Monday, October 22, 2007

Nuts Squeezed in the Kitchen

Ed had come to spend the summer with his aunt and cousin. He was taking some post doctorate study at the local university. He was pretty full of himself and considered himself superior to anyone else and particularly his aunt Pam and cousin Elaine and he let them know it. He was haughty and condescending and both women resented Ed and wanted to bring him down a notch. Both mother and daughter were accomplished cock teasers.

Ed had a hard-on, a real throbber. He had given up trying to hide it from his aunt and her daughter, his cousin. His aunt Pam had noticed it right away and she found it amusing. On Saturday morning Pam had called Ed into the kitchen. He shuffled into the kitchen, bent a bit at the waist, carrying the morning's newspaper. His cousin Elaine was sitting at the kitchen table, having her breakfast. His aunt Pam pulled the paper from Ed's hand and pointed at his obvious erection and asked him what he was carrying in his pocket. Ed got red in the face and stammered that it was nothing. His cousin Elaine laughed and said it was a hard-on and the university genius had it because he spent all his time trying to look up her skirt. As Elaine said that she turned from the table to face Ed, hiked one foot up on a rung on her chair and opened her legs. Poor Ed just stared at her white panties and groaned.

Aunt Pam laughed and told Elaine that she was just a cock teaser. Elaine grinned, nodded her head and said "Every chance I get". Aunt Pam stepped beside Ed and said "Ed, you are just going to have to control yourself. You can't walk around with a hard-on sticking out like a flag pole." As she said that she pressed her left breast against Ed' arm and her left hand dropped and brushed against his erection. His aunt said it was disconcerting and he had to control it. She said "Ed, lower your hard-on right now, make it go limp" Elaine reached over and grasped it and said that it didn't feel like he was doing what he was supposed to. She said that if anything, it was getting harder.

Aunt Pam was trying to control her laughter as she told Ed he was a bad boy and had to be punished. Ed was big, over 6 feet tall and muscular. Aunt Pam knew how to control him, she grabbed him by his nuts. Within a couple of minutes Elaine and her mother had Ed stripped naked with his wrists tied behind his back. They blindfolded him and whacked him in the nuts a couple of times. Ed was doubled over and moaning. Pam smacked him in the nuts again and told him to stand up straight and spread those legs.

Pam thought men were condescending bastards but were basically stupid and she wanted to show her daughter how easy they were to control. She looked at Ed's dangling nuts and smiled. Pam grabbed his nuts and led him into the family room. Pam got comfortable on the couch and had Ed lay across her lap. She gently massaged his nuts and asked Elaine to bring her a cup of coffee. Elaine brought in Pam's coffee and hers as well and turned on the TV to the morning news. Pam looked down at Ed, blindfolded, naked with a stiff erection and she told him it was lucky today was Saturday and she could spend the next few hours with him. Pam watched the news, sipping her coffee and alternately massaging Ed's nuts and stroking his erection. After finishing her coffee Pam gave Ed's crotch her undivided attention. With one hand Pam was quickly stroking Ed's erection and with her other hand she isolated his left testicle and pinched it with her fingertips. Ed screamed. Elaine laughed and said Ed was faking it - it couldn't hurt that much and asked Pam to pinch it again. She did and Ed screamed again. Elaine came over and knelt on the carpet and reached out and with her fingertips grasped his right testicle and pinched it. Pam pinched his left testicle at the same time. Ed wailed in agony and Elaine said maybe it really did hurt and squeezed his right testicle and didn't let go.

Pam had a lot of experience jerking guys off and was able to keep Ed right on the edge of a climax. Poor Ed was going out of his mind from the sexual frustration of almost coming and the unbearable agony of having his nuts pinched and squeezed. It didn't take long before Ed was begging to come and pleading for the pain to stop in his nuts. Pam and Elaine kept up the punishment. Pam was wearing a tight tee shirt and her large breasts were straining the fabric and her nipples were clearly visible. Pam took off Ed's blindfold and Pam's nipples were right above Ed's face. Slowly she moved them across his face. Elaine laughed and said "Mom, you call me a cock teaser?" With the stroking of his erection, Pam's nipples in his face and the searing pain in his nuts Ed began to loose contact with reality. By noon they had reduced Ed to a blubbering idiot. Elaine looked at Ed with a satisfied look on her face and said "I think we have shown the university genius his place in this house" Both women laughed.

They tied Ed securely to the couch, put an ice pack on his swollen nuts and went shopping. Later that afternoon Pam and Elaine came home, they worked on Ed for another couple of hours and then untied him. Ed stood before them, legs spread, naked with a stiff quivering erection as they laid down the law. Speak only when spoken to, no peaking up Elaine's skirt, no pants in the house - naked from the waist down and no jerking off. They told him he was going to get his nuts spanked on a frequent basis. Ed agreed and promised to live by the rules. Pam laughed and said "See Elaine, I told you men are idiots." as she casually kicked Ed in the nuts.
A few days later Pam had her bridge club over. There were eight women and they were on the patio playing bridge at two tables. Pam asked if they would like some refreshments and a couple of the women offered to go into the kitchen to get something. Pam said "No, that's all right, we have staff" She rang a silver bell and Ed walked in and said "Yes, ma'am" Pam said "Ed, ask the ladies what they would like to drink and prepare it for them and then bring in the plates of appetizers." The women were stunned. They considered themselves very liberated and open minded but they started giggling like school girls. Ed had a nice waiters jacket on but that was all. Actually not all because Pam had tied a nice blue bow on the end of Ed's stiff erection.