Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #2

Mrs Payne got a phone call from the woman who ran a company Mrs Payne owned manufacturing and selling custom designed home heaters. The main reason for the company was to provide employment and work experience to young women entering the work force. All 20 employees were young women except for Bob Lane, who was a licenced electrical engineer. He was required to sign off on all heaters both before and after production. Mrs Payne couldn't pay him the going rate for a qualified electrical engineer but she offered him a title as Senior Vice President and gave him a fancy office and a secretary. Those things meant more to him than salary. Also, he loved it when the women had to come and see him for design and production sign-off. He made it difficult for them and the chair they sat in enabled Bob a chance to look up their skirts. Also, he would get up and walk behind them and look down their tops. After he excused the woman he would lock his door for 5 minutes. The girls called him the 5 minute wonder. The women universally couldn't stand him, especially Jill Stewart, his secretary.

One day she decided she had had enough. She spoke with Nancy Palmer, who just hated Bob and his condescending manner, and they came up with a plan. Nancy had to go in to see Bob and get design approval. She made sure he got a real eye full and then left his office. She and Jill gave him a couple of minutes and then using a spare key Jill got from maintenance they went back into his office. There he was standing beside his desk with his pants around his ankles jerking off. The startled look on his face was priceless. Jill laughed as she quickly walked up to him and grabbed him by his nuts and hauled him out of his office. Bob was wailing in agony and taking small steps due to his pants around his ankles. She led him through the general office and into the company managers office. Along the way all the women staff saw Bob and all were laughing. Jill hauled him into the manager's office by his nuts. Holding him by his nuts she shouted "This bastard had Nancy in his office She had to step back into his office to pick up her purse which she had left under her seat. Evidently the moment she left he dropped his pants and started masturbating. Nancy was so shocked she screamed and I came in and found him just like this. We should call the police. There must be some sort of law against jerking off at work." Jill was squeezing Bob's nuts tighter and tighter. Bob started to plead to Jill to release his nuts. She just laughed and squeezed tighter still. Bob was wailing in pain.
Sally Barnes, the manager didn't know what to do. She phoned Mrs Payne "Mrs Payne, I have a real problem here. Could you come over right away. Its an emergency. I don't want to get into it on the phone but I need you here right away" Mrs Payne said she was on her way and would see her in about ten minutes.
Sally told Jill that Mrs Payne was on her way over and in the meantime Jill should let go of Bob's nuts. Jill argued "If I let him go he will start jerking off, right here in your office. Bob, if I let you go you'll start jerking off again, won't you?" Bob was in so much pain he would agree to anything Jill asked him. He said "Yes, yes, yes." Jill turned to Sally and said she would hold him outside her office until Mrs Payne arrived and she would keep him under control. She said it would be best, to make sure he didn't escape, to take away his pants, socks and shoes.
When Mrs Payne arrived a few minutes later she immediately noticed that the staff seemed excited, happy and distracted. It felt like she had walked in on a party. She walked through the general office and was shocked to see, just outside Sally Barnes's office Jill sitting down holding Bob Lane with one hand holding his nuts and her other hand holding his large erection. Bob was leaning against the wall and had his pants down. He looked to be in extreme agony. Jill looked to be extremely amused.
"What in the name of heavens is going on here?" exclaimed Mrs Payne. Sally Barnes was flustered. She called Jill into her office. Jill came in, dragging Bob by his nuts. She explained to Mrs Payne what had happened, calling Bob a pervert and said the police should be called. Mrs Payne conceded that things were serious but she wasn't sure if calling the police was the best approach. Mrs Payne had a problem - she was paying Bob Lane considerably less than what a replacement electrical engineer would want. She asked if all the staff had seen Bob with his pants down. When both Jill and Sally said they had Mrs Payne suggested that all the staff should have a say in what they should do. She asked Sally to get the staff together right away and they should meet down the hall in the boardroom. It would be a tight fit but they should all be able to get in there.

They reconvened to the boardroom. Jill got there first and she still had Bob by his nuts. She had him laying flat on his back on the boardroom table when the rest of the staff came in. There he was, a man universally despised throughout the office, with no pants, socks or shoes, sporting a throbbing erection and being held by Jill gripping his balls. Actually Jill was using both hands, one squeezing his nuts and the other hand holding his erection and slowly stroking him. Most of the women were giggling with a few outright laughing. Sally said this wasn't a laughing matter and asked Mrs Payne what they should do. Mrs Payne said "Whatever we decide should be up to all of us, not just management, since we have to work with Bob. The easy thing would be to call the police and turn the problem over to them" She looked down at Bob and asked him if that was what he wanted. Bob was so wrapped up in agony and desire that he couldn't think straight. He just moaned. Mrs Payne said that masturbation amongst men seemed to be at epidemic proportions and something should be done. She explained that she had recently had a case in another of her businesses where a man was masturbating constantly.. They were helping him shake his vile habit with Aversion Therapy. She went on to explain how it worked by providing a painful reaction which created an aversion to the action they wanted stopped. She said that in her other business the women there took turns providing therapy by squeezing the man's nuts whenever he masturbated. She said it would only work if all the women wanted to help Bob. She turned to Jill and Nancy and said that they were most effected by Bob's behavior. She asked if they could help Bob. She said it would require work on their part by squeezing his nuts on a regular basis. Both Jill and Nancy agreed that they would be happy to help Bob by squeezing his nuts. All the other women agreed that they would like to help also.

It was agreed that as soon as Bob got to work he would report to the woman responsible for him that day. She would go to his office and he would remove his pants. The woman would lay him down on the floor, get comfortable between his legs and give his testicles a vigorous and painful massage while Bob masturbated. Just before he could come the session would end. He would then work during the day, naked from the waist down so all staff could keep an eye on him. If he started to masturbate whoever saw him should shout to other staff to help and then give Bob a forceful kick to his nuts. Also, if Bob was not differential enough a blow should be delivered to his nuts. At the end of the day he would again report to the woman responsible for him that day. She would again give his testicles a firm massage, working each testicle between her fingertips and digging in her thumbs. She should allow him to masturbate, stopping just before climax. She would than give him back his pants and send him home.

The staff thought this was an acceptable way to help Bob. Mrs Payne was proud of her staff and how each woman wanted to be the first to be responsible for Bob. She was very happy to be able to help a staff member but she was concerned about the prevalence of masturbation amongst the men in her area. She made a note to be especially vigilant. She was concerned about the young man from the local college who was her gardener. She noticed how he stares at her breasts and then disappears for a while. Mrs Payne made a mental note that the next time that happens she would follow him and try and surprise him and take matters into her own hands. Yes, she would love to help her gardener, he was such a good looking muscular young man that it would be unfortunate if she couldn't help him.