Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Nutsqueezers

I got a real brainwave in my early twenties on how to modify a circuit board to make it more efficient in hunting for oil. I made a few and then set up a small company. There was just the three of us - me, a secretary/bookkeeper and an assembly woman who modified the boards. It was a quite, profitable business in a small niche. We did OK.
I remember interviewing Barb, our assembler. I wasn't looking for experience since I could easily show anyone how to modify the boards. I was looking for a pleasant person who would work well with Jill and I. I interviewed Barb in my office. It is a nice office, fairly large with a desk and chair and credenza in one end and a sofa, some chairs and a conference table at the other end. Barb and I were seated in chairs, facing each other. My initial impression was good. There is no doubt she is a good looking young woman, well groomed and articulate. She has light brown hair, freckles and blue eyes. She was dressed appropriately for an assembly job in a conservative blouse, an above the knee skirt and sneakers. I got the feeling that she could be bossy. Barb said she would really like the job. She was sitting right opposite me and she spread her legs a bit. I had a perfect view of her panties and her inner thighs. I couldn't tear my eyes away. She just sat there looking at me with a sardonic smile. We didn't speak for about a minute. I got a throbbing erection which was standing straight up and , although I was seated, was plainly visible. Barb leaned forward and put her hand on my knee and asked if I was feeling alright. Her conservative blouse fell forward as she leaned forward and I was staring at two large beautiful breasts. I just groaned.
Needless to say, she got the job. She and Jill the secretary/bookkeeper got along really well. There were no more free shows from Barb, she applied herself and did a good job. We had a small coffee/lunch area and the three of us were having a coffee break. Barb mentioned that she had been downtown and some guy had hassled her and she gave him a good kick. I asked Barb where she had kicked him. She said in front of the Mega Record shop. I said that I meant where on his body had she kicked him. Jill laughed and said she bet Barb had kicked him where it did some good, in the balls. Barb grinned and said, yes, right in the nuts. The only thing better than a good swift kick to the nuts is to get a grip on them and give them a good long squeeze Barb said. Then Jill and Barb started talking and laughing about the times they had gotten a guy in the balls. Listening to Jill and Barb talk about kicking and squeezing a guy's nuts turned me on, I got a hard-on.
Without really thinking about it I asked what would I have to do to get them to squeeze my nuts. Both women burst out laughing and asked if I really wanted to get my nuts squeezed. I just nodded. Barb told me to go back to my office and she and Jill would talk about it. I got up to leave and Barb told me to wait. They were still seated and I stood before them. My erection was plainly visible and stretching the fabric of my pants. Barb leant forward and unzipped me. She untangled my erection from my shorts and pulled it out. Jill was doubled over with laughter. Barb then took my right hand and put my erection in it and told me to go and wait in my office but no jerking off was allowed. I walked into my office with my dick in my hand as both Barb and Jill were howling with laughter in the coffee room. I flopped down onto my sofa and slowly began jerking off. After a few minutes the woman walked in, saw me and bust out laughing again. Jill got herself under control and said that she and Barb had thought about it and tomorrow after work they would give my nuts a real work out but for the rest of today it would be business as usual, tuck in my erection and get back to work. I meekly agreed but I had a throbbing hard-on for the rest of the day.
The next morning Barb said that she and Jill had something planned for me but that was for after work. At five o'clock they both walked into my office. Jill said they had wanted to make this memorable for me so they had checked the Internet and a kinky book shop and talked to a couple of women Jill knew, one who beats her husband and the other who beats her boss. Both women had changed into black ultra short skirts and white panties. Jill had a shear white see through top and Barb had a tight tee shirt. Barb was carrying some rope and restraints and Jill had a large wooded paddle.
Jill walked up to me and told me to get up from behind my desk and strip naked. I was exited beyond belief and was shaking with fear and excitement as I took off all my clothes. Both women looked at my erection and smiled. Jill told me to bend over. There was a tremendous explosion of pain across my backside. Jill had hit me with her paddle. I screamed in pain and then again in pain as Barb knelt down between my legs and reached up between my legs and grabbed a nut in each hand. Jill began to paddle my behind. With Barb holding my nuts I couldn't squirm away. I just bent over and tried to take it. By the time they finished I was crying in agony with my backside on fire. Then they had me lay on the conference table, on my back with my arms over my head and my legs spread. They tied my arms and legs to the table legs. Jill got on the table and sat cross legged between my legs. Barb took a sofa pillow and put it behind my head so my head was up and I was staring down the table at Jills crotch. Jill took my right nut in her hand and moved it around with her finger tips. She moved it back and forth with her finger tips. I had never felt as vulnerable. At the same time Barb was running her finger tips up and down my erection.
After a few minutes my erection was pointing straight up and quivering. Jill said that this was what I had wanted as she took my other nut and squeezed both of them. Jill had one each, in each fist. She smiled at me and said I shouldn't worry, she wasn't going to burst them, just make them real sore for a while. I screamed in agony. Then she let go of them and Barb said it was her turn. Barb squeezed them. I had my legs tied spread apart and my nuts were laying there unprotected. Barb grabbed them, squeezed them and dug her thumbs into them. I almost passed out from the pain. The women kept at me for some time and kept the pain threshold just below where I would pass out. To pass out would have been a relief.
At about seven o'clock they stopped, untied me and applied ice to my nuts. They both got me dressed and helped me home. Jill took me in her car and Barb drove my car. They helped me into my apartment, undressed me and put me to bed with an ice pack over my nuts.
The next morning I hobbled into work, bent over and holding my nuts. Both women laughed and asked me how they felt. They said it was so much fun they would do it again sometime soon and next time Jill said she would invite her next door neighbour, the woman who beats her boss and Barb said she would invite the a couple of her girl friends. They said they would make it a real party and my nuts would be the guest of honour. Jill looked at me with a serious look and asked if I still wanted my nuts squeezed. I just nodded and both women laughed.