Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Blinds

Stu was out of work, which suited him just fine. He wasn't sure if he had quit or was fired but after leaving his job he packed up what few possessions he had in his car and hit the road. A couple of days ago he pulled into an old style motel, one long row of rooms side by side, with an office and a small diner at one end. It was clean, comfortable and cheap.

The motel was run by a woman and her two daughters. The mother had a big pair of boobs in a tight sweater. She used them like they were a pair of weapons. As Stu signed in the mother stood beside him with her left boob pressed into Stu's right arm. She had a smirk of victory as she glanced down at Stu's erection sticking straight out and straining the fabric of his pants.
The girls (Debbie and Brenda) ran the diner and sometimes helped their mom by cleaning the rooms. Stu had talked to them in the diner yesterday. They were cute and in their short skirts and tight tee shirts they gave Stu a throbbing hard-on.

Today he had gone for a drive and as he pulled into the motel he saw the two girls go around the side, behind the motel. Stu went to his room which had a large window looking out the back into a field. He opened the window and took a quick peek out. The girls were slowly walking along the back of the motel, looking in the windows. They were smoking cigarettes and it looked like they were sipping from a mickey of gin. They didn't see Stu as he quickly pulled his head back in from the window. He stood by the window and he could hear them laughing. He took another quick look, they were on their knees , peeking over the sill into a room a few doors down. They were whispering to each other and giggling. Whatever it was they thought it was pretty funny.
Stu closed the window to just a crack. The window had old style venetian blinds. Stu lowered them and closed them but flipped the slat back on a couple at the bottom so it would look like the blinds were closed for privacy but someone outside could easily peek into the room through the open slats. He then quickly stripped naked and got under the shower, just long enough to get wet. From the slightly open window he could hear the girls. It sounded like they were moving in his direction. Stu had moved out of the washroom and was standing in the middle of the room, sideways to the window. He was wet and naked with a stiff erection. He just stood there as he could hear them getting closer. His heart was pounding and he had trouble breathing. One of them was outside his window "Ohmygod, take a look" and the sound of choked back laughter. Stu was drying himself with a towel, making sure that his erection was in plain view. He could hear both Debbie and Brenda laughing. Stu laid down on the bed and took his erection and started to jerk off. The girls were giggling non stop. He could hear them getting comfortable - smoking, sipping on the gin and watching the show. Stu was close to coming so he slowed it right down. He had never been so exited before in his life. Slowly he realized they were no longer there. He felt a great sense of disappointment, frustration and relief. Suddenly the motel door flew open and the two girls strode in calling "Housekeeping" "What's this" Debbie called as she stepped over to Stu and grabbed him by his nuts. Brenda closed the door and they were laughing hysterically. They had ditched their cigarettes but were still sipping on the gin. They sat on the bed, one on either side of him. Brenda said "Hey, don't be a hog, give one of them to me" as she reached out and took one of Stu's nuts out of her sisters hand. Debbie said to Stu "I'll have you know that we run a respectable motel. We'll not have guests exposing themselves to us. If you didn't want us to come in and make up the room you should have left a sign on the door knob. You'r a dirty little deviant and it is time you learn how to behave"

The pain was unbearable, Stu was transfixed. He was paralyzed with the agony. He just laid on his back while the girls were laughing, squeezing his nuts and sipping gin. He was beyond screaming. He moaned in pain. Debbie shook the nut she was squeezing and said "Snap out of it Stu, be a man, don't cry like a baby or I'll really give you something to cry about" That was when Stu passed out.

Eventually Stu came to, it was much later and dark out. He was alone in his room, still naked, flat on his back and tied spread eagled on his bed. His nuts felt like they were on fire. He laid like that all night, half awake and half asleep. By the early morning the pain in his nuts was down but he had his throbbing erection back. After a while the door opened and the mother walked in calling "Housekeeping". She had on an even tighter sweater with her nipples standing out like thimbles. She glanced at Stu naked on the bed with his quivering erection and started to clean up the room. She chatted away about the weather and how long Stu planned on staying. Stu couldn't take his eyes of her breasts. After cleaning the room she sat on the edge of the bed, casually took Stu's erection in her hand and stroked it while talking about area attractions. Her other hand cradled his balls and started to massage them between her finger tips, still talking about what he should see in the area. Just as Stu was about to climax she let go with both hands, stood up and said she had to get back to work. As she left the room, she turned back with a broad smile, looked at Stu, naked, tied down with a stiff erection and told him to have a nice day.

A while later Brenda came into the room and without saying a word, walked over to Stu, held his erection in one hand and repeatedly smacked his nuts with her other hand. Stu was howling in agony. Brenda smiled at Stu, patted him on the head and left the room. Later still Debbie came in, tied a cord around Stu's nuts, untied him from the bed and told him to put on his shirt and led him by his nuts into a another room a few doors along. There were a couple of young local women there who burst out laughing as Debbie led Stu in by his nuts. Debbie introduced them to Stu as Madge and Gwen and said they were from the local community college. Debbie said she had asked them if they had ever really hit a guy in the nuts. When they said no, Debbie asked them if they would like to. They both said yes so here they were. Gwen said "I hope you don't mind Stu but we are going to video tape this and show it in our modern women class." Gwen had blond hair and green eyes with a nice sprinkle of freckles across her nose. She was perky with a nice slim build, in shorts and a blouse and white sneakers. Madge was barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds and she had short dark hair, baggy cargo pants and heavy army boots with steel toes. She had a sweatshirt with a hand with curved fingers closing on a couple of balls and the line "GOTCHA". Madge said "Even if you do mind we are going to video tape this. Do I scare you Stu? Just imagine my steel capped boots smashing into your nuts or how about like on my sweatshirt where I grab your balls, give them a vicious squeeze and shout gotcha?"

To Be Continued.