Friday, August 31, 2007

Ballbusting on the Stairs

Ed was in trouble. The woman in the apartment opposite Ed had complained repeatedly about Ed coming home late at night, drunk and creating a lot of noise. Ed and Ms Winger's apartments shared the third floor. Ed often went out for a drink or two in the evening. After a few drinks he liked to sing and he then had trouble negotiating the stairs. By the time he got to the top of the stairs he had woken Ms Winger.

Ms Winger was getting fed up. One night Ed created a real disturbance climbing the stairs. Ms Winger awoke, got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs in her shorty pajamas. Damn, she looked good to Ed. He smiled up at her and she, in return, kicked Ed square in the nuts. Ed was just three steps from the top and it was an easy kick for Ms Winger. She was thrilled. She had often been tempted to kick some guys in the nuts but had always been afraid. It was easy. She wanted to do it again. She looked down the stairs at Ed.

Ed had staggered to the landing half way down the stairs. He wasn't singing - he was groaning and bent over clutching his nuts. Ms Winger looked down at Ed. He looked comical and she felt empowered. She stood at the top of the stairs with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. Ed came struggling up the stairs "I guess I had that coming, real sorry Missy". Ms Winger said "Yes, you did have it coming, and who are you calling Missy" as she lashed out with her foot and again kicked Ed's nuts. This time Ed fell down and tumbled to the landing. Ed was in agony and Ms Winger was really enjoying herself. Ed seemed to have trouble getting up so Ms Winger went down the steps and helped Ed up. She put an arm around Ed to help him up the stairs.

Ed was moaning in agony and Ms Winger said "That's to teach you to be quiet coming home". She had one arm around Ed to support him and as she reached the top of the stairs she slipped her other arm down his pants. She had never squeezed a man's nuts but she thought it must be easy. She found Ed's nuts right away, she wrapped her fingers around them and squeezed. The results exceeded her wildest expectation. Ed screamed, shook all over and fainted. She felt in his pockets and found his door key, she opened his door and pulled and rolled him into his apartment. To give Ed something to remember her by she stomped his nuts before leaving his apartment.

From then on Ed tried to creep home very quietly. Ms Winger would sit in her aprtment with the door open a crack. If she heard Ed she felt his nuts were fair play and she would come flying out of her apartment intent on grabbing Ed by his nuts. Pretty soon the other tenants on the lower floor were complaining about the screaming and yelling coming from the top floor.