wanted as little as possible to come between his nuts and some ball-kicking female. The parking lot was full and, as usual, there was a shortage of shopping carts. Stu spotted a couple of women waiting while some other woman was unloading a cart into her SUV. The situation was perfect. They were right at the back corner of the parking lot and the two waiting women were ideal: early thirties, short skirts, sneakers and tee shirts. They were both slim and attractive. The woman unloading the cart was going slow and it was apparent that the two women were getting impatient. Finally the woman lifted her last thing out of the cart as Stu breezed up, grabbed the cart and headed for the store entrance. He grabbed it right out of the hands of one of the waiting women. She exploded and shouted "Hold it asshole, that's my cart". Stu was elated. He turned, spread his legs and said "Look tubby, this is my cart. Don't blame me if you and your dyke girlfriend couldn't make up your mind to grab it" Stu figured he had it made, a nut kicking for sure. He had stolen her cart, called her tubby and a dyke. As he expected she erupted in anger, stepped towards him and instead of a kick, she swept her right hand up, inside his shorts and grabbed his balls. Stu was paralyzed with agony. A kick in the nuts was extremely painful but nothing like the agony he was feeling now. She had him by the nuts and it was an unending wave of pain. Stu sank to his knees and she bent over him, squeezing his nuts and laughing in his face. He had a stunned look of surprise on his face, his eyes wide and staring, his mouth open and round. He couldn't talk, he just made a high pitched wail. She kept on laughing as she continued to squeeze Stu's nuts. Her friend said "That's it Marge, crush his nuts. That should teach him some manners" The woman who previously had the cart, laughed and urged Marge on.
A car pulled in a couple of spaces along and a guy got out and came over asking what the hell was going on. He had an appalled look on his face as he realized Marge was squeezing some poor guy's nuts. He stepped up to Marge, called her a bitch and slapped her and told her to let the guy go. Unfortunately for him he was also wearing loose shorts. He was standing over Marge who was bent over Stu. Marge looked up and had a perfect target. Her other hand shot up inside his shorts and grabbed him by his nuts.
Now Marge had two guys on their knees wailing in agony. She wasn't about to let go. A small group of women shoppers gathered and urged Marge on. After a little while both guys were flat on their backs, legs spread, taking severe punishment. Marge sat between them , cross legged and looking comfortable, with a hand up each pair of shorts squeezing their nuts. She was laughing and chatting with her friend and the group of onlookers. First Stu passed out and then the other guy also passed out. Marge let go of their nuts and a few of the women onlookers pulled them over to a curb in the corner so they wouldn't get run over. The women went shopping.
About an hour later Marge and her friend came back to the corner of the parking lot and loaded up their car. They checked on the two guys in the corner. One of them was crawling away and Stu was also on his hands and knees, both of them were wailing in agony. Marge's friend got behind Stu, took a quick step and kicked Stu as hard as she could from behind, right between his legs. She caught him square in his nuts. She lifted his back half clear of the ground. Both women got into their car laughing as they drove away. Stu laid on the ground, moaning in agony, curled up, clutching his nuts. Well, he got what he wanted, a good nut kicking and a lot more as well.